New Sia Album Coming Soon!

The 2015 Grammy AwardsI was excited to read that Sia had was working on new music and that her album would be released sometime this year. I had heard of Sia prior to the release of 1000 Forms of Fear, but that album (click HERE for my review) really made me fall in love with her music. What I did not know was that her portfolio was as lengthy as it was.

Sia is not a new artist although her smash ‘Chandelier’ has made her brand new in the United States. Her first album was released first album in 1997 so this claim to fame in the U.S. as an artist was her sixth album. She has worked with artist such as: Beyoncè, Rihanna, Kanye West, Flo Rida, Christina Aguilera, Eminem, and more. Six albums in and it took all this time to really notice just how awesome of an artist she really is. I had heard of her name moreso behind the scenes, but this album that I can’t stop raving about really made me take notice of her career.

In a recent interview with NMESia talked about why she released 1000 Forms of Fear:

“Basically, I put this out to get out of my publishing deal. I was planning to be a pop song writer for other artists. But my publishing deal was as an artist so I had to put one more album out. I didn’t want to get famous so I kept all the songs I wanted and had a lot of fun making it.”

As for her new album?

“I’m super productive. I have a full album ready to go and it’s much more pop,” she said. “I’m calling it This Is Acting because they are songs I was writing for other people, so I didn’t go in thinking ‘this is something I would say’. It’s more like play-acting. It’s fun.”

I love the title of the album because it coincides with what she’s putting out. If she were writing it for other artists clearly it’s not particularly how she feels. I’m curious to see if she’ll spill the tea on who she would actually write each song for. I’m excited that she’s doing something different with the album and I expect more radio hits from this project. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait long for her new release.

Video Review: Sia, ‘Elastic Heart’


Sia has released another visual from her album, 1000 Forms of Fear (click HERE to read album review), to the track ‘Elastic Heart.’ Before watching I was interested to see if the video would take the same interpretive dance route that ‘Chandelier’ took and I was right. As Sia is not in the video herself, she uses her videos to bring the songs to life. The track on the album did feature The Weeknd, but for the video it’s Sia singing alone.

The video began with a cage which reminded me of a wrestling match. Inside there were the two stars of the video, Shia LaBeouf and the same star of ‘Chandelier’ (click HERE for that review), Maddie Ziegler. The two are in nude attire which would cause for skepticism from certain viewers as Shia is 28 and Maddie is 12. Looking past that and sticking to the video there is a lot of thought behind it.

The cage itself becomes symbolic in the end of the video. It is seen as a bubble that a father and daughter are caught in when the relationship between the two is diabolical. It’s unhealthy and the little girl frights and fights as he tries to get closer and soothe her. As he gets closer she gets animalistic and tries to bite him. When reading more about Sia she discussed that she believed her father had Multiple Personality Disorder. That animalistic behavior was a result of that and her father continuously tried to calm her as she continued to fight him.

Mid video the tables turn and he tries to escape only she lays and calms. He thinks its safe enough to approach her yet she snaps yet again. She calms once more and eventually escapes the cage. Her father looks around to find himself alone and then she slips back in to try and save him. He had tried to get out once before, as mentioned, but he stayed for her. As she comes in and sits on his back that’s symbolic of her being the constant weight on his shoulders, but once she realized that she tries to get him out. She has found a way to get herself out, now she wants to help in.

Once she climbs down she takes his hand to walk out the cage, but and tries to pull him out, but he’s stuck. Looking past Shia might not being able to get through the bars it’s symbolic in her winning the battle and him being stuck within. The end of the video and the silence of her screams as she tries to pull him out and watching him limply stare into space was heart wrenching. He realized it was too late and her face knew it was too, but as she still wanted to try he knew his fate.

The video makes it seem as she’s the one that’s crazy, but it’s really her defense mechanism to him. She has to act a certain way to deal with all that he comes with.

Lyrically and musically the song is amazing. The lyrics explain why she cannot be broken down and how her heart is pretty much indestructible. Sia has a powerful voice, but as she murmurs in certain spots and keeps her voice low it puts emphasis on not only the words, but the overall emotion as well.

This video goes beyond the displays of a father/daughter relationship. It’s a symbol of any dysfunctional relationship where two people feel trapped and as one tries to help and the other continuously fights. The great thing about a video such as this is that it gives the viewer a chance to not only enter the world of the artist, but enter another world of their own. One viewer may take away something that another viewer may not. It’s all about perspective and videos that give that are pure art and is a job well done by the artist. Another visual slam dunk for Sia. As visual albums seem to be some type of a trend, this album could really be turned into a motion picture. Visually it would be absolutely amazing.

Despite what critics have said such as the video displaying pedophilia, the video is absolutely beautiful to me as I see the symbolism. Sia has countered those claims by explaining that Shia and Maddie are the only two she felt could execute her vision. Sia has already performed this song on Late Night With Seth Meyers back in June of last year and she will be performing the song again on January 17th on Saturday Night Live with Maddie taking the lead.

Check out the video below and feel free to leave your thoughts.


bruno-mars-wallpapers-1-0-s-307x512As quick as Libra season has come, it’s quickly passing by. As for today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUNO MARS! I remember the first time I heard Bruno on B.o.B.’s track, ‘Nothin’ On You’, and then I fell in love with his sound with his infectious track ‘Just The Way You Are‘. Since the release of Doo-Wops & Hooligans in 2010, Bruno has gone on to release another platinum album, Unorthodox Jukebox, and make his name on the charts, airwaves, and amongst the biggest award shows. He has won an astounding 13 ASCAP Pop Music Awards, 1 AMA, 1 BMA, 2 MTV VMAs, and 2 Grammy’s.

I can’t wait to hear what else Bruno has in store. CLICK HERE for my review of Unorthodox Jukebox and listen to my fav, ‘Locked out of Heaven’, below:


J. Hud Artwork + Release Date

jhudJennifer Hudson revealed last month (early July) that her third studio album would be tiled J. Hud. Her previous works include Jennifer Hudson and I Remember Me. The album will be released September 23rd. The track list thus far includes:

  • ‘I Can’t Describe’
  • ‘Walk It Out’
  • ‘It’s Your World’ (feat. R. Kelly)
  • ‘Dangerous’
  • ‘He Ain’t Going Nowhere’

Take a listen to the album sample below (via IAmJHud Soudcloud):



EP Review: A Place Like This


Canadian duo, Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ulllman, and OVO artist better known as Majid Jordan have released their EP,  A Place Like ThisThis is not the first EP the duo have released as a pair, but it is the first under Majid Jordan. Their first EP, Afterhours, was released on Soundcloud under the name Good People.

I love the feel of this EP. It starts off on this high note an then it gets slower and slower. ‘Forever’ and ‘All I Do’ are the two upbeat tracks and then it gradually gets slower with ‘Her’, ‘U’, and ‘A Place Like This’. I compare this EP to  like running a race. You start off fast and then you slow down once you lose momentum. You don’t stop running everything around you is just like a blur. That’s what this EP reminds me off. When you’re off in a trance and you’re stuck and everything is moving, but you. ‘A Place Like This’ reminds me of elevator music. Actually if you take out the lyrics, instrumentally this whole EP could be elevator music. I really like it and I’m interested in hearing a full length album from this duo. With Drake working on his new album I wonder if there will be another Majid Jordan feature.

Out of the five tracks my top picks are ‘Forever’ and ‘A Place Like This’.

Check out the video for ‘A Place Like This’ below:

Stream the EP below (via Spotify):

NEW MUSIC — August Alsina x Nicki Minaj, ‘No Love (Remix)’

20140721-181850-65930258.jpgAugust Alsina is no strangers to remix or collaborating with rappers and this time around he enlists the help of Nicki Minaj. This track has been teased for a couple weeks now and the full version has finally been released. I love August Alsina’s voice and this will definitely be making its way to the airwaves. August does his usual singing and Nicki takes a stab at singing before breaking into rapping. She really likes mixing the two. Her verse isn’t extremely long, but it’s definitely what the track needed to make it to the airwaves. Take a listen to the remix below:


Drake Announces New Album Title

ovoDrake has a lot on his plate, yet physically he’s been low on the radar. He has his smash hits ‘Believe Me’ and ‘Trophies’ all over the airwaves along with his other hits moving in and out of rotation daily. He hosts the ESPYs tonight (7.16) and he’s ready to take OVO to the next level and make it more than a catchphrase: OVO that’s major shit. 

Although he’s still #TeamYMCMB, Drake has a label of his own, OVO, under Warner Bros. and there’s two projects ready to be released: Majid Jordan and PARTYNEXTDOOR; both Canadian artists. Majid Jordan was featured on ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ and his debut EP, Place  Like This drops July 29th. Also on that date PARTYNEXTDOOR will be releasing his second project, PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO. Take a listen to his latest Drake collab, ‘Recognize’.

