Chris Martin to be Universal Advisor on ‘The Voice’

The VoiceColdplay’s, Chris Martin, will be joining the The Voice for 3 episodes starting March 31st. The singer will take his place as a univeral advisor to all four judges. This is just another ‘tweak’ that producers are adding to the show. He joins quite a list of others that have mentored on the show including: Miranda Lambert.

Martin will appear on the sow March 31st, April 1st and April 17th. During this time he will be assisting the judges: Adam, Usher, Shakira & Blake along with mentoring the contestants.


In other Chris Martin news, Coldplay will be releasing their new album, Ghost Stories. The albums expected release date is 5.19.14.

Shakira, Shakira

shakira-cover-510March 27th marks the release of Shakira’s 10th studio album. I remember when I first heard her voice and saw her on MTV in the video ‘Whenever, Wherever.’My mom fell in love with her music as well that my youngest sister was named after her. Shakira is beyond a Latin sensation and has showcased that she can do just about anything. She’s a global sensation that shows no sign of slowing down.

Shakira has done just about every genre of music and with her upcoming self-titled album she’s going Country with fellow “Voice” judge, Blake Shelton.In her recent Billboard cover story, she discussed the process of this album:

It’s been two-and-a-half years of making songs, trashing them, doing them again, doing eight versions of each song, having a baby, doing “The Voice,” coming back to the studio, reconnecting with my songs.

shakira-fathers-dayIn her career, Shakira has steadily climbed the charts, experimented with all aspects of music, and has started a family. In 2013 she gave birth to her son, Milan Piqué Mebarak with boyfriend/’soccer’ player Gerard Pique. She met Pique on the set of her ‘Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)’ video and has a song for him on her new album titled, ’23.’

At 37 she’s done basically everything. She has 10 albums under her belt, won over 200 awards including 4 AMAs, 6 Billboard awards, 2 Grammys, 8 Latin Grammys, and 5 VMAs. On top of music she’s balancing family and her new gig as The Voice judge and in my personal opinion she and Usher are my favs alongside Adam and Blake.

Her new album, Shakira, is available for pre-order on iTunes and hits stores 3.25.14.


Enjoy the playlist below of some of Shakira’s best-selling songs:

Shakira Reveals Tracklist for NEW Album

Shakira-Shakira-2014-1500x1500-300x300Shakira will be releasing her 10th studio album, 3.25.14, and the official track listing has been released:


  1. ‘Dare (La La La)’
  2. ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’ (feat. Rihanna)
  3. ‘Empire’
  4. ‘You Don’t Care About Me’
  5. ‘Cut Me Deep’
  6. ‘Spotlight’
  7. ‘Broken Record’
  8. ‘Medicine’ (feat. Blake Shelton)
  9. ’23′
  10. ‘The One Thing’
  11. ‘Nunca me acuerdo de olvidarte’
  12. ‘Loca por ti’
  13. ‘La La La’

The Target edition will feature 3 bonus tracks:

  1. ‘Chasing Shadows’
  2. ‘The Way’
  3. ‘Mad About You’

We’ve already seen and heard her spicy song with Rihanna, ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You,’ but she also has a song with fellow The Voice judge, Blake Shelton.

We just recorded it — it’s a country, folk song … I kind of directed him. I wrote the song with some people from Nashville and I sent it to him and I was super-nervous. I was like, ‘Oh my god. What’s he going to think?’ And he loved it. He said, ‘Wow! This is exactly what you were talking about. I love this song.

Here’s the Spanish Version of her track ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You,’ ‘Nunca me Acuerdo de Olvidarte:

Shakira is one to push boundaries and not stay within what she is supposed to sound like. She takes it to the next level as a Latin artist and isn’t afraid to test boundaries. I’m excited to hear it.

Video Review: Shakira x Rihanna, ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’

This song was one that was a little iffy for me at first, but over time it has grown on me although it is not played over the radio as much as I thought it would be. This video to me doesn’t really have a story line being that there’s no guy in the video. The beauty of Shakira and Rihanna in this video shows that they really compliment each other. I went and looked at the collab, ‘Beautiful Liar,’ between Shakira and Beyonce because I did recognize some similarities, but the videos are completely different. The belly dancing scenes which goes into the mirror imaging. I absolutely love the fashion and Shakira playing the drums AND the guitar in the lace body suit, or whatever that was, she just amazes me every time. Her voice over any beat just works. Her self-titled album, ‘Shakira,’ will be her 10th studio album and will hit stores 3.25.14. Expect a review!