This Week In Music (V.35): Florence + The Machine, King Kylie, & More

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Music. Be on the lookout for MAJOR changes coming to the blog. I’ll save that for another post. Check out what’s been posted this week below:

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Video Reviews: T-Pain, Reginae Carter

T-Pain has cut the dreads and is back with another track which in my opinion does not match the caliber of ‘Up Down’. He’s back with more of a ballad titled, ‘Love Suicide’. The song discusses how he’s with this girl and then all of a sudden she changes and he assumes she’s cheating which is revealed int he video that she is instead it’s not with a man, it’s with a woman. He’s standing on top of a building outside of her apartment window contemplating on committing suicide as ‘people’ look on and try to catch photos/videos on their phones. The song isn’t horrible, but the video is. Everything about the video is fake. It’s not believable and T-Pain keeps dancing to the beat. Acting is CLEARLY not his forte. Then he gets this rapper to come in near the end of the song and he’s dancing outside of her window to the beat, yet again. It’s just not believable. The cuts in and out from him on top of the building is just sloppy. The concept could’ve gone somewhere, but it didn’t. The video gets a thumbs down from me, but the song is pretty cool. Not a radio hit, but it’s good.

Check out the video below:

In the latest edition of ‘Weezy Wednesdays’, Lil Wayne spotlights his daughter and her latest single ‘Mind Goin Crazy’. After reading comments on blogs and YouTube, people are going a bit too hard on the 15-year-old. I know, I know. Her father is Lil Wayne, she’s surrounded by greats, BUT at the end of the day it’s her music and her sound. Now this is not a hit like Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair’ which is one I’ve seen her compared to musically with this single. I think it’s great that she’s experimenting even though her singing is infused with auto-tune. I think it’s great that she has a platform to do so and yes there are youngsters with better vocals, better rhymes that do not have a father by the name of Lil Wayne, but this girl seems to have her head on straight. To me she seems like a very bubbly person from what she shows on Instagram and at the age she is she has every right to be care free.

Now the video and song is what I can see high schoolers bumping to as in they all seem to be ‘Reginaetors’. I wouldn’t say it’s horrible, but at certain points I am trying to piece together what she is saying because not all of it makes sense. I guess she got that from her daddy. I’m not counting her out just yet as this is just her first single. Who knows what’s to come next.

Overall, it’s nice to see that her project is coming to the light and not just talk that she’s signed to Young Money. There’s actually a product now. She’s teamed with Hairfinity and her album is set to be called Being Reginae. Check out her video and Hairfinity webisode below:


This Week In Music (V.8): Track Overload

There’s been quite a bit of new tracks released this past week and I thought what better way to give my input on all of them than just to do a MASSIVe post with new music & my thoughts. Sounds good? Great. Here we go.

So there’s been a fe remixes released this week. I won’t go in depth with a  review of those so just check those out below: ‘Loyal (Chris Brown) ‘ , ‘Yayo’ (Snootie Wild) , and ‘Up Down’ (T-Pain).

It’s been seven years since T-Pain has hit the music scene and his signature is all about clubs & liquor. His new track, ‘Drankin Patna’, is a bit slower than ‘Up Down’ and of course it’s auto tuned infused. The song overall is ok. I’m just SO OVER the strip club songs that hit the radio waves. I will say that T-Pain has stay true to the music he produces solo wise. Lyrically it’s nothing special.

I recently reviewed Trey Songz new video, ‘Smartphones’, and as he gears up to release his sixth studio album he’s back with another track ‘Foreign’. Now I hated ‘Na Na’. It’s annoying after awhile and lyrically Trey can do better. Then came ‘Smartphones’ which I actually like. I prefer ballads from Trey Songz. Now he’s up to bat with ‘Foreign’ and eh, it’s a toss up for me. I’m just not feeling the direction that this project is going. Lyrically he could do SO MUCH BETTER! I like the beat though. Anyway, his album Trigga is set to be released July 1st and when you pre-order it on iTunes you’ll get ‘Na Na’, ‘Smartphones’, ‘Foreign’, and ‘Change Your Mind’.

Now I haven’t liked a song that Mariah has put out, but her new one is catchy and sure to be a radio fave. ‘Thirsty’ features Rich Homie Quan.  It reminds me a lot of ‘Obsessed’ as far as concept. It sure fits this day in time with thirsty being the catchphrase. Listening past the lyrics I really like this beat. I really like this one. If you’re not interested in hearing Rich Homie Quan there is a version without him. I prefer it without him. This song is a bit of a reach for Mariah as she is really trying to get back on the airwaves which makes sense due to the lack of buzz around ‘#Beautiful’ and ‘You’re Mine’. Could this be what gets her there? Yes. Is Mariah a better artist than this? Yes. Am I looking for something more on her album? YES!

If that wasn’t enough Mariah released another rapper-assisted track, ‘You Don’t Know What To Do’ , this time alongside MMG’s Wale. This one has an old and new school feel. She debuted this live on the Today Show as a part of their summer concert series and vocally she sounded good, at certain spots. The performance wasn’t a great representation vocally as the studio version overpowered in many instances. This one is cool, but I like ‘Thirsty’ more. I’m interested in hearing the flow on her album. Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse hits stores May 27th.

M.I.A. released her remix to Beyonce’s ‘Flawless’ after tweeting.

Beyonce camp has not replied for months > SO HERE >

‘Baddygal’ is so M.I.A. and I’m happy she released this. Great track and THAT BEAT is dope. I love this!

Now for the RACHET release of the week: Tiny & Shekinah. Yes you read it right, Tiny & Shekinah. Now Tiny is a reputable artist in her own right and Shekinah is a great hairstylist in the A. They’re best friends, you can catch their antics on “T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle”. I never dreamed of these two getting on a track together. The tile? ‘Cut It Off’. I know that releasing music can be out of fun, to get a buzz, get a check, etc. Lyrically, come on. I find it quite funny, especially the hook.

It ain’t nothing to cut that d*** off.

Danity Kane has FINALLY released a new track. I quickly posted it a couple days ago, but never gave my take on it. First off, yes the group has gone initially from 5, to 4, and now 3 (Shannon, Aubrey, Dawn). Aundrea has announced her departure from the group which was to enjoy starting a family with her new fiancé. Congrats to her for that. DK3 released ‘Lemonade’ and samples Clipse ‘Grindin’ and in certain spots sounds like Eve’s ‘Who’s That Girl’. I like this and I can’t wait to hear more. I absolutely love Danity Kane and I really can’t wait to hear more. Nice track for a buzz.

Ariana Grande is back with yet another new track as her collab with Iggy Azalea, ‘Problem‘, storms the airwaves. ‘Boyfriend Material’ sounds a lot like Duffy’s ‘Mercy’, beat wise, and is a contrast to ‘Problem’. I will say that I like her original release ‘I Love The Way’ more than this one, but this beat works great with her voice. It doesn’t sound like she’s straining to sing. I’m interested in hearing how her debut album turns out.

Mustard on the beat hoe

DJ Mustard recently released a track off his upcoming debut, 10 Summers, but that doesn’t stop him from making beats. Jeremih gets one this time around on this track ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’ featuring YG . A lot of the beats are starting to sound the same. This sure does sound like Kid Ink/Chris Brown, ‘Show Me’. It’s really a slowed down auto-tune infused sample of Snap!’s ‘Rhythm Is a Dancer’. I like this one though. I would like a full album from Jeremih soon.

Lil Wayne is still working hard on his upcoming album, Carter V, and he’s released a new rack ‘D’Usse’. I like the vibe of this one and I’ve always been a sucker for Weezy’s punchlines. Take a listen below: