What I’m Loving in 2017 | April – June

We are entering the second half of 2017. It’s crazy how fast the year has gone by and it’s that time again for my collective favorites. It’s easier to share what I’m loving over a span of a few months versus one month. Sometimes, nothing new is on my radar for a particular month which leaves nothing to share. This ‘What I’m Loving’ series features my quarterly favorites.

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Chaotic Visions | CouponToProvide

We are halfway through 2017 and it’s time for a new installment of Chaotic Visions. In this series, I showcase amazing female entrepreneurs, their brands, and their roads to success.

Everybody has a story. What I admire are those that share theirs without fear in hopes of empowering others. In this edition I was able to learn more about the woman behind one of my favorite YouTube channels, Paloma Batters. Her channel, CouponToProvide has definitely inspired me to use what I have when crafting, be a smarter shopper, and build my confidence from within.

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What I’m Loving So Far in 2017!

Happy April and welcome to another post here on the blog. I cannot believe we’re into the fourth month of 2017. Time is really flying for sure. I wanted to share my 2017 favorites so far from music to YouTubers.

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Summer 16 Favorites

Welcome to another post here on the blog. I’ve been wanting to share my Summer 16 favorites with you all so why not when it’s actually starting to feel like fall.

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April Favorites | YouTube, Music, Lifestyle

Welcome to another monthly favorites edition here on the blog. I’ve been enjoying sharing this personal side of my life with you all. Chaotic Critic really is an open platform for not just my creativity, but sharing different parts of my life. Hopefully I’ll inspire someone out there plus give you something new to check out or listen to. As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout the post. Check out my previous favorites for 2016 below:

This month I’ve divided my favorites into 3 sections: YouTube, Music, and Lifestyle.


When it comes to YouTube I’ve been obsessed with vlogs, home decor, and anything DIY. I haven’t really found anyone knew, but I have gravitated back to some oldie but goodies.

I’ve been LOVING CouponToProvide especially. Her hauls and her DIYs are out of this world. She’s like the queen of repurposed products. I decided to turn my shoe closet into a craft closet in my office so I took inspiration from her space for sure. It’s a long video (2 hours long), but check it out. It’s amazing!

I’ve really enjoyed Daily Davidsons and Kayla Lashae Vlogs since they’ve both moved. The Davidsons have moved into a newly built home and it’s been cool to watch that whole process. I’ve been watching Kayla Lashae for like ever and I’ve seen every move she’s done and I just love her blogs. She’s recently moved into a new apartment and it’s been cool to watch that process plus I love her style.


I have a crap ton of music that I’ve been loving this month. I wasn’t sure that I’d have a lot, but the list has surely bulked up. Check out my entire ‘hello 2016’ playlist below as well.

    • Rachel Platten – ‘Stand by You’
    • Panic! At t\The Disco – ‘Victorious’
    • Fat Joe / Remy Ma / French Montana – ‘All The Way Up’
    • Elle King – ‘America’s Sweetheart’
    • Iggy Azalea – ‘Team’
    • Drake / Future – ‘Big Rings’
    • Gwen Stefani – ‘Make Me Like You’
    • Adele – ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’


Alright last but not least is my lifestyle category. This is everything else outside of entertainment. I’ve been on an organizing kick. I mean, I’m a planner so that’s a given, right? I mentioned that I’m in the process of working on a craft closet, post + video to come soon, and it’s taken up quite a bit of my month. On top of that I have been doing DIYs for my bedroom gallery wall. A video and post are coming for that as well.

As for the goals I made for March to accomplish during April (click HERE for that), I’ve completely failed. Well in the area of videos I have more content coming and with more content equals more blog posts. I do want to get back into my daily devotions which shouldn’t even be a hassle. Also, eating better, drinking more water, and working out have to be a priority as well. Cheers to May!


Holiday Planning In My Planner

I came across this tag on YouTube via planners MandaPhenom and Boulderbon. There’s the Christmas tag, but I decided to do this one instead since it’s planner related. 10 questions, here we go.

1. Are you decorating for Christmas in your planner for just the week of Christmas or for all of December?

I’ve been decorating for all of December. The week of 11/30-12/6, I did a sweet treats theme. Last week, 12/7-12/13, I did a rosy gold theme with accents of gold Christmas stickers. As for this week, 12/14-12/20, I did a wintery theme. Not so Christmasy, but it’s holiday related.

2. What sticker set are you using to decorate for the week of Christmas and New Years? 

For the week of New Years I honestly don’t have any stickers, but I do have yellow/gold stickers I will be using. I might even mix gold and silver for that layout. I’m not really sure yet. As for Christmas week I’ll be using a Christmas set from the etsy shop Fabulously Planned (check out my haul HERE).


