OOTD #13: Happy Valentines Day + VDay Mix

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Today is a really gloomy day in the tri-state so my outfit matched the weather outside. I still love the beauty of snow. I don’t have major plans for today so I spent it hanging out with my sisters. My outfit is super simple and features items I have hauled here on the blog before. Outfit details under the pic. Plus check out my V-Day Playlist below with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Hat – H&M
Coat – North Face
Scarf – Homemade
Purse – SammyDress
Sweater – Old Navy
Jeans – Forever 21
Boots – JustFab




(insert Michael Jackson’s, ‘Thriller,’ followed by ‘Ghost Busters’)

While I don’t go all out for Halloween I decided to make a DIY costume since I’d be at work most of the day. In working with kids, my Ninja Turtle costume was a HIT! I, along with a couple coworkers, decided to be Niinja Turtles: Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael.

Being that my name’s Lakia, I chose Leonardo. I bought a half yard of fabric for each color, I would recommend a full yard. Depending on which Ninja Turtle you would choose to be (and depending on your area), you can get you color of choice, plus the brown fabric for around $5. The turkey pan was purchased at Dollar Tree and I got the spray paint from Home Depot (the excess will be used for future DIYs). I painted the pan with about 3-4 coats of green and then went back adding brown here and there. I love the way it turned out. I tied the blue fabric around my knees and made a headband (armband not pictured; fell off somewhere). I did tied the kneepads into a bow for a ‘feminine touch.’ For the belt I has cut out cardboard circles (use a cereal box) and painted it brown and for each initial (M / L / R) I painted them in the color of that turtle. Just jeans and a green shirt to tie it all together. Oh and a pair of brown boots. The ‘abs’ are made out of fabric as well. Yes that’s a 4-pack instead of a 6-pack. Oh one last thing. I took a long roll (found at my job; a paper towel roll will do) and stuck it in the pan. Also to make the pain into a back pack I attacked fabric to top and bottom by punching a hole and double knotting it on both ends.

Check out the pics below along with the YouTube video I got my inspiration from:





Statement Necklace Collection

I have gone through phases of what I have liked to collect/accumulate and now I’m on the hunt for more statement necklaces. I have statement rings that I have given away because it’s just not my style. I have necklaces with different pendants that will be in a future post, plus there’s my statement earrings, and then a collection I love the most my necklaces. The collection includes Juicy Couture, Jewel Mint, Aldo, Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, Charming Charlie, Wet Seal, and the thrift store.

Check out my collection below, labeled with where they were purchased.



Tupac, The Musical: ‘Holla If Ya Hear Me’

140108-tupac-musical-holler-broadwayThis is NEWS to me that a Tupac musical is in the works. In fact previews begin on Monday (June 2nd) at the New York’s Palace Theater and will run until January 2015. Check out three of the songs below that will be featured in the musical: ‘Holla If Ya Hear Me’, ‘California Love’, and ‘Unconditional Love’.

The songs don’t sound HORRIBLE, but they also don’t have the hardcore swag that Tupac embodied. Again this is NEWS to me that there is a Tupac musical.

Click here for more info on the show.

Paramore Scores 1st Top 10 on Hot 100 & Tops Hot Rock Songs

paramore-sets-various-world-records-in-ain-t-it-funIt’s been nearly a decade since Paramore hit the scene and after their hiatus after their 2010 album, , it was a mystery as to when they would return. Despite switching the lineup and losing two members, Paramore released it’s comeback album (Paramore) in April of 2013. Singles from the album, ‘Now’ and ‘Still Into You’ didn’t do too shabby on the charts neither did their previous work. Yet, none of their past singles made it into the top 20 let alone the top 10.

‘Ain’t It Fun’ moves 13-10 this week making it the group’s 1st top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Their previous highest charting was in 2010 and November 2013 with both ‘The Only Exception’ and ‘Still Into You’ peaking at #24. My personal favorite ‘Misery Business’ never peaked past #26. In addition, ‘Ain’t It Fun’ becomes their first #1 atop the Hot Rock Songs as it moves 2-1 knocking off Bateille’s ‘Pompeii’.

All is right in the world as one of my favorite bands reaches a milestone. CONGRATS!



Ludacris to Host 2014 Billboard Awards

Jennifer Lopez will be receiving the grandest honor of the evening as she’s presented with the Icon Award at the 2014 BBMAs. The show would just not be a show without a host, right? Well, Ludacris will be hosting this years awards show and I’m quite surprised that he was chosen. Then again check out his track record on the charts.Judge-Rejects-Ludacris-Gagging-Order-Request

  • 18 Hot 100 top 10 singles
  • 5 #1 albums on R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
  • 29 top 10 singles on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs

Aside from all that chart topping he’s also established himself as a pretty reputable actor playing in a variety of movies from Crash to the franchise Fast & Furious.

He’s been able to juggle both acting and music successfully and his latest album, Ludaversal, is set to be released this fall. Check out the video for his track, ‘Party Girls’, below:

The 2014 BBMA will air live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on ABC, 8pm EST.

(via Billboard)

Unsolved Mysteries: Solange v. Jay Z

PicMonkey Collage
Photo Credit: Google

I usually try NOT to blog about all the celeb scandal & rumors, but there’s no denying that there is some beef between Solange and her sister Beyonce’s husband Jay Z. Here’s a few of the headlines:

There were countless others, but the premise under every one was that Solange had attacked Jay Z. My personal favorite (the philosophical approach):

Beyonce, Solange and the Insane Complexity of Sisters and Marriage 

So before I go into any comment check out the video below. There was a longer version (via TMZ), but has since been deleted. I fill in details, but the video below sums up everything.

So this altercation took place after the Met Gala (May 5) and there’s no denying that Solange did in fact attack Jay Z yet no one knows why. There was a ‘fake’ tweet, and I say fake due to how many likes/retweets, that was supposedly from Solange.


Had that been an ACTUAL tweet it surely would have gotten more retweets, not just 18. Of course the ‘tweet’ is no longer on Solange’s page.

When it comes to the personal lives of celebrities, fans can become so engrossed and think that they personally know they person enough to judge. Regardless of how much MONEY a celeb has that does not make them any less human than the average person that works 9-5.

First off one wouldn’t think that these two are having problems as they are sitting court side at the Nets playoff games, vacationing, and preparing for their first tour (‘On The Run‘) together. What made this so ‘newsworthy’ was that the lives of Jay Z and Beyoncé are so private that all you see is the perfection and supposed sexual innuendoes when the paparazzi catches them on vacation. There’s no problems between them. He loves her, she loves him, the family gets along, they have a beautiful daughter, etc. People IDOLIZE them as individuals and as a couple and from what I’ve seen, based on what they present to fans, it’s worth the admiration. The question is, what would make Solange tick to the point that she’s slapping, kicking, and supposedly spiting at her brother-in-law?

PicMonkey Collage
Photo Credit: MTO / Google

Rumor has it that Jay Z is supposedly hitting on Beyoncé  which is where the tweet stemmed from and the other is that a close ‘insider’ stated that Solange doesn’t like how controlling Jay Z is over her sisters life. Another one is that Beyoncé and Jay Z are set to be getting a divorce and that Beyoncé has had the ‘IV’ tattoo on her ring finger removed. In many pictures it’s there and then it’s not there. At the Met Ball it was there, but on the cover of Time it was not. Could be Photoshop, makeup, airbrush, a combination of the 3, who knows. If you look closely at the pic from the Nets game it doesn’t seem to be that way although another picture surfaced and she had tape around her finger. Two things there, touchup or it could be removal. I think she just uses makeup to do what she wants with it.

I mean as close as Bey and her sister are I’m not surprised that Solange would step up to defend, if necessary, her big sis. Was Jay Z’s ‘controlling’ ways worth all the drama in the elevator?

Well whatever happened in that elevator only 4 people know: Beyoncé , Jay Z, Solange, and the bodyguard Julius. There’s no audio on the video and as much as I dislike TMZ this right here is pretty accurate. This is no spoof. It’s clear of who was in the video. It’s clear that Beyoncé stood on the sidelines and watched the fight happen. It’s clear that Jay Z refrained from any further altercation with her although in the beginning he was pushing Solange back and grabbed her leg before she could land anymore kicks.  In the end of the video he was pointing to his head as in a motion for Solange to ‘think’ about what she was saying. Beyoncé was on her way out the elevator with Julius in front with Jay Z behind her and Solange took that as an opportunity to throw another hit.

Deep down people root on Beyoncé  and Jay Z yet at the same time would love to see their demise. There’s no such thing as couple in love, successful, and happy. It’s just too good to be true. Granted I’m not saying there relationship is perfect, but there’s people that have seen this video and are thinking one of two things:

  1. ‘Oh no! Not Jay & Bey!’ (Insert sad emoji)
  2. ‘I knew it was too good to be true. Looks like trouble in paradise.’ (insert laughing emojis)

Then there’s the people that claim they don’t care and that it’s their business, but even I find this story interesting and yes I’m interested in some type of update. Specifically the audio.

My personal opinion is that no matter how mad Solange was that was no reason for her to attack Jay Z like she did because that’s exactly what she did. No this is not me standing up for #TeamJayonce v. #Team Solange. It’s clearly what’s right and what’s wrong. Had Jay Z put his hands on her, although he was provoked, not only would his entire image be tarnished, but he would be hypocritical of his dislike towards Chris Brown after his altercation with Rihanna. Just stating facts. No situation should ever result in violence and Solange could have handled the situation differently, but clearly it was anger that caused her to do what she did. A whole lot of anger. Was the video entertaining to watch? Yes. Were Solange’s actions justified? Who knows. Did she have a right to put hands on Jay Z? Regardless of what he did, said, etc., no she did not.

The only way to clear up the rumor and to not make accusations would be to HEAR what was said. We can hope that maybe a statement would be released. Yeah, who knows if that will happen either. Only time will tell if that will happen, but in the meantime you can re-watch the video and guess the dialogue based off the body language or take the comedic approach and like all the memes on Instagram.

Diddy & LL Cool J Receive Honorary Doctorate Degrees

It’s graduation season and there have been two rappers to receive honorary doctorate degrees for their work/contributions within the industry: LL Cool J and Diddy.

20140510-220254.jpg James Todd Smith, LL Cool J, was honored by Northeastern University with an honorary Doctor of Arts degree on May 2nd. To add to the honor it happened alongside his daughter who received her B.S. in Business Administration. In an interview with CBS Boston he stated:

“I’ve been called a few things, but never a doctor, that’s for sure. For them to recognize my body of work and my contributions to the world of art is an amazing feeling.”

Sean, Diddy, Combs not only gave the 146th commencement speech for Howard University, but he was also honored with a honorary doctorate degree in Humanities (May 10th). He’s no stranger to the university as he was a student there for two years before dropping out in 1990. During the speech he stated:

“Of all the amazing moments God has blessed me with, this has to be one of The Greatest! Thanks You Howard University and The Class of 2014.”

College isn’t for everybody and these two men are examples of that. You can dream big and get where you need to go, but education is not to be undermined. If you’re passionate about something build on it. Greatness can be achieved. Passion makes greatness. Regardless of what you might think of either men their contributions speak for themselves and both honors are well deserving. CONGRATS!