Sound Off: Unbreak My Heart

Toni Braxton‘s biopic, ‘Unbreak my Heart,‘ aired last night on Lifetime and I absolutely loved it. This biopic was spot on with the casting, the music was great as usual, and fans were able to learn more about Toni. There shouldn’t be much controversy with this one being that it’s from Toni’s perspective. Due to that alone, this biopic cannot be compared to the Whitney Houston biopic that aired last year.

Toni Braxton’s struggles and triumphs were highlighted in the movie. I loved that it started with her with her sisters in Maryland instead of jumping right into her career. It was decent amount of time spent showing her journey from Maryland to Atlanta than her just jumping into the spotlight. I also loved the foreshadowing at the beginning with her performing on stage before falling ill and then it cut to her and her sisters singing.

Multi platinum artist with such an amazing voice. The awards, millions sold, bringing her sisters along to experience it with her. Then there were her struggles from filing bankruptcy twice, divorcing, being diagnosed with Lupus, and her son being diagnosed with Autism. Most fans knew those things about her, but what I didn’t know was that she had an abortion. With the title being ‘Unbreak My Heart’ of course there was a to of heartache to be expected.

You don’t sell sex, you sell pain.

Toni Braxton is a Libra and as a fellow Libra I can see why she put so much on her plate. She was able to provide opportunities for her family and for her entire crew. She paid out of pocket for a lot which led to her first bankruptcy, but it was clear in the movie that she should’ve focused on the contract. The thing is being young and having a opportunity to sing your heart out and have Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and a Porshe supplied, who would care about the contract?

She put a lot of pressure on herself and it wasn’t something that she could really help. It was in her to do that. Libras love helping other people and unfortunately forget about themselves. Making everyone else happy would in turn make her happy, right? It’s just that in trying to please others she hurts herself keeping it all bottled in. Also as the oldest she had to hold it all together, continue to provide for her family, and perform for her fans.

Guilt! Guilt was said a lot and guilt drove a lot of her decisions. She might have wanted to leave her sisters behind and focus solely on her career and hire whoever as background singers, but she couldn’t. From her mom constantly pressuring her about it and she made a promise to her sisters that she’d be back, she had no other choice. As she tried to keep a happy face for others she ignored problems within herself. She didn’t want to stop working because so many depended on her and all that did was hurt her in the end.

Everything really started to spiral after she was diagnosed with Lupus. She was dealing with her own sickness, trying to be a wife and mom, and still a performer. She has not only her sisters looking up to her, but she had her two boys to provide for and her fans expected her to provide an amazing performance. With her song being diagnosed with Autism she adjusted her schedule, somewhat, so that she could take the boys to school. All she really did was add more to her plate being that although she was a mom during the day she performed 5 nights out of the week.

She had a heart attack in her home and then she passed out on stage. The heart attack should have been a signal for her to slow down, but again her guilt mixed with anxiety of letting everyone down didn’t allow her to rest. I don’t really blame the second bankruptcy on her, she fell ill which led to all the cancellations.

Toni did not disrespect her ex-husband in any way in this film and that’s admirable. Sometimes when people get divorced they make themselves look great and the other person seem like a monster. They just fell a part and in life that happens.

Overall I loved the biopic and the vocals were amazing. I wish there would’ve been a little more singing, but she was able to get majority of her life in there up until the current time. Kudos for that. Listen to my favorites from Toni Braxton below:

This Week In Music (V. 33): New Music Overload + More

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Music. Sorry for my absence last week. Check out my posts below over the course of the past 2 weeks:

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Single Review: Tamar Braxton, ‘If I Don’t Have You’

tamar-iidhyTamar Braxton is ready to release another album and for those who have ever questioned her vocal ability, she slays with a her new single, ‘If I Don’t Have You.’ I first heard her singing this in a video on Instagram. I thought she was just singing a song that’s been released already, yet I couldn’t pin point what it was. Well it was her new single that, if nothing else, showcases Tamar’s vocal ability tremendously.

Overall I think that ballads are her lane, but she’s singing about the same thing over and over. Love and War’ (click HERE for review) was about fighting to stay together. ‘The One’ was about not wanting anybody else. Her last single with Future, ‘Let Me Know’ (click HERE for that review), had a similar concept. You love and then you want to leave, yet you end up working things out. I get that this is what couples go through. I get it! I’m just ready to hear her singing about something else. No, I’m not talking “pop it” music like on her previous album, but something different. Lyrically, I’m bored.

Musically the drums in the beginning remind me of Love & War. In a way, the tracks are very similar and if this is a way to get her back to the forefront aside from her TV slots then so be it.I would love to hear a track with her and Toni on her new album and then another with all her sisters; both I prefer to be ballads. I’d love to hear her do a duet with a guy. Her feature on Robin Thicke’s ‘4 The Rest of My Life,’ was real nice (listen HERE for that).

Aside from gearing up for her new album you can catch her co-hosting on The Real as well as the new season of Braxton Family Values. Both shows I need to catch up on. Cheers for more Tamar music.

Check out the track below:

Then & Now Thursday (V.5) — Celeb Couples: Love & Breakups

There’s been  a lot of love and lack of love throughout the years between celeb couples. In this special pre-Valentine’s Day edition of Then & Now, I’ll be showing some of my favorite couples.

Of course there are DAILY rumors on whether the couples are really in love or not, cheating scandal, and my personal fav the woman destroying something. Me personally? I don’t know them so I can’t say anything. From what they display, it’s love. There’s also Mariah & Nick, Brangelina, John Legend & Christine Teigen, Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo, Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel AND MORE! Then there are the veterans that have 20+ years of marriage such as: President Obama and Michelle, Denzel Washington and Pauletta, Bill Cosby and Camilly, and others.

As for break-ups? Well there’s Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. Jessica is now in a relationship with football player Eric Johnson and Nick is married to Vanessa Minnillo. Speaking of Simpsons, Ashlee Simpson is engaged to Evan Ross, but once upon a time was married to Pete Wentz. Then there was my all time fav couple Usher & Chilli. Infidelity was clear in that relationship with Usher pouring out his life on Confessions. Usher got married and then divorced and Chilli seems to still be on the hunt for Mr. Right. Then there’s the celeb cycles as I like to call them. There’s those celebrities that just seem to always constantly be looking for love and one name always rings a bell: Jennifer Lopez. Basically all of her relationships have been in the media from her high profile relationships with Diddy and Ben Afleck to 3 failed divorces J. Lo has always been in the spotlight.

In ‘Hollywood’ life it’s like love doesn’t seem to last forever. I commend those who stand the test of time in a world where breakups/divorce are the plague.

Single Review: Robin Thicke, ‘4 The Rest Of My Life (Remix)’

This was quite a surprise to see as I was browsing for material for the blog and new music to get into. I’m a fan of both Robin & Tamar and I love how their voices compliment each other. No this is no Babyface/Toni collab, but the range in voices are completely different and I think that Robin & Tamar are on the same level vocally for this remix to not be over the top. I love the original, but I love the flat that Tamar adds. It’s not too much and it adds a different take to it, just in time for Valentine’s Day. I wish these two were going on tour together, but Tamar wrapped up her initial tour with John Legend and Mr. Thicke is about to hit the road with K. Michele. I would love to hear more music with these two. Lovely remake.