3. How do you store your holiday stickers? Are they separate from the rest of your stickers? 

Al of my Etsy stickers are stored together in a binder. As for other holiday stickers I’ve purchased from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, etc., I have those in a mini binder in sheet protectors separated by occasions/holidays/seasons, etc.

4. What planner/planners do you plan on using in the New Year?

I plan on using the other half of my MAMBI 2015-2016 Happy Planner although I am getting more and more interested in the Erin Condren Life Planner.

5. What’s your favorite holiday sweet treat?

I honestly don’t have one.

6. Do you have a favorite holiday washi?

I don’t have a particular favorite washi, but there is this silver glitter one that I have that I love. I wish I could’ve gotten my hands on the Christmas washi from Dollar Tree.

7. How has planning helped you get ready for the holidays?

I have been able to break down my cleaning/decluttering. It’s been easier to stay on track with weekly/daily to-do’s in my planner. Longer lists work, but to have a “pretty” overview helps.

8. What Christmas movie are you planning on watching?

Any version of A Christmas Carol.

9. NEW YEARS EVE – sparkly dress or fuzzy socks.

I don’t have any plans so team fuzzy socks.

10. What’s your favorite holiday decoration?


I enjoyed these questions with it being a mixture of planner and general holiday questions. Cheers to more planner nerds in 2016.

Plan With Me: October 5th-11th

Welcome to another plan with me. My blog has been on planner overload as of late, mainly because it’s therapeutic. No worries, there will be more variety back in rotation soon. I’ll be adding my Motivational Mondays at least every other week as well as spotlighting some of my music and TV moments of the week. Just a thought, let’s see how it works out. Getting back to planning, click HERE for my October layout.

A lot of the stickers I use on a weekly basis include my TV sticker, YouTube, and Bill Due. Of course, I can’t forget to mark garbage days. I love making to-do lists the night before instead of filling things out completely in the planning process. If it’s something definite I will fill in, but so that I’m not writing just to write I make my to-do lists nightly.


Stickers/Washi used:

This week I’ll be attending a wedding on October 10th so I’ve had this planner spread in mind for quite some time. I focused it around stickers that I purchased from ImagineThatByLori on Etsy along with wedding stickers from AC Moore. I wanted to create a spread that would support Breast Cancer Awareness and this spread does just that and the pink works well with the wedding stickers I incorporated as well. I love the glitter washi tape that I purchased in a holiday set and it adds a lot more pizazz to the layout. 

One of the greatest features of my layout the past few weeks would definitely be the sidebar. Until I purchase the TV stickers that I want from FasyShop on Etsy, my sidebar set-up will suffice. The FasyShop stickers are thin and will not take up much space day to day in the spread, but the stickers I created surely would. Click HERE if you’re interested in downloading the stickers I use.

I really love how this layout turned out and I can’t wait to add more to it. For current updates on what I add to my planner, follow me on instagram, @ChaoticCritic. Enjoy the video below!

2015 Summer Favorites

Although Fall doesn’t officially start until September 23rd which means there’s a good two weeks left of Summer, I wanted to share my Summer favorites from music to YouTubers, my top 3 planner layouts and my latest TV obsessions. Be sure to check out both my May & June favorites and my 2014 Summer favs below:

So I wanted to break up my favorites month by month, but since I never got around to doing one for July I figured I’d combine the two. Starting off with music there’s not much that caught my attention. Of course I have my Summer Vibes playlist, but as for songs that have been on rotation there’s nothing really new. I have been loving:

  • Walk the Moon, ‘Shut Up & Dance’
  • Drake, ‘Back to Back’
  • The Weeknd, ‘Can’t Feel My Face’
  • Mark Ronson x Bruno Mars, ‘Uptown Funk’
  • Fifth Harmony x Kid Ink, ‘Worth It’

The beef between Drake and Meek Mill (read my reaction HERE) was quite entertaining and I’ve been debating on whether I want to spill my dislike on “Omeeka.” Maybe. Moving on, enjoy my Summer Vibes playlist below:

Next up, YouTube! I’ve really enjoyed making videos this Summer and it’s fun when I can just turn on the camera and share whatever with the world. It’s really fun for me. My goal between for the remainder of the year is to add more vlogging. As for my favorite YouTubers, I have quite a list, but I’ve narrowed it down and noted what I watch each YouTuber for:

