This Week In Music (V. 37): Video Mash-Up

Cheers to knocking out another week and cheers to Summer! Before we get into music news, click the links below for posts of the week:

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This Week In Music (V.35): Florence + The Machine, King Kylie, & More

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Music. Be on the lookout for MAJOR changes coming to the blog. I’ll save that for another post. Check out what’s been posted this week below:

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Sound Off: Kardashian Krew VS. Amber Rose

I’ve been debating how I wanted to discuss ALL the drama that’s happened this week via social media and what’s come up in recent interviews concerning the Kardashian Krew (including Ye and Tyga) and Amber Rose. So here’s my take on the drama and where it all stems from, the 8 year age difference between Tyga and Kylie Jenner. Continue reading “Sound Off: Kardashian Krew VS. Amber Rose”

Video Review: Chris Brown x Tyga, ‘Ayo’

Chris-Brown-x-Tyga-AYO-2015-1200x1200-300x300Chris Brown and Tyga will be releasing the follow-up to their 2010 mixtape, Fan of a Fan, but instead of Fan of a Fan 2 mixtape, it will be an actual album. No special name for the album just, Fan of a Fan: The Album. I did enjoy their mixtape and ‘Deuces’ was a huge success and I also loved Tyga’s flow on ‘I’m So Raw.’ This time around I’m not sure how the music will sound as both artists have grown over the past 5 years. I’m not really feeling this single and as for the video, I wasn’t expecting much.

So the concept of the video from the beginning is a battle between Chris and Tyga of who has the most outlandish possessions, to put it nicely. Chris Brown takes a pic of a money pool and sends it to Tyga while switching to Tyga receiving the picture as his throne toilet is being put in along with a tiger strolling around his house. The beat drops and it the concept gets even more sporadic from there.

Photo Cred: Tumblr

There’s no scene of Tyga on his “throne”, but Chris is floating around on a gold bed with chicks floating around him. They do pay homage to ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems.’ I see Chris as Diddy with the over the top dancing and Tyga would be Mase. Similar attire, just no metallic sweat suits. There’s also a scene with the two sitting in what appears to be Tyga’s house, Tyga’s rapping and girls are fencing behind them. Then there’s a typical Cali scene with bikes in the back and more chicks and more cars. Chris sings exactly what the video is about, both him and Tyga being bougie. That’s their style.

Other scenes included the two racing each other, Fast & Furious scene, and to add foolery to the foolery, Mike Epps makes a cameo. I do find it funny that he called Tyga, tigger, and that he called both of them light skin Bruno Mars (bleep). There was even not to Chris’ recent jail stint and how he needs to be serving community service. The video ends with the two dancing on top of the building in fur coats and final scene is Mike Epps tracking them down. Thank goodness there was no “To Be Continued…”

Overall the video is what I would expect from Chris Brown and Tyga. Chris Brown could come up with some creative stuff, but they’re rapping about chicks and what not and it’s really the two of them just stunting against each other. I mean I guess it’s better than the generic club concept, but it was a lot going on.

Fan of a Fan: The Album is set to be released February 24th with 12 tracks and features from Ty Dolla Sign, 50 Cent, Pusha T, Schoolboy Q and more. The two will hit the road along with Trey Songz on the ‘Between the Sheets Tour’ once Chris Brown has completed his community service.

Check out the video below:

Chris Brown x Trey Songz, “Between the Sheets Tour”

Yes, yes, YES it has been confirmed that Chris Brown and Trey Songz would be hitting the road together and the dates have been announced. The tour set to be titled “Between the Sheets” kicks off Decemeber 5th in Inglewood, California and ends in Vegas on March 7th.

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Splitsville: Why Celebrity Relationships Don’t Last

The world of a celebrity is a gratifying yet invasive lifestyle. It’s great to have people screaming and cheering your name, but there’s also no privacy at all. It’s clear with the latest leaking of celeb nude pics that there is no privacy, but that one just takes the cake. Social media has evolved into this world that sucks you in and you can’t get enough. Everyone has an opinion. People leave filthy comments to celebs whether it be on Twitter or Instagram. Everyone has something to say. That was one of the reasons of why I started my blog, to voice my opinion. There’s also a way to do it and not be malicious.

FullSizeRenderIn the latest of celeb breakups, one of my fav couples was rumored to be getting a divorce, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. I absolutely love the two of them together, but as much as I do I do not know their life. Fans and social media creepers know what is presented. They know what is glorified whether it be Wiz in a picture with a bong or another chick or Amber twerking. There’s always something wrong, always. Well as much as I hate for them to be over, Amber did release a statement via Twitter confirming that the TMZ rumors were true.

This leads to the topic and question, why can’t celebrity relationships last? There are two types of extremes of the relationships. There are the ones that get together really fast and they either take the step of getting married or they can’t get past the engagement before breaking up. Then there are those that stay together for 10+ years before breaking up. For instance, take Kris and Bruce Jenner. Most might say that the power and fame of KUWTK is what drove the two apart, but again we don’t know their lives. They could’ve been headed for divorce ages ago, but now that their youngest Kylie is 17 and she’s old enough to understand, they could just be going their separate ways.

