Chaotic Visions | Cocoa Twins

Black girl magic on deck with this edition of Chaotic Visions and Day 18 of BLOGMAS!  This is the final installment of 2017 and I am beyond happy to have shared the amazing stories of 9 phenomenal female entrepreneurs. I mean, who doesn’t love an all female cast! When I came up with the idea of Chaotic Visions in December of 2016 my purpose was to simply share the stories of women and their brands and what crazy idea they had to create them. Thankfully and successfully, in my opinion, I’ve been able to do just that.

This last go round for the year features Jamesha Bazemore of Cocoa Twins. As a planner girl, I’ve seen Jamesha’s designs on both Facebook and Instagram. I mean, plenty of people sell products. What makes Cocoa Twins so unique are the black faces that are on them. Hence why I said, BLACK GIRL MAGIC ON DECK! It’s not often you see a backpack with a black girl, a happy young brown girl on the front with bright colors and Afro puffs. Yes, there’s something for the boys as well. Still, this innovative collection is one that needs more shine. Let’s get to it!

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