Drake is putting Canada int he forefront, so the question is, what’s with a new album? Well, Drake has announced that his fourth studio album will be titled, View From The 6. It’s in the very early stages of production, but based off the radio hits it’s going to be yet another one in the books for Drake.

EOxC6wUIf his heat in mid-July is any sign of what he has in store for August, then it’s going to be OVO everywhere. The 5th annual OVOFest takes place August 3rd & 4th in Toronto with Drake and Outkast headlining. Of course there will be tons of surprises. Not even a week later he hits the road for a 31 city tour with Lil Wayne for the collaborative tour, Drake v. Lil Wayne. I mentioned before that these two will be battling on stage going back and forth, hit for hit. That should be interesting for sure. Who knows, maybe Drake and Weezy will both drop something new. A better competition, pull a 50 v. Kanye and drop View From The 6 and Carter V on the same day.

Solange Covers Lucky Magazine + Talks Music, Life & More

Solange has been out and about since the infamous elevator incident that has become somewhat of shadow to not only her, but to her big sis Beyonce and brother-in-law, Jay Z. Well, she took to the pages of Lucky Magazine where she talked music, life, and the elevator incident.

solange-luckyWell, let’ get right to it. Here’s what she had to say about the fight in the elevator with Jay Z:

“What’s important is that my family and I are all good. What we had to say collectively was in the statement that we put out, and what we all feel peace with that.”

In other words, she’s not going to discuss the situation any further. We all saw the video yet as far as digging deeper into the situation, we’ll never know.

Not to be shadowed by her older sister, Solange has become more of a fashion symbol more so than for her music. Her music is a completely different sound that that of her sisters which I personally love. In the beginning of her career, when you listen to her earlier music, it wasn’t her. She didn’t really have a say so and I think that her 2008 album, Sol-Angel and The Hadley Street Dreams, really zoned in on her sound and the direction she wanted to go musically. Here’s what she said as far as dancing with Destiny’s child .

“I had no idea how to dance hip-hop at the time. I was trained in classical ballet! But it sounded chill and I was going to make a little weekly check and be with my whole family, so I said okay. I loved traveling. We were in Europe for a month, and that’s when my musical eyes opened up. There, Björk was on pop radio. She wasn’t some obscure underground thing like she was in America.”

An injury took her away from dancing and she went on to say,

“Dance had been my everything since I was a little girl and all of a sudden I couldn’t do it. Some beautiful things came out of that year but also some painful things. I started writing songs because I had all of these emotions that were so real.”


On the direction of her upcoming album:

My last EP, True, was about the overall vibe—the message was fun. This one, I really want you to hear what I’m saying. I want you to hear me.


It wouldn’t be an interview without mentioning her life as a mother. Here’s what she shared.


I think about all of those phases that I went through and the ridicule and whatever that I experienced. And I can’t think of one time where I ever felt like I was going to break. That’s because I had confidence instilled in me by my parents. They didn’t always like it—in fact, most of the time they didn’t—but they never asked me to change.


Check out more pics from the shoot below and head over to for the full interview.



Beyoncé Covers T Magazine




















Queen Bey has taken to the cover of yet another magazine. This time T, The New York Times Style Magazine. The article titled, “The Woman on Top of the World” discusses Beyoncé’s growth as an artist from Destiny’s Child to her solo career and how she manages to stand out instead of being just like everyone else. Check out the full article here and check out more pics below:



Sevyn Streeter Double Play

SInger and songwriter, Sevyn Streeter, is back with a video to another remix of her track ‘Next’ from her EP Call Me Crazy. The remix features YG and as the video is identical to that of the original version, I see this as a marketing tool to get the song airplay on the radio. YG is hot right now and has more of a buzz than Kid Ink. Her track ‘It Won’t Stop‘ with the Chris Brown feature had a lot of buzz surrounding it and I see that her music is well liked with a feature on it. Check out the video below:

On top of that she’s released yet another video, ‘Sex on the Ceiling.’ This video does not contain a love interest just her in different scenes and capturing her silhouette. Vocally I love how strong this is. She’s a great singer with a lot of versatility, but vocally she hasn’t released a song this strong since her debut, ‘I Like It’. Check the video below: