Fashion Forward Friday [V.23]: Heel Collection

I’ve posted my shoe bootie collection (click HERE for that post) and I wanted to share my heel collection. I have so many heels that I want to add to my collection so be sure to check that wish list out below as well. For my heels, it’s a growing collection and I’m starting to really get into heels. The ones that I own I’ve had for a while and I’ve downsized because at one point I had quite a bit. The ones I do own are not permanent in my collection minus a few pairs, but I’m content with what I have. Check out the slideshow below.

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Fashion Forward Friday [V.22]: Shoe Bootie Collection

I have been downsizing my shoe collection to shoes that I actually will wear and I purchase based off what will last a longtime. This edition of Fashion Forward Friday showcases my Shoe Bootie Collection. Being that I’ve downsized it is not massive by any means. I’ll be doing a follow-up post sharing my heel collection. Enjoy the slideshow that features brand of the shoe and names for those still currently still online PLUS check out the ‘Shoe Bootie Wishlist’ below as well.

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Lola Shoetique – ‘Fierce Attitude’ | ShoeDazzle – ‘Maddox‘ | Steve Madden – ‘Sizzzlee’ | JustFab – ‘Thaden’ | JustFab – ‘Fiona’





Fall Haul Pt. 2

Last week I posted my Fall Haul Pt. 1 (click HERE for that). I had a couple more items that came in and I wanted to share. In shopping for fall pieces I knew that I had a lot of clothes already in my closet and I’ve even (forced myself) to downsize what I’m not wearing.

Sidebar, for the items that I have given away they are brand new or only worn a couple times. I have a few listed on Vinted (click HERE), but a majority is donated to my church’s clothes closet.

Back to the haul, I am currently buying pieces that will become staples in my wardrobe more so than be trendy. I found a pair of shoes that I love and a lippie set that I couldn’t pass up.

First up are my new shoes from ShoeDazzle. I do not want to give too much away because I will be doing a full review sometime this month on my experience with ShoeDazzle. I’ve always wanted a pair of maroon/oxblood shoe booties and I have a pair from GoJane (click HERE for that review), but these have a heel. I absolutely love them! Again stay tuned for the review. To see if the shoe is still available, click HERE. The shoe is called the ‘Jasleen’ by Leila Stone.


Next up was a lippie set from Sephora that I came across last year, but it was sold out. The set is ‘Give Me More Lip’ and there is ‘Give Me Some Lip’. I received a $50 Sephora gift card for my birthday (so sweet) and I treated myself to the “Give Me More Lip” set which cost a whopping $69. Thankfully out of pocket all I had to pay was a little over $13. A full review will be given on this product from hits and misses and of course swatches, so stay tuned for that. Be sure to click all links above to get to the product, if it is still available.


We are now in November, HAPPY NOVEMBER, and I will be accumulating a few more pieces here and there. The lippie set was a sure splurge, but as for future purchases I’m thinking longterm and versatile. Thanks for reading. (All photos are that of my own.)

OOTD #11: High-Waisted Plaid [8.23.14]

Crop Top - Wet Seal High-Waisted Jeans - Forever 21 Plaid Shirt - Gap Purse - Joyce Leslie Shoes - Converse
Crop Top – Wet Seal
High-Waisted Jeans – Forever 21
Plaid Shirt – Gap
Purse – Joyce Leslie
Shoes – Converse (JCPenney)

Sell/Swap Clothing Items on VINTED!


I came across an awesome site that allows you to sell/swap clothes with other people called Vinted. After watching one of my favorite YouTubers, Akaydoll, I decided to post some items of my own to sell, but in the future I plan to swap here and there. Check out what I’m selling so far:

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 7.06.57 PM


Sign up for Vinted HERE. It’s easy and a great way to sell/swap your clothing/shoes/accessories at the click of  a button. No hassle in trying to decide the shipping costs as its included in the quote that you set. All you do is upload the pic, describe the item, select up to two colors, set a price (you can even ) and click one of the three shipping options. Click here for my shop.

Fashion Forward Friday [V.7] — Closet Downsize

IMG_0585-1I am going to be moving rooms sometime later this month and I currently have an entire room dedicated to my clothes, shoes, accessories. For the most part it is organized, but like most closets it gets crazy every now and then. Before I change rooms I’ll do a mini-closet tour with my storage & organization so stay tuned for that.

Winter is almost over as March quickly slides by and I went through my closet taking out clothes, shoes, and accessories that I don’t wear. It wasn’t hard for me to do this being that I donate at the end of every season. All of my donations go to my Church’s clothes closet.

I was inspired to really look deep in my closet and donate things I don’t use by YouTuber, PinkSoFoxy. I’ve been obsessed with her videos as of late with how she has been downsizing all of her possessions with her recent move. It’s inspired me to look within my own possession and my closet was the perfect start.

IMG_0591-1Going through my clothes was easy because as I stated already I had donated items before. I really just went through and took out pieces that were no longer my style or that I could no longer fit.

This time around I really focused more so on shoes and accessories being that it’s so hard for me to part with those, especially my shoes. Here’s the shoes I decided to part with.

IMG_0588-1It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be when it came to narrowing down my shoes. I had boots on my shoe shelf that I hadn’t worn since high school and they had been sitting in my collection going on nearly 5 years, When I purchased them of course I wore them, but time passed and my style changed and I did not wear them as I did before. I was holding on to shoes as more of a ‘count’ of a collection than actually having them as ‘staples’ in my collection. From the picture above I did give away 2 pairs of boots, a pair of heels, flats, wedges, and combat boots, oxfords, and 6 pairs of sandals. My sandals are brand new being that they were impulse buys. Thankfully I do not shop like that anymore. I narrowed down half the size of my sandal collection and the ones I kept I wear all the time in rotation.

IMG_0594-1Next up were my accessories which included not only jewelry, but I downsized my nail polish collection and my overflow of lotions. I surprisingly had no problem doing this and I kept telling myself that the pieces needed a new home and I did not need to continue to hold on to items I wasn’t using. I gave away basically all of my colorful pieces being that I stick to basic silver/gold these days. I also gave away some belts that I wasn’t wearing along with necklaces that just aren’t my style. Two bags that I had received prior I never used in the past 6 months so I’m donating those as well. The lotions I’m giving away were never used and I received them in gift bags and the scents just aren’t for me.

My nail polish collection is where a lot of my money went into my first 2 years of college being that I was obsessed. I bought every color from multiple brands, but at this point in life I’m not into it anymore and a lot of the polishes were only used once so it was time to give them away. I had went through my collection before and donated 25+ bottles to my church and friends and this time around I was happy to donate more polishes that I no longer use. I like the collection that i have now. To see what my collection in its entirety looked like before check out my Nail Polish Collection post.

I’m so glad to have went through my closet and during my ‘mini-move’ who knows what I’ll want to give away again. Right now I’m content with the pieces I own and I have no need or desire to expand at this time. Next up is my bedroom and seeing going through what I don’t use again. Excited to bring you all along for the journey. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


JustFab_logo1-300x151JustFab is one of my favorite companies that I have ever ordered from. Just incase you’ve never heard of it, it’s a semi-subscription website that offers shoes, handbags, accessories, and now a few clothing pieces; primarily denim. Every thing is $39.95 + free shipping and upon signing up you get an amazing discount. Sometimes you can get two for the price of one, certain products under $20, or 20% off. It all depends on the promotion they are having at the time for new members.

When you sign up you take a ‘Fashion Personality Quiz,’ which asks you a series of questions with pictures on what shoes you like, the style of handbag you prefer, etc. Once you’re done with that you will have a boutique set up for you every month with styles picked based off the survey you took.

I’ve purchased 3 items from JustFab, a pair of shoes and 2 handbags. I purchased the handbags nearly a year ago and the shoes over the summer. Upon my first purchase I ended up inadvertently becoming a VIP member and if you do not skip a month the $39.95 will be credited to your account. If this happens to you, you can skip the month if you’re not interested between the 1st and the 7th.

Read more for my review on the products I’ve purchased.

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FASHION FORWARD FRIDAY [V.4] — Sammy Dress Review



I had been hearing mixed reviews on Sammy Dress all over YouTube and after watching numerous Sammy Dress hauls from on of my favs, RavenEylse, I decided to go browse the site and see if there was anything I wanted to buy. First off I was looking to see if I could score any shoes being how inexpensive they were, BUT there were none in a size 10 and I was not about to take a chance and buy something a size too small so I was bummed about that. I did end up finding two things that caught my eye. Quick disclaimer: I do not own any of the rights to the pictures from SammyDress.Com. Only pictures with MMF2014 are my own.

Read more for my official review.

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Fashion Forward Friday [V.3] — GoJane.Com Review


I am always looking on YouTube for reviews on certain websites especially from the self-proclaimed Beauty Gurus. I wanted to share my experience as far as shipping / quality of product / pricing on 3 companies over the next 3 weeks. This week I am doing I’ve had my items for quite some time and I feel I can give a thorough review for those who are interested in purchasing from the site. Quick disclaimer, this is my opinion of the item(s) that I purchased with my own money and my experience with the item(s).

Read more for my review.

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FASHION FORWARD FRIDAY [V.2] — Closet Confidential (YouTube Tag)

I came across this YouTube tag from BeautyBaby44 and MissMeghanMakeup. It was created by YouTuber, Fleur DeForce. Although I do not make videos (I’m more of  a writer), I though the tag was a great idea and I wanted to post it here on FASHION FORWARD FRIDAY!!!!

Read more for my ‘Closet Confidential.’

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