What’s In My NEW Planner Bag

On a roll with the posts? I think so. I have so many ideas of content I want to share with you guys so I’ll keep posting and posting. Hopefully you find something you enjoy whether it’s a dose of motivation, a reason to buy something, or just a laugh or two with my commentary. Who knows, Whatever the case, hopefully you stick around for more. This post is a planner related post. Hi there, I’m Lakia and I like to plan. I like to share what I buy for my planner. I like to give tips and tricks on planning. Trust me, it’s ALL BUDGET FRIENDLY! I have a new planner bag and I wanted to share what’s inside so let’s get to it shall we.

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Cheap Planning | Washi Tape

Cheers to another post here on the blog and another edition in my latest mini series, Cheap Planning. I have shared my tips for those that are new to planning in my Planning for Beginners series from finding your planner style to building your stash, and organization. This mini series is using items you have on hand already whether you’re a beginner or a ‘seasoned’ planner. This first edition features sticky notes. More to come in this series including using just a pen and magazine clippings. Whether you paid $1 for your planner or more, this Cheap Planning series works for ANY and EVERY planner.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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$2.99 Washi Tape Storage

Welcome to another post here on the blog. For those that are frequent readers, thank you. For those that are checking out Chaotic Critic for the first time, thank you, and I hope you find something you enjoy. I love sharing deals that I find with you all. As a planner and creative junkie (I use what I hoard), I could not leave behind this nearly $40 regularly priced item that was marked down to $2.99.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Hobby Lobby Haul

Welcome to another post here on the blog. In this one I’m sharing a Hobby Lobby Haul (hence the title). I was off today and I saw that their Paper Studio line was 50% off. I mean, did I really need more stickers? Not really, but a sale is a sale, right?

As always be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Plan With Me | June 6th-12th

Hello everyone! Let’s get back into the swing of things. Ever have a week with a mile long to do list and deadlines all the same time? Well, that’s been mine and I’ve been slow in getting this plan with me up. My typical schedule is Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday, but for this week, expect a double post today and a double post on Sunday. The regular schedule will resume this Monday, June 13th. Be sure to click links throughout the post for direct links / related posts.

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Planning for Beginners: Washi on Washi

Cheers to a another edition of my Planning for Beginner series. I’ve been loving going back to basics with this series especially with my friend getting deeper and deeper into planning. Check out previous editions below and be sure to click all the highlighted links!

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Plan With Me: September 21st-27th

In this plan with me I went for a fall theme. I typically like to pull out my stickers before I start planning. Here’s my full layout from last week. I went with a school theme. I wanted into be “back to school,” but I think it turned out pretty good. That layout was centered around the “Back To School” set from TheHappyDoodle on Etsy. Also, the planner I use is the Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner which you can purchase HERE.

Point Blur_Sep202015_174728

When it comes to planning, the longest part of the process for me would definitely be laying out the washi.The hard part is really making sure it gets cut evenly on the ends. I was thinking of initially creating a Fall TV premiere spread, but I really like how this one turned out. I used a combination of Etsy stickers and stickers from Target and Hobby Lobby. The spread centered around a set from ImagineThatByLori on Etsy. Click the links below to purchase stickers featured.



Stickers/Washi Used:

Creating this spread took me quite a bit of time because although I had everything laid out, I still had to grab things here and there. The washi which I purchased from AC Moore and Tuesday Morning is not as sticky as I’d like it to be so I’ve had to have glue on hand to make sure everything sticks. Check out my latest planner posts below and enjoy my PLANDEMONIUM playlist as well.

Washi Tape Collection + Storage

As a planner addict, I have been trying to fid the most efficient ways to store my planner stash. I purchased the Ikea Raskog which is amazing for being able to roll my planner goodies around my office and even into my bedroom. My washi collection is currently stored in a Snapware “Snap n Stack” container which has 3 stackable parts. I’ve had it for years and I even use the larger one to store nail polish. The washi tapes are able to file accordingly next to each other without laying them down.You can purchase the Snapware container HERE.

Places I have purchased washi/paper/fabric tapes from include:

  • Michaels
  • AC Moore
  • Hobby Lobby 
  • Jo-Ann Fabrics
  • Tuesday Morning 
  • Target
  • Etsy 


My favorite Washi would definitely have to be a floral one from Michaels chalkboard collection. Other “honorable mentions” are an arrow one, pink and gold stripes, and camera. I have yet to create a layout using the camera one, but I did feature it in my vacation plan with me (click HERE for that). My least favorite washi is the pineapple washi that was a craze on social media. Pineapples in general are a craze and the gold in the washi was one of the reasons I bough it. Unfortunately while I love the look of it, it doesn’t stick like my other washi tapes.


The Dollar Tree, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your area, is a great place to score paper and fabric tapes. The key difference between washi and paper tapes are that washi tapes are thin and can be removed easily from just about any surface. With the paper tape from Dollar Tree they will rip up the page you are working on. Despite that, they come in awesome variations. I was lucky enough to find a huge amount of paper and fabric tapes in one store in one day which I featured in a planner haul HERE. My favorite use of the paper tape was my 4th of July layout and July calendar.


You can find great deals on washi tape from Jo-Ann Fabrics with the minis that are sold. They are not the usual size of a roll, but they are a great sample that will go a long way in a planner spread. You can also find washi samples on Etsy with a simple search.



I am pretty content with my washi collection although I’ll be more content once I fill up all three containers. There’s no need to run out and become obsessive with washi because a little really does go a long way. Start with the basics such as plain colored washi and add prints that fit your personality. Have fun with it and HAPPY PLANNING! Enjoy my video below!

Plan With Me: 4th of July

In this edition of Spicy Saturday, I’ve decided to share my planner layout for the 4th of July. Below are pics and links to items used along with a detailed video. Enjoy!

+Planner Used: Mambi
+ Mambi “The Happy Planner”
+GlamPlanning 4th of July Weekly Kit
+TheSassyPlanner Trash Cans
+PlannerKate1 Washi Strips
+Dollar Tree Paper Tape
+Hobby Lobby Movie Sticker
+ThePaperlyBowtique Camera/Social Media Stickers
+Wendaful Water Tracker Printable
+MAMBI “Song on Loop” Printable