Sound Off: Workplace Depression, Yes It’s Real

In September it will be a year since I’ve resigned from my full-time, salaried corporate job. While I’m freelancing and doing other things now and my pay fluctuates I don’t regret my decision. Why? Imagine walking into a place everyday that you couldn’t escape because it was your means of survival. You get a sick feeling each and every time you arrive, yet you stick around hoping it’ll change. Could it be workplace depression? Is your job actually a trigger? Is this possible?

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Sound Off: Gun Violence is Out Of Control

I’m writing this with a heavy heart. News just broke that rapper Nipsey Hussle, 33, was gunned down outside of his store today. Gunned down in broad daylight. A son, a father, a friend, gunned down – and for what? For what? Why is everyone so trigger happy these days yet there are no solutions to gun control?

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Sound Off: Are Black Friday Sales Worth It?

You may be wondering, what does Black Friday have to do with Chaotic Critic. Well, as someone that encourages you to be your best self by sharing my personal experiences, that encompasses all aspects of life. That includes impulsive spending.

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Sound Off: Serena Williams

Just a year after giving birth to a daughter, Serena Williams rallied her way back to the finals of the U.S. Open. Her win would have been the icing on the cake in comparison to where she was a year ago, fighting for her life. While the finals did not turn out the way most expected, the turn of events throughout the game is the topic of conversation.

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There’s not many artists that I get excited to see, but please believe Queen Bey is one of them. What better time to reminisce on her amazingly spectacular performance than now, weekend two of Coachella. Well, for people like me, NOCHELLA.

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