As for the couples that get together without getting to really know each other is what baffles me. No, it’s true, we (as in social media stalkers) might not know how long people have known each other. Take Ciara and Future, he stated in an interview with Wendy Williams that they had met years ago, he just never pursued. Now here it is they have a gorgeous son, they were engaged, now they’re not engaged, they’re working things out. Who the hell knows.

Then you can take Tyga and his baby mother/ex-fiance, Blac Chyna. I though there relationship was cute, but when you look at how long they had known each other, along with how young each of them are, it’s no surprise that they’re no longer together. To make that situation any stickier they’re linking Tyga to Kylie Jenner and it’s even shadier if that story were true as Chyna & Kim K are “friends”.

Moving on and getting back to the question, it really all boils down to TIME spent together. I think in order for a relationship to grow and flourish there needs to be a strong foundation before jumping into marriage or kids. yes, there are relationships that have lasted with getting to know each other along the way, but Hollywood divorce has a track record. Does anything really last? Granted, blogs add fuel to the fire, but time is of the essence and these celebs do not waste time shacking up.

Putting time aside, fame and power really switch up a person and can turn a relationship that was great into something else. Take Robin Thicke & Paula Patton. They had been together since they were teenagers and while Robin was doing pretty well in the music scene, ‘Blurred Lines’ took it to another level. I knew that the ship was about to sink after that scandalous performance with Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMAs. With success comes more time on the road, more exposure, and it can change a person. Look at Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo. This is another case of fame possibly being taken to the head as Jason Derulo has been riding high with the success of ‘Talk Dirty’ and ‘Wiggle’.It was just announced that the two had broken up after 3 years of what the public deemed, pure bliss. They were just coupled up at the VMAs, but again WE DON’T KNOW (Kanye voice) their lives.

Hopefully fans will stop gawking over these celebrities and thinking that everything is perfect. The only thing a celebrity has over the next person is a bigger connect and (depending on who the celeb is) an even larger income. Other than that they’re regular people. Regular people love and leave on a daily basis. No surprise celebs do too.

This Week In Music (V.15) – BET Awards 2014 [Review]

The 2014 BET Awards aired this past Sunday (6.29) and I’ve been waiting to give my take on the show for this edition of This Week In Music. Now I did NOT watch the entire show and I kept up with what was going on via Instagram but we will get into the winners that I chose in a previous post and my take on the performances. My initial post pre-BET awards were My Picks. To make it easier and to save from typing, I compared my pick to the actual winner. I didn’t do too shabby:


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This Week In Music (V.4): Video Overload #1

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Music. This is a weekly series that I have incorporated on my blog to highlight the music news of the week. Here are links to the other 3 volumes. Be sure to check them out:

Now for this week. There have been a ton of new music videos released this week so let’s get right into it. I blogged recently about the collab between Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar titled ‘It’s On Again’ for The Amazing Spiderman 2 soundtrack. I won’t go too much in depth with my thoughts on the track. Check my review here. As for the video it’s pretty basic. City lights and an edgy A. Keys. The song has a great vibe. Check out the video below:

Next up the Young Money collab (Tyga f/ Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne), ‘Senile.’  I will say that I’m not really a fan of the whole Young Money project, Rise of an Empire, in general. I haven’t really liked anything released from the project aside from the popular ‘Trophies’ and ‘Lookin Ass’. As for the video, it’s like walking into different vortexes and what not. Tyga is dancing with the Jabawockeez then getting his Zen on with a couple hippies. Nicki is a thug, no surprise, and does her thing in Moschino attire with a Barbie stomach tatttoo. Then for Mr. Young Money himself, Lil Wayne, he’s rapping while having dinner with a family of hillbillies.Not really sure of video concepts anymore. Not surprised as far as concepts because Young Money videos never make sense to me. Check out the video below:

Next up we have Estelle with her video for her raunchy track, ‘Make Her Say (Beat It Up)‘. Although the song is very different for Estelle I do like the concept she had with the video. It was more documentary style by showing different couples and zoning in a little bit on their sex life and highlighting them in the video than herself. I guess that makes it more real and personal. I was expected Estelle to be getting down & dirty with this one, but this concept works for TV. Watch the video below:

August Alsina released his debut album, Testimony, this week and in last week’s This Week In Music I posted about his collab with Fab. After listening to the album I have my favs and will be doing a My Top 5 soon. As for the video I will say it’s a pretty basic strip club video. I mean he’s a singer with a rapper talking about money. I’m so not surprised. Take a look below:

I have been hearing this ANNOYING song on the radio for weeks and when I saw that there was a video released I was surprised to know that it was Mack Wilds. I absolutely love ‘Own It‘ and his album (New York: A Love Story) was decent for it being his debut. He teams with French Montana, Mobb Deep, and Busta Rhymes for this video that seemed to be inspired by the Craig Mack Flava In Ya Ear video. Looks pretty basic & boring to me. I guess I see where it was going, it just didn’t work. Check out the video ‘Henny (Remix)’ below:

Boy oh boy is this an interesting collab. Major Lazer teams up with Pharrell for the track ‘Aerosol Can.’ Let me just say that there’s no genre Pharrell can’t do. As for the video Major Lazer is no stranger to bringing out the creativity. This is more so of a lyric video with certain words being animated and there’s an artist drawing everything out. I love the simplicity of the video being that it doesn’t take away from the song. Check out the vid below:

Be sure to tune in next week for another edition of This Week In Music. Until next time…