2015 BET Awards Highlights

Another award show has come and gone and as much as I convinced myself that I wouldn’t be watching this years BET Awards, I ended up watching. The show was hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson with a whole bunch of fluff and mediocre performances in between.
I won’t touch base on every performance, but let’s get into my favorites.

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Single Review: Janet Jackson, ‘No Sleep’

Janet Jackson is a music legend with 10 albums, 6 Grammy’s and a multitude of other awards. She’s lived up to her famous family name and has set the bar high for ladies following in her footsteps. It was announced that she’d be making a return and fans get their first taste of her comeback with her track ‘No Sleep.’

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This Week In Music (V.35): Florence + The Machine, King Kylie, & More

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Music. Be on the lookout for MAJOR changes coming to the blog. I’ll save that for another post. Check out what’s been posted this week below:

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April Favorites: TV Overload

It’s crazy to think that we’re entreating the 6th month of 2015. Half of the year is almost over. Time to get into my favorites for April. I didn’t have many music favorites, but I’ve caught up and discovered new shows along.  Plus, can’t forget my YouTube obsession. Enough rambling, let’s get into it.

Music Favs:

I’ve been getting into planning & organization, hence the frequent “Spicy Saturday” posts and I can’t stop watching videos from these YouTubers:

Moving on to TV, I am in STRONG dislike of Shonda Rhimes for killing off McDreamy. No I was not always an avid Grey’s Anatomy watcher, but I knew enough to keep up. That episode of when she killed him off was so emotional, especially with Snow Patrol’s, ‘Chasing Cars,’ playing in the background as every machine was turned off. Then when he took his last breath?! Such an emotional episode. It’s about time for that show to end in general.

On the other side of Shondaland, I would have lost it if she would’ve killed off McDreamy and Jake in the same night. Scandal has been a hit & miss for me, but this month I’ve been watching and this back and forth between Olivia and Papa Pope is interesting. I mean interesting as in Olivia thinking she has one over on her dad and then he comes in and shuts everything down. Can’t wait for the final two episodes of the season.

A new show that I discovered this month was NCIS: New Orleans. Where the hell was I when the show began in September of last year? Clearly under a rock. I haven’t been into much of NCIS of the Los Angeles spinoff, but for some reason I’m really enjoying this one. Interestingly enough, CSI: Cyber has kept my attention as well.

Moving on from crime/drama/heartbreak I can’t forget to mention one of my favorite shows, The MiddleWhile I enjoy other comedies on TV this one always lures me in. My favorite character? Sue. Poor girl can never catch a break.

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Video Review: Tinashe, ‘All Hands On Deck’

Tinashe has released a new video for her track ‘All Hands On Deck’ off her debut album, AquariusShe had much success with her single, ‘2 On,’ but she hasn’t made quite the buzz on the radio. She did have a little something something as she was featured on the ‘Jealous (Remix)’ with Nick Jonas which had a lot of airplay. I couldn’t resist doing a review of this track. It’s catchy and so far it has over 1.2 million views on YouTube. That’s amazing for it being released this week.

tumblr_nmkd4gOxZs1tth6oko1_400The video has that semi-grunge feel to it. She has this thing of being “overly sexy.” It’s as if she’s trying so hard. The touching, the extra moving. She even channeled Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love.’ The video really picks up when she starts dancing in the storage units. The  choreography wasn’t bad and she was killing it. There were six other dancers in the surrounding units. It was a dope scene and made for great pictures.

tumblr_nmkd4gOxZs1tth6oko2_400The second part of the video she switched it up a little bit and had a dark ballerina vibe. Again the choreography was on point. At first I thought it was a bit redundant, especially with the arm swinging that kept happening like every other word, but it did switch up a little bit. That arm swinging just happened to be the signature of the routine. Production wise it was great. It was very entertaining to watch.

She’s sining about a broken heart and how the old her is “dead and gone.” I kept listening over and over trying to figure out what the lyrics had to do with the vibe of this video.This video didn’t feature a love interest and while I do enjoy videos that stay with the track, this vision works. Having a love interest and then breaking into dance would be the oh so traditional route. She’s coming into her own as an artist, person, etc. She’s showing viewers a side they’ve never seen of her. For a newcomer you’re under constant ridicule and someone always has something to say, but she definitely slated in this video.

tumblr_nmev1ajfQ91sk0vqbo2_250As for her attire, I really liked the outfits they put together; even the foil looking jacket near the end. The high-waisted shorts she had in the beginning of the video with the crop top was my favorite look. I also think she looks great with the darker hair.