So since I’ve been making at least ONE YouTube video a week, I have fallen in love with my planner again throughout August. During the end of July, I really wasn’t into my planner spreads. Then I started to use the Darice sticker books that I had purhcased from Michaels and I’m in love all over again. I’ll be sharing all of my planner layouts on my Instagram, but here are my top 3 of the Summer. Click each pic to go directly to that particular Plan With Me. Also be enjoy my planner playlist below:

+Planner Used: Mambi "The Happy Planner" +GlamPlanning 4th of July Weekly Kit +TheSassyPlanner Trash Cans +Dollar Tree Paper Tape +Hobby Lobby Movie Sticker  +ThePaperlyBowtique  +Wendaful Water Tracker Printable +MAMBI "Song on Loop This Week" Printable



Lastly, I have a new TV obsession. In June it was Hawaii Five-0 that I discovered on Netflix and binge watched over the course of two weeks. Since I’ve made the switch from Comcast to Fios, I have a new found love for HGTV. In particular, “Love it or List It,” “Flip or Flop,” and “Property Brothers.” I’ve always had a thing for people fixing up houses and the design of it all, but now I’m on this kick and those three are my new craze.

I’m so excited Fall is almost here because I am more than ready for Shonda Rhimes Thursdays and my crime shows like Criminal Minds, the second season of NCIS: New Orleans, and of course Hawaii Five-0. I’m also looking forward to Modern Family and Blackish. Lastly, I hope Scream Queens will be good.

Plan With Me: August 31st – September 6th

I’ve really been enjoying sharing my planner obsession here on my blog. I went into this week not really knowing how I wanted to plan. I also did not want to use a lot of stickers so that I could have more room to write. Well, I ended up going with a jungle theme and the stickers are huge. Yet, I left plenty of space to write. I usually share what my planner looks like filled in, but to see that be sure to check out my blog for mid week and end of week updates. I’ll also be sharing my blog post completely filled in with each new plan with me.

As noted, the stickers are huge. With them being so big I tried to space them sa evenly as I could. With them being so big the layout looks even brighter than I expected. I kept my to do lists simple using a printable so that the focus could really be on the stickers. I’ll fill everything in with colorful sharpies/pens for sure. I have a little bit of space left in my sidebar which I might use for a “to clean” list.

Before the month is over, I’ll be “Going Gold” in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness month. I’ll also be doing a layout in support of Breast Cancer Awareness (October) and Lung Cancer Awareness (November). Planning is a great way to not only keep track of your daily to-dos/events, but it also serves as a journal. For those that are not even into decorating, looking back at your planner really shows just how far you’ve come overtime. View it as an on the go scrapbook. Also, at the end of the year I’ll be sharing a video of every single spread that I’ve done since May.

As always, direct links to stickers are listed below along with a full video. I’ve also added my planner playlist. To keep up with all the additions to my layout throughout the week, follow me on instagram @ChaoticCritic. Enjoy!




Stickers Used:

Fashion Forward Friday [V.22]: Accessories Haul

I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to shop before I went on vacation, yet I walked into H&M and they were having a sale. I didn’t pick up much and all items that I will show were under $100, but seriously, no more shopping until vacation.

From H&M I picked up 2 necklaces, 2 sets of midi rings, a purse, and the best buy of all, a scarf. The two necklaces I purchased were a total of $10, if purchased full price I would have spent $24.95. Awesome savings. As for the midi rings one set was $3.95 which I purchased of $1 and the other was $5.95 which I purchased for $3. The scarf was my favorite purchase of all as it was only $1. Yes, $1. It was originally $12.95, marked down to $7, then $3, and then $1. I couldn’t leave it behind and I can’t wait to style it in the fall. The only item I purchased full price was a purse that was $40. There was a similar style on sale for $20, but the olive green color I could not pass up. Hey, it’s okay to treat yourself every now and then and I’d rather purchase a bag I love then to settle for one I like. Check out the items below:



From Forever 21 I purchased a shirt, in one of my favorite colors, and I like to call it business in the front, party in the back. The shirt is so chic and although it has a huge slit in the back, it’s not much and it’s kind of a high-low, very slightly. Love, love, love this and it was only $12.95.


Lastly I picked up a pair of earrings from Aldo (pictured above). I went in to purchase my sister some things for her 8th Grade Dinner Dance and they were having a sale, buy 3 get 25% off. I picked up a pair of gold aztec type earring for $8.50, with the 25% off. In total I spent a little over $50 which was great considering one of the items I purchased was $40.

I can’t wait to style the pieces that I purchased and be on the lookout for future posts featuring these items. Check out my YouTube, LakiaBTV, and follow me on Instagram @ChaoticCritic.