Fall Essentials

I’ve been wanting to do a fall post for quite some time, I just really haven’t gotten around to doing so. I thought of doing a look book, even a fall wishlist, but I thought sharing my fall essentials would be fun as well. My essentials are those items that I frequent the most and the ones that I’ve been obsessed with over the past couple of years. First up, shoes.


I’ve shared these shoes in previous posts whether it was when I hauled them or in Outfit of the Days. The black ankle boots which I scored for 50% off from H&M two years ago ($60 to $30) are my staple for the fall and winter. I love the gold detail and it really dresses up any outfit. What’s great about these shoes is that they could be worn with a short romper, a skirt, or boyfriend jeans. The pointed toe makes them sort of like witch boots, but I love them. Similar styles HERE.

The second pair I purchased from GoJane.Com. I really love the style of DocMartens, but not only are they trendy, but they’re not cheap either. For a trendy shoe I’d rather pay for a similar style. I had a pair in black as well, but unfortunately they scuffed a few times after I wore them. The maroon/burgundy pair held up with no problem and I love pairing them with dark wash jeans, a flannel, or even a hoodie. Similar styles HERE.


Moving on to my purses for the fall, I’ve been loving my olive green tote from H&M and small satchel that my grandmother gave to me nearly a year ago. With whatever bag I use, since most of my bags are huge, I throw the brown one in which holds my wallet, keys, etc. I won’t give too much away since I’ll be doing a What’s in My Bag soon. Find similar styles to the H&M tote HERE.


I’m not a candle hoarder as I see from some people on YouTube, nor do I burn the ones I have a lot, but the ones I do burn are AMAZING! I’m all for the Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles, when they’re on sale. For the fall I’ve been burning ‘Autumn Sky’ and ‘Apple Orchard.’ ‘Autumn Sky’ has a fresh manly scent while ‘Apple Orchard’ would be great for the kitchen. Don’t let the price fool you, these candles are amazing and you can always reuse the jar once you’re done. To purchase, click HERE.


Lastly are the beauty products that I love oh so much. From nail polish to my favorite scent and who doesn’t love lipstick. My all time favorite neutral is Revlon Lip Butter in ‘Fig Jam.’ I stumbled across it accidentally and it’s been my favorite ever since. It’s the perfect cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss. You can apply as much or as little as you want. Be sure to click the links below to purchase the items that could be found.

First Impression #11: Kat Von D ‘Everlasting Liquid Lipstick’

Here’s anther review from a product in the Sephora ‘Give Me More Lip’ set. Click the links below to check out my previous reviews:

Photo Cred: Sephora.Com

This time around I am reviewing the Kat Von D ‘Everlasting Liquid Lipstick.” It is available in 12 shades and costs $19. The shade I received was ‘Outlaw’ and is described as a “brick red.” The lippie fits true to its name. I loved it when I swatched it and I loved it even more when I applied it, that was until it dried. I see why it has ‘everlasting’ in its title because it takes that long to get it off. It reminded me so much of the Wet n Wild ‘Mega Last Liquid Lip Color,’ which retail for $2.99 and are available in 13 shades (click HERE for my review of those) . Great swatch and application, but it would dry like glue on my lips.

0131151430_2-1-1This Kat Von D lippie was not as thick and applied smoother for me then the Wet n Wild ones, but the Wet n Wild ‘Mega Last Liquid Lip Colors’ could account as a dupe for this lippie. In fact the color I reviewed ‘Red My Mind’ comes close. When applying, the lippie did dry quickly on my lip, but not to the point of feeling like glue on my lips. There was no transfer when drinking so the color does stick. As mentioned above, I had slight problem removing the product.  It took some time to get off, but a baby wipe did the job.

Would I recommend? Yes I would. It lives up to its name and if you don’t mind a bit of a budge to get the product then it might be for you. For the type of product it is I see it as worth the $19 and there are great color selections. Other shades I want to try are ‘Lolita,’ ‘L.U.V,,’ and ‘Vampira’.


Fashion Forward Friday [V.20]: Winter Essentials

winterbasics Living in the tri-state is a good and bad thing when it comes to the winter. I have more boots than any other shoe in my wardrobe and layering can be fun an stylish. The bad thing is the snow and the commute, people not knowing how to drive in such weather. Enough rambling. Above are my winter essentials that I love to rock in this extremely cold season. It’s clear that I love wearing black, I also love wearing anything oversized and the leggings pictured are specifically for layering under either sweats or jeans. All of the items shown above are items that I use time and time again during the season and some that I want to incorporate more. Pops of color with my accessories allows me to continue to wear all black. As for jewelry I wear hoops if I’m going somewhere, but on a day to day it’s usually just a beanie and my glasses.

Click the links below to purchase the products shown above (minus the vaseline):


Fashion Forward Friday [V.14] — Patriotic Lookbook


I’ve been posting tons of OOTDs here on my blog and it seems like forever since I’ve posted one. I’m really into putting more looks together for the blog and I thought the 4th of July would be there perfect time. I  put together three looks, but future lookbooks will have more! Be sure to check out my Birkenstock lookbook HERE! Please excuse the photography, eventually it’ll get better (I have no one to take pics of me) Lastly be sure to click the links to take you directly to an item or an item similar. ENJOY!

Crop Top - Wet Seal Shorts - Forever 21 Shows - Forever 21 Necklace - Forever 21 Lipstick - Wet n Wild
Crop Top – Wet Seal
Shorts – Forever 21
Shoes – Forever 21
Necklace – Forever 21 (Vinted)
Lipstick – Wet n Wild, Red Velvet (910D)


Button-Up: J-Crew (Thrifted) Crop Top: Wet Seal Jeans: Forever 21 Purse (Day): JustFab Purse (Night): JCPenny Shoes (Day): Forver 21 Shoes (Night): JustFab
Button-Up: J-Crew (Thrifted)
Crop Top: Wet Seal
Jeans: Forever 21
Purse (Day): JustFab, Savant
Purse (Night): JCPenny
Shoes (Day): Forever 21
Shoes (Night): JustFab, Lorient


Crop Top - Wet Seal Skirt - Forever 21 Purse - Aldo  Shoes - Target Necklace - Forever 21
Crop Top – Wet Seal
Skirt – Forever 21
Purse – Aldo
Shoes – Target
Necklace – Forever 21 (Vinted)

My Top 5 Lippies: Spring Edition

I recently posted my top 5 accessories for Spring so to keep along that theme I wanted to post about my top 5 lip products (lippies) for Spring as well. Here they are (in price order):


Swatches Left to Right:

'Heroine', 'Brazen Berry', 'Sugar Plum Fairy', 'Dolly Pink', 'A Stiff Pink
‘Heroine’, ‘Brazen Berry’, ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’, ‘Dolly Pink’, ‘A Stiff Pink’

If I had to pick 1 favorite out of the 5 it would be hard because I’m a sucker for purple. I know it’s Spring and dark lips are more fall, but I think for a night out ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ would be perfect. ‘Brazen Berry’ and “Heroine’ are very close in color, but ‘Brazen Berry’ is a tone lighter not making it an exact dupe. I did a First Impression on the Wet n Wild Balm Stains and ‘A Stiff Pink’ was my favorite out of the 3 I reviewed. I have tried other light pink lippies on my lips and none of them work except for this one. To give it more pizzaz than it already has, add ‘Dolly Pretty Pink’ on top. As for my fav, I’ll go with my most worn ‘Brazen Berry’.

What are your fav lippies for Spring?

Stay tuned next week for my top 5 nail polishes.

Lipstick Tag!

I’ve become a huge lipstick junkie and I’ve decided that there’d be no better way to start showing my collection than to start with this tag. This is a combination of both lipstick tags I found on YouTube.  ENJOY!

1. How many lipsticks do you own? 41

2. What was your first ever lipstick? Revlon Colorbust Lipstick, Peach (075)

3. How old were you when you started wearing lipstick? 17/18

4. What is your most worn lipstick? Revlon Colorbust Lipstick, Peach (075)

5. What is your favorite finish? Cream

6. What is the last lipstick you bought?

  • Wet n Wild, Think Pink
  • Wet n Wild, Dollhouse Pink
  • Jordana, Raspberry
  • Jordana, Eggplant

7. How many lip products (including balms & glosses) do you currently have in your handbag? Revlon Lip Butter, Fig Jam & Vaseline.

