Video Review: Iggy Azalea x Rita Ora, ‘Black Widow’

IMG_3562.JPGWhile I am usually a huge fan of Iggy Azalea videos, this one has to be my least favorite. There have been pictures circulating for weeks for ‘Black Widow’ and the snippet that was released did not match that of the video. There’s no surprise that it had a Kill Bill theme, but being that Iggy is all for themes the video should’ve been just that. The diner scene in the beginning reminded me a lot of Lady Gaga’s, ‘Telephone’. In fact, the videos are very similar in using the Kill Bill theme as the truck from Kill Bill was used in ‘Telephone’.

Although the video was nicely put together, it did nothing for me. I get what they were going for, but it was really nothing spectacular to me. It was just a little bland. I know there was action and that’s a different side of Iggy, but she has better videos.

Be sure to catch her LIVE on the VMAs with Rita Ora when they perform ‘Black Widow’ on 8.24.Check out the video below:

NEW MUSIC — Jim Jones x Trey Songz, ‘The Shit’

It’s been nearly a decade, 2005 to be exact, since the first collab between Jim Jones and Trey Songz, ‘Summer Wit Miami’. Since then they have had a few more: ‘Fly Together’ ‘Cocaine’, and ‘No Drama’.

Check it out their latest collab below:

Video Review: Pharrell, ‘Marilyn Monroe’

Pharrell has released the video for his track ‘Marilyn Monroe’ from his album G I R L. Although I did no type of review on Pharrell’s album, it really needs no review. His music is so infectious it’s hard not to like it. You can be sick of ‘Happy’ yet when it comes on you can’t help but jam out and sing along with it.

The whole premise of this track is wanting someone different. Someone that is not of the average and iconic goddess such as Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, and Joan of Arc which were all mentioned in the hook. He wants a woman of her own kind and in essence it empowers every woman to be comfortable within her own skin and not constantly compare herself to that of what media perceives as beautiful.

My favorite visual was the red white and blue triangle he had going on which to me represented the U.S. and it goes for any country as well. You are beautiful regardless of what color your skin is, the texture of your hair, what you wear, etc. Every woman is beautiful.

Check out the video below:

Single Review: Alicia Keys x Kendrick Lamar, ‘It’s On Again’

It’s been a very long time since I have liked ANY music that Alicia Keys has released solo wise or as a feature. This track?! I absolutely love. Kendrick starts off just lyrically slaying per usual. Alicia Keys takes to the mic for the remainder of the song with a Caribbean tone in her voice, but the song as a whole just WORKED. I absolutely love the track. I’ve really fallen in love with Kendrick’s artistry since his Grammy performance with Imagine Dragons. Yeah I know I can be considered late with how great of an artist he is, but that performance made me a believe. As for the song I will be listening to it some more, but I’m so pleased to hear an Alicia Keys track that I can put in rotation. It’s been too long. Oh and incase you didn’t know this track was produced by Skateboy P, Pharrell Williams.

Here’s what Alicia had to say about the track:

I’m very excited to be a part of such a powerful collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer. This is the next chapter in the Spider-Man legacy and we really feel ‘It’s On Again’ captures the experience, the story—and most importantly—the meaning behind the film, which is that we all have the potential to be extraordinary. There’s a little bit of a super hero in all of us.

Pharrell added,

Hans has created an iconic score theme and it was exciting to collaborate with him again on this song. When I was making the song, I knew Alicia and Kendrick had to be on it. They take the song to a whole new level.

The track will be released via iTunes on April 1st and soundtrack will be released April 22nd. Be sure to check out the movie as well on May 2nd.

Video Review: Jennifer Lopez, ‘I Luh Ya Papi’

Jennifer Lopez is back with new music and her 10th studio album. Now personally I am a fan of her Jenny From the Block Days, but her music now? Eh, not so much.

First off, kudos to how FAB she looked in this video. I will say this time and time again. There comes a certain point in an artists career when they make the music they want and not so much the music that’s current. That is how I feel about the direction of this J. Lo project. Her first track ‘Same Girl’ was ok. I got the video concept, I just personally didn’t like the song.

Now on to ‘I Luh Ya Papi.’ The video really had nothing to do with the song, but the intro in the beginning explained it all. Guys ALWAYS have the videos with the half naked chicks on a yacht or in a mansion FOR NO REASON! So in the video she flipped the script and had half naked dudes on the yacht while prancing around on a yacht, in front of a pool, and in a mansion for no reason. Sounds about right to me. It was just a fun concept with choreo here and there and an appearance from French Montana. Also, peep J. Lo incorporating the ‘Nae Nae’ in her choreo. I guess it works since videos have no messages now. In a way this video did have a message showing that what’s out right now makes no sense. The video concepts and the choreography are boring and bland.

Do I expect to hear this track on the radio? I don’t know, but the hook (I luh ya Papi, I luh ya, luh ya, luh ya papi) is stuck in my head. So I guess my answer is maybe.


Iggy Azalea, The New Classic, Tracklist

iggy-new-classic-coverIggy Azalea’s debut album will finally be hitting retailers on April 22nd. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. ‘Walk In Line’
  2. ‘Don’t Need Ya’ll’
  3. ‘100’ (feat. Watch the Duck)
  4. ‘Change Your Life’ (feat. T.I.)
  5. ‘Fancy’ (feat. Charlie XCX)
  6. ‘New Bitch’
  7. “Work’
  8. ‘Impossible Is Nothing’
  9. ‘Goddess’
  10. ‘Black Widow’ (feat. Rita Ora)
  11. ‘Lady Patra’ (feat. Mavado)
  12. ‘F**ck Love’
  13. * ‘Bounce’
  14. * “Rolex
  15. ‘Just Askin’

The album is available for pre-order on iTunes and you will receive an instant track, ‘Impossible Is Nothing.’ Check out Iggy’s videos thus far below”



‘Fancy’ (feat. Charlie XCX)