Mini Target Haul

I was lucky enough to receive quite a bit of Target gift cards this year for Christmas, so I decided that I’d pick up some of the planner items that I’ve been wanting. The items were purchased from either the $1 spot or in the school section of the store.

The first Target that I went to had all of the Valentine’s items in stock which is a surprise for Targets in my area. It usually takes quite some time for my Target to get the new items in stock, but here it is days before Christmas and both Targets within 30 minutes of me have the Valentine’s items in stock.


I mentioned in my updated sticker collection that I planned on getting another mini binder to further divide my stickers. I wanted to separate ones that I would use frequently to those that are more seasonal. The binder I initially purchased was $3 and while I thought this one was $3 as well, it was actually $4. Still not bad for a mini binder. While I was in that same section I purchased the Paper Mate Flair pens and the roll on white out. I’m so happy that I bought the Flair pens because they do not bleed through on the Happy Planner pages.


In the Dollar Spot I found the Christmas page flags and the new line that came out as well. I hope to find more before everyone snatches up the new line. I also picked up a donut sticky pad set and my favorite of all would be the heart sticker book and robots.


The heart sticker book will be great throughout the entire month of February whether it’s in the monthly spread or in the weekly views. I might even do a panda spread with those stickers because they’re so stinking cute. For my fellow readers that follow my planner posts, expect to see these stickers in my spreads come September.

Again I didn’t pick up much because I really have a lot of list pads, pens, sticky notes already, which I shared in my Ikea Raskog set up. It’s nice to add seasonal things, but even though the stationery is only $1, I don’t need nor do I use it all. I’ve found a new love for the page flags which I’ll snag if I find them in stock, but that’s about it.

Spicy Saturday [V. 13]: My Target Dollar Spot Obsession

I haven’t added to my ‘Spicy Saturday’ series (click HERE for other posts)  in a while, but I wanted to get back to it because I love sharing things I find that aren’t music or fashion/beauty related. This series allows me to do just that. This time around I wanted to talk about my obsession with the Target Dollar Spot. Now if you hashtag this on Instagram you will see people not only buying the same list pads in bulk (which is great if you plan to gift), but they’re also either trading/swapping or selling. Now trading with someone else is one thing, but to sell something for $2/$3 PLUS shipping on something that costs $1 just isn’t worth it to me.

I have been perusing the section for quite some time. I mean who doesn’t love things for $1. It’s quick to accumulate, but I have been loving the stationery. I’m not on a planner kick as I was last year (click HERE to check out what planner I used), but I am all for making lists. What I’ve started to do is make daily lists and by the end of the week what I didn’t accomplish daily I add to a weekend list. So far it’s working out and I’m feeling accomplished because I get sidetracked way too easily. Here’s what I’ve accumulated thus far:


It looks like a lot, but compared to what I’ve seen my “collection” is small. I’m done purchasing for now. Well, I’m on the hunt for one more thing that I have yet to find at my local Target(s), BUT after my latest trip, I’m done sweeping the shelves.