8. What lip product do you use to rock a red lip? ELF, Fearless

9. How do you store your lipsticks?


10. Most expensive / inexpensive lipstick(s)? NYC / Mac

11. Favorite lipstick of the moment? Mac, Heorine

12. Show a lipstick you use to stand out. Mac, Hautecore

13. What lip products are you currently lusting after? Anything from the RiRi Hearts Mac Collection & the Nyx Lip Butters.


Beauty Showdown #2 — NYX v. Wet n Wild

IMG_0625-1In my first ‘Beauty Showdown’ I reviewed the various lip crayons I had tried out. In this Beauty Showdown it will be NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams v. Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Colors. I will be reviewing both products, giving my pros and cons, comparing similar colors between the two lines, and in the end giving you my take on what was worth the buy.


The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are $5.99 and are available at Target, Ulta, and from the NYX Cosmetics site. The product comes in 22 shades ranging from nudes to dark purple. There’s even an orange. The colors are named after international cites. The four colors I picked up were: Tokyo, Addis Ababa, Amsterdam, and San Paulo. The best place to get these would be Ulta because you can buy one and get one half off plus there’s always a $3.50 coupon floating around. Here are the swatches:


The colors I purchased were;t thought out. I just purchased what I thought was nice based off the selection at Ulta. I would recommend buying these online to guarantee the color you want because the stores are sold out making the color quantity limited or the color selection you want is just not available in that store.

As for the packaging of this product I love it. It’s sleek, no mess with application, and the applicator is a doe foot (my favorite). When applying I will say I wasn’t impressed. I really had to build up the color, but it’s a great thing that the color is buildable. Based on the packaging versus the swatch verses the color on my lips I will say that it is true to packaging. The consistency no the site is described as:

Neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisingly durable and, unlike some matte lipstick formulas, also moisturizing.

I would have to agree. Due to the fact that its a soft matte it would be more moisturizing. Upon initial application it does look shiny and dries over time. I wouldn’t say it’s “surprisingly durable” because you’d have to reapply several times (or more) throughout the day based on how much eating/drinking you’re doing.

IMG_0582-1Moving on to Wet n Wild‘s Megalast Liquid Lip Color, I am going to start off and say how DISAPPOINTED I was after putting this product on my lips and the STRUGGLE it took to get off. The product is sold at local drugstores and grocery stores and the price is $2.99 (depending on location). I picked up these two colors during at sale at Walgreens and they were 2/$3. The colors I picked up were ‘Red My Mind’ and ‘Back To The Fuchsia.’ Here’s what the site describes the product as:

Intense liquid color with built-in moisturizer provides one-step application for weightless, ultra-conditioning wear that lasts up to 8 hours. ElastiSilk™ formula combines flexible color adhesion with silky-smooth pigments for transfer-proof, even application. Paraben-free formula conditions and moisturizes with vitamin E that helps promote anti-aging, protects the skin’s moisture barrier, and balances the lip’s natural hydration for a healthy-looking, plump pout all day.

IMG_0602-1I do agree that the color is intense and it’s true to packaging. As for the “built-in moisture”, the product is extremely dry. It’s like a fake, pasty feeling completely different than that of NYXs Soft Matte Lip Creams. The other downsize aside from the non-moisture I was semi-expecting was the hassle to get this product off. I scrubbed my lips with a baby wipe and it took me nearly 10 minutes to completely remove the product. After researching on YouTube I found that oil was the solution to my problem, but to wear this product and reapply and carry around oil for a seamless application after wear off, no thank you. If I’m running an errand that does not involve me stopping for food then yes I would wear it. I will agree with a “healthy-looking, plump pout” because it looks GREAT on. It’s just the way it dries is like someone is putting glue on your lips. Not a fan off the extreme dryness of it, the messy application, and the hassle to remove it from my lips.

Coincidentally, two of the colors I had from NYX matched of the ones I purchased from Wet n Wild. Here are the colors side by side in packaging and swatched.

nyx wet n wild

When swatched the Wet n Wilds stuck to my hand instantly. I touched and rubbed to see if the product would budge and nothing. The NYX product on the other hand came right off regardless of how ‘soft matte’ it says it is.

Overall I would purchase the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams again because of the color selection and application. The price, as I stated above, can be easily altered with the constant sales at Ulta. As for Wet n Wild this can be a GREAT product if it were easier to get off. How dry it was really didn’t bother me, it’s the fact that I had to scrub it off. In this case I do say go for he $6 lippie over the $3.

