Quick & Easy Valentine DIY | Gift Tags and Planner Clips

Okay, I know I’m not the only one that waits until the last minute when it comes to whipping projects together. It’s like after Christmas, January goes by in a blur and then BOOM it’s February. You don’t have much time to really enjoy all the balloons and chocolate since it lands smack in the middle of the month.

Still, I thought I’d share the projects I put together. One is for my Valentine tree (yes I’m keeping it festive), but you could use as a gift tag, and the other is a DIY planner clip.

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Okay, I’m super late with this one, but let’s roll with it. Despite my busy schedule, I’m still coming with the content. Thanks to all those that read and comment. I greatly appreciate it. The content isn’t stopping, it’s just a matter of me uploading, so rock with me. This post is all about a super quick Valentine’s gift that I gave to my sisters and my brother. It can really work for anytime of year and most importantly, it doesn’t break the bank.

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Valentine’s Day Craft Stash

I have been enjoying rummaging through my craft stash and using what I’ve accumulated whether it was given to me or I scored it on clearance. I thought that I could start somewhat of a mini series sharing what I have for specific holidays or more seasonal items. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I have found a new YouTuber that I love, CraftingwithLiller, and she has amazing DIYs. On top of that I am now planning daily to use more of my stash (I was inspired to try that out by KeyKreates on Instagram). So with me back in my zone of creating, I wanted to share what I have in my stash.

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Plan With Me | Valentine’s Week

Cheers to another blog post. This post is my official Valentine’s week spread. I don’t make a plan with me every single week, but for a special occasion like this plus I have a busy week, it’s worth documenting. I decided to stick to a sticker sheet that I found at Hobby Lobby and pull in other tid bits here and there. I don’t have a Valentine’s Etsy kit to use this time around so this will do.

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Valentine’s Day Lookbook | Day to Night

Valentine’s Day is a few days away and you could be planning for a huge date, a night out with your friends, or relaxing at home. Whatever your plans, these outfits are great for someone planning last minute. No, you do not need to go out and buy an outfit when I’m pretty sure you have plenty of options in your closet.

These looks are simple to create and even if you planned on shopping for these items, they can be worn more than once. I love outfits that while they may have been purchased for a particular occasion, you can mix and match them year round. The looks below show how you can transform a day outfit to a night outfit in a matter of minutes.

UntitledLook 1 (Day) is the most casual out of the four and is great if you are running errands, hanging out with friends, or going on a casual date with that special someone. My favorite part of this look is definitely the shoes. I’m in love with the fringe VANS and while they are trendy there’s so many outfits you can create with them. As far as further layering I’d pair a bomber jacket to keep it super casual. Links to items are below:

Look 1 (Night) is the quickest and easiest way to dress up an outfit. Throw on a pair of pumps, and a different coat. I went with black pumps and a black long coat for this look. Also for the bag, use a black clutch. Lastly for a layered affect, add a sweater on top of the denim. I really love the look a sweater layered with any type of collared shirt. Super simple to turn the day time outfit in to a night outfit in a matter of minutes.

As for jewelry with both of these looks, for the day one that is more casual you could do a statement necklace if you choose or you can just go with rings. For the night option a nice watch would do. Links to items featured are below:

Look 2 (Day) is more dressed up, but it’s great for brunch with friends that can later lead to a date night. I went for a calf length body con dress with a slit on the side. I love the style of these dresses and they’re ultra sexy being at the calf length opposed to shorter. If you’re in a warmer climate you could easily pair this dress with a pair of converse or Nikes and call it a day, but if you’re in the colder climate I’d go for knee high boots day and night. For the day, simply put on a pair of black knee high boots and tie a flannel around your waist. Cute, yet casual. I loved how Ayesha Curry styled this look.

Look 2 (Night) is when you have to take this dress and up the ante. Regardless how cold it is, I love the strappy heels for this dress. You can pair it with the same black coat from Look 1 and the clutch. Having an all black look makes it easier for your makeup or if you’re just into a bold lip. This look has two options of shoes and the others are thigh high boots. Links to items featured are below:

Turning an outfit from day to night does not take much time. You’re really keeping the outfit the same, just layering here and there. A lot of these pieces can be worn more than once and do not have to be limited to just a Valentine’s Day purchase. Keep it simple and if you do plan on buying an outfit, buy something that’s interchangeable and will go a long ways in your wardrobe.

I don’t wear makeup often, but I love a bold lip. Below are a few of my favs that you can find just about anywhere. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Plan With Me | Valentine’s Week

I have been waiting to create this spread since I purchased the FabulouslyPlanned January Mystery kit. This is a very special week being that Valentine’s Day is my anniversary, so I wanted to go all out with this spread. I absolutely love how it turned out and this is and official, official ‘no white space’ layout. Check out my spread from last week below:


Creating this spread was a lot of fun and I had plenty of stickers to use in this spread. I did want to leave some left over for a spread I have coming at the end of the month, but there were a lot of stickers in this kit. The great thing about this mystery kit opposed to others is that you can get more than one use out of them. From the lists to half boxes and headers, there’s plenty left over for next time which will be a feathers theme.


I’ve added additional stickers from my stash to the spread, but I wanted to share what it looked like with just the kit and no ink. To achieve the ‘no white space’ I went back to washi. I was debating on whether or not I wanted to add scrapbook paper in certain areas, but I just cut the half boxes when I needed to and used the washi to fill in.

One trick that’s used a lot in planner videos is to put a strip of washi on the top and bottom and then putting a half box between the two. It instantly eliminates any white space. I did this quite a bit in this spread being that it didn’t come with any full boxes.

While I prefer full boxes, working with half boxes wasn’t bad at all. Again, I relied a lot on the washi tape to fill in the gaps and it was easy to cut the half boxes to maximize what I had.

Next week I’ll be using stickers Target One spot stickers to create a spread. I’v been having fun experimenting with washi tapes of all sizes plus page flags. Remember, planning is not meant to be difficult. Do not get overwhelmed by the various planer spreads you see. Use your own creativity and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Stickers/washi used:



Project Pre-K: Valentine’s Day

Welcome to another edition of my Project Pre-K series. I really love creating projects for children and in doing so I draw a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. From there I put my own twist on the project taking it a step further.

It’s February so a Valentine project was a must. I loved the holiday projects that the kids made and they stayed up throughout December and January. The Valentine project took little to no time to create and cut out for the kids and it can work beyond Valentine’s day.

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OOTD #13: Happy Valentines Day + VDay Mix

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Today is a really gloomy day in the tri-state so my outfit matched the weather outside. I still love the beauty of snow. I don’t have major plans for today so I spent it hanging out with my sisters. My outfit is super simple and features items I have hauled here on the blog before. Outfit details under the pic. Plus check out my V-Day Playlist below with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Hat – H&M
Coat – North Face
Scarf – Homemade
Purse – SammyDress
Sweater – Old Navy
Jeans – Forever 21
Boots – JustFab


Video Review: Mariah Carey, ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’ + Remix

I’ll be honest and say that I was hopeful in hearing that Mariah and Trey were collaborating again, but I do not like this song. This is the second collab that Mariah’s done with an R&B singer I LOVE and it just doesn’t meet expectations or the hype.

I’m not sure why two videos had to be released. The videos are exactly the same. Trey is featured in the initial one, he’s just not singing. I wish that there was more story to it than just her floating in and out water like it’s a remake of ‘Fantasy.’ I’m not counting Mariah out. I won’t count her out until I’ve heard her upcoming album in it’s entirety. The song isn’t horrible, but it won’t be on my rotation. Not impressed. I will say that I like this collab better than the one with Miguel. That track just didn’t do it for me vocally or visually.

Check out both videos below:

MMF Valentine’s Day Playlist

I’ve compiled a playlist of some of my favorite love songs. They’re in no specific order just some of my personal favs. ENJOY!

Be sure to check out Billboards article, 20 Best Love Songs by Real-Life Couples and a piece I worked on last Valentine’s Day at Billboard, Top 50 ‘Love’ Songs: The Word Cloud