I really enjoyed the video and this track has been on rotation since it released. There’s videos that can make a track and for me this one did. I had not listened to her album, but there’s no denying that this track is HOT! Hell, even Kanye likes it.

I had watched her performance of ‘2 On’ on Wendy Williams and compared to her performance on Conan of her latest single you can see the growth. She’s a lot more comfortable and she doesn’t sound winded. I was anticipating her vocals to be off compared to the performance I had seen, but it was good performance. I could see this track creeping its way on radio. The music just has that current radio vibe so above all else, that’s a sure way for it to make it. Looks like she has another Summer buzz coming her way. The remix features Iggy Azalea, but I prefer the track as is. It’d be nice for her to have a track that’s just her, no features taking over the radio.

Check out the video below:

Tinashe, Aquarius, Artwork + Tracklist


Tinashe will be releasing her debut album, Aquarius, October 7th and the artwork, release date, and track listing have been confirmed. The album will feature 18 track including her lead single, ‘2 On’, featuring Schoolboy Q. In addition to ‘2 On’, the album will feature and her latest single ‘Pretend’ featuring A$AP Rocky (CLICK HERE for review). Check out the tracklisting below:

  1. ‘Aquarius’
  2. ‘Bet’ (feat. Devonté Hynes)
  3. ‘Cold Sweat’
  4. ‘Night Fall’ (Interlude)
  5. ‘2 On’ (feat. Schoolboy Q)
  6. ‘How Many Times’ (feat. Future)
  7. ‘What Is There To Lose’ (Interlude)
  8. ‘Pretend’ (feat. A$AP Rocky)
  9. ‘All Hands on Deck’
  10. ‘Indigo Child’ (Interlude)
  11. ‘Far Side of the Moon’
  12. ‘The Calm’ (Interlude)
  13. ‘Feels Like Vegas’
  14. ‘Thug Cry’
  15. ‘Deep In The Night’ (Interlude)
  16. ‘Bated Breath’
  17. ‘Wild Night’
  18. ‘The Storm’ (Outro)

Listen to ‘2 On’ and ‘Pretend’ below:


This Week In Music [V. 22]: Track Overload #3

Here’s another edition of This Week In Music. As always, be sure to click the links (in bold) throughout the post. Check out what’s been covered this week thus far below:

Now let’s get into the new music that I didn’t cover this week.

With all the police brutality happening across the country lately, there have been countless artists to voice their frustration through their music. There’s been Elle Varner’s, ‘One Love’; J. Cole, ‘Be Free’; Lauryn Hill, ‘Black Rage’B.o.B., ‘New Black; and other celebrities that have shown their support via various social media outlets. T.I. has released a track titled ‘New National Anthem’. He teams up with Skylar Grey and gives his take on everything that’s going on and contradicting what we are told are rights as people opposed to the hand that’s actually dealt.

I absolutely love the track from beginning to end. I hope this makes the cut for his new album, just because. Take a listen below:


Switching gears, Tinashe  has released a new single featuring A$AP Rocky, ‘Pretend’. This is much slower than her radio smash, ‘2 On’, but similar to her other track she’s teaming with another rapper. I’m not sure how this would do on urban radio, but it could make it’s way to like 92.3 or Z100. This track definitely show that her label doesn’t want to just keep her in the R&B box and trying to merge Pop into this project. I think the sound of ‘2 On’ was a great intro to her musicality, but we all know Pop wins in this day in age.  I would like to hear more music from her without any hip hop features. Her debut album, Âquarius, will hit stores October 17th.

Check out the track below:


Teyana Taylor has released the visual to ‘Maybe’ off her long-awaited debut album, VII. The track features Pusha T and Yo Gotti. The video is like a comic strip as she’s in three different personas. The black curly hair is Teyana Taylor, the red hair is Jacqueline Mercury, and the platinum grey Marilyn Monroe hair is Greyla Greenhouse. Interesting visual she displayed.

I would love to hear a upbeat track from her with a bomb visual being that she’s an amazing dancer. Hopefully she’ll drop one before her album drops.Her debut is set to be released October 21st. via G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam. Check out the video below:

Juicy J is back with another strip club track, ‘Low’, featuring Nicki Minaj, Lil Bibby, and Young Thug. The video is what I would expect from Juicy. Girls dancing around this time they’re just dancing around cars and motorcycles. It wouldn’t be a Juicy video without some twerking. Check out the video below:


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