Fashion Forward Friday [V.6] — V-Day Outfits (Day & Night)

Although I’m pretty much snowed in thanks to Winter Storm Paxis, I still wanted wanted to post some Valentine’s Day outfit ideas that I had for day and night along with my lippie picks.

First up is my day outfit. I went for red jeans (Forever 21) and a striped shirt (H&M) to keep it simple. If I were going to work I would wear this. The pants are stretchy enough for me to move around in and the shirt tones down the pants. The shoes I would pair this with for work would be a pair of black booties, but If I were going out after work with friends I would toss on my leopard flats (Target) and at work I would wear a pair of booties. My jewelry I paired with the look is from H&M (CLEARANCE!)

Next up is my date-night outfit. There’s many shoes that I could pair with the look I created, but I loved how my wedges looked with them. I took a simple red dress, paired it with a faux leather jacket and my booties with silver accents from Target. I’d also wear a pair of black tights with this look, throw on a pair of hoops, and a bold lip. As for accessories I wouldn’t go further than the earrings because the jacket is a statement in itself.


The handbag that I would pair with both looks is my Aldo bag that I purchased 2 years ago. I can’t afford a Chanel so this quilted purse is a great inspired design. It can be worn cross-body, on the shoulder, or the straps can be tucked in to make it a clutch. This was also a great deal for only $35.


Below are my lippie picks:


E.L.F. Matte Lip Color, Rich Red

Rimmel London-Kate Moss – #60

Wet n Wild – Cherry Bomb (918D) / Sugar Plum Fairy (908C)

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Valentine’s Day with whoever and wherever. Much love!

Beauty Showdown #1 — Lip Crayons


Over the past few weeks I have reviewed various ‘lip crayons’ that go by other names such as glossy sticks, chubby sticks, or the most common, balm stains.

The products I have reviewed are: NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color, Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stains, Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains, E.L.F. Jumbo Lip Gloss Sticks, and Clinique Chubby Sticks Duo.

Here’s my ranking of the 5:

  1. Jordana Twist & Shine
  2. NYC Twistable Intense Lip Color
  3. Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stains
  4. E.L.F. Jumbo Gloss Sticks
  5. Clinique Chubby Sticks Duo

It all comes down to preference when buying these lip crayons. If you are looking for something with moisture and a tint of color then go with NYC or Wet n Wild. If you want the full impact & lustrous color Jordana is your best bet. Not saying that the color pay off is horrible of NYC and Wet n Wild, but you have to really pack on the product to really see the full color and with Jordana you do not. To get the moisture feel but not much color go with the E.L.F. sticks or the Clinique chubby sticks.Again it’s all personal preference.

I will be doing another Beauty Showdown in the future on more lip crayons as I review them. Next up will feature Revlon’s Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm Stains, and Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balms.

First Impression #3: Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain

First Impression: Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain

The Wet n Wild Balm Statins were ones that I have been on the hunt for since their release. I had been to countless Walgreens but could not find them. I came across Jordana’s balm stains and on my way to check out I spotted Wet n Wild’s and snagged 3. On top of that I had a $1 off each balm stain bringing the price from each down from $2.99 to $1.99. Upon doing a swatch I realized that I had to press down more on the product to really get the true color pigmentation.


‘A Stiff Pink’ was the color I thought I’d like least being that some pinks on my skin tone are not the most  complimenting and can look tacky. The packaging makes it look more of a hot pink but upon application it’s more of a deeper pink. ‘Lady And the Vamp’ did not seem as pigmented on my lips as I thought it would be. There’s pigmentation, I was just expecting the color to be deeper. It’s a nice color for the daytime. Lastly, ‘Red-dy Or Not,’ is faint similar to that of ‘Lady And The Vamp.’

Overall I absolutely love the texture of the balm stains upon applying. The application was easy, not messy which is a plus. My personal favorite out of the three I purchased is, ‘A Stiff Pink.’ I’m not accustomed to wearing pink on my lips, but the color was perfect on me. I’m more accustomed to deeper colors which is why I picked the purple and the red, but they did not give me the pigmentation I expected. I would recommend buying if  you want to try them out being that they are moisturizing. I will not be going back to hunt down anymore colors being that they did not interest me.

Have you tried any of the Wet n Wild Balm Stains? What’s your favorite?