NEW MUSIC: Hits & Misses

It’s a lot of new music out right now and i didn’t want to wait to blog about what’s new, so let’s get right to it. I picked out a few tracks to give my take on whether it’s a hit or miss.

Sevyn-Streeter-4th-Street-2015-1200x1200Sevyn Streeter has dropped a new track titled ‘4th Street’ off her upcoming debut album, I don’t plan to hear this on the radio, but it’s great for her to express her love for the people that made her who she is. There’s circumstances/situations in life that make you who you are, but no matter how famous or rich you get, you never forget where you’re from. Great concept for a track. The video didn’t need to be lavish, but great that she included people from her city. Not quite a hit for me, but I like the vibe. Her album, On The Verge, is coming soon. No official release date just yet. Check out the video below:

Mariah-Carey-Infinity-2015-1200x1200Next up is new music from Ms. Mariah Carey. As for her last album, Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse. I had no reason to listen to it and as for what’s coming, I don’t really care to listen to that either. I will say that I wonder is Ms. Cannon-Carey is talking about her estranged husband. She doesn’t sound horrible, vocally, and the lyrics aren’t bad, but I would’ve liked different music. The music reminds me a lot of Ja Rule and Ashanti’s, ‘Mesmerize.’ This could’ve been a ballad ballad with a slower beat. As for her singing something like this live, eh. Who knows. I wouldn’t say that it’s a hit, but I like it. Listen to the track below:

Ne-Yo-Non-Fiction-2015-1200x1200I heard this track on the radio this morning and the more I hear Ne-Yo, the more I dislike his music. I guess since the track was on the radio it’s a possible hit, but I’m still not feeling the direction of his music. I’m surprised that his latest track with Pitbull, ‘Time of My Life,’ gets as much play as it does, but it does. That’s a song that had to grow on me. As for his new track, ‘Coming With You,’ maybe it will grow on me, but from first listen I’m not feeling it. The beat is similar to that of Rob Base’It Takes Two.’ The last compilation that I listened to of Ne-Yo’s was Because of You. To me that is still a classic. Now I think he’s just putting music out to stay afloat. For as talented as he is, it’s like a waste of the talent. His latest album, Nonfiction, is available. Check out the video below:

do-me-like-thatI am impatiently waiting for Monica’s return and she’s making her way back with the short cut, red at that, and is on a new track. She’s featured on Atlanta DJs, Trendsetter Sense, track ‘Do Me Like That alongside Yo Gotti and Jeezy. This track probably bumps hard in Atlanta, but I love Monica’s vibe as an artist. Her voice is just so on point, all the TIME, studio and live, and I just can’t wait to hear new music from her. This is a HIT for me simply because I love Monica. The beat is the only thing that’s mediocre to me. I get the point of the song, but I really want to hear Monica by herself. Listen to the track below:

Single Review: Sevyn Streeter x Chris Brown, ‘Don’t Kill The Fun’

sevyn-dktf-340x330Sevyn Streeter came on to the scene as a solo artist with ‘I Like It’ and followed that with the mellow radio smash ‘It Won’t Stop.’ The version with Chris Brown is what had it all over the airwaves, but her voice is not one to go unnoticed. She can be real smooth, but if a high note is needed she can slay that too.

She’s back with a new single titled ‘Don’t Kill The Fun’ and she’s enlisted the help of CB yet again. When I first heard the track I was not interested at all. It still is just an alright track to me. Being that she doesn’t have an album out, just an EP (Call Me Crazy, But…), I would’ve expected a stronger track. This is not a “Hey, I’m coming with an album soon,” track. I was expecting more.

Despite the title of the track look how FIERCE she looks on the single artwork. That alone made me think it was a dancing track. I mean she didn’t have to dance in the video, but hell Chris could. I absolutely love her look with the blueish grey hair, red nails and lips and caged in. Points for that. It’s more than just the simple words on the artwork. It looks cool.

The song sounds like elevator music with a twang and there is nothing wrong with that. That’s her vibe, that’s her vibe. Based off the title of the track I was expecting more “fun.” Something a little more upbeat. Instead I was bored listening to it. From the beat to the lyrics. I see that she’s trying to do something different with her sound and while ‘It Won’t Stop’ was a smash I don’t see this going the same way. I’m still interested in seeing if this will hit urban radio and maybe the visual will change my mind. For me though, I didn’t have “fun” listening to it.

I’m still waiting on that Sevyn Streeter album plus I’d like to hear more of her range on future tracks. The mellow sound is cool, but I know she can bring more than that. The song gets a 2.5/5 for me (extra .5 for the artwork). Listen to the track below:

Video Review: Sevyn Streeter, ‘B.A.N.S.’

Sevyn-Streeter-BANS-Video-TeaserSevyn Streeter is back with yet another video from her EP, Call Me Crazy, But…This time around she’s enlisted the help of Mack Wilds and Power 105.1’s, Angela Yee. Aside from the video I really really love the song lyrically. She’s an awesome writer and has a great voice which is showcased in this song.

As for the video the concept is the typical argument with boyfriend before heading over to the BFFs house to talk things out. What’s interesting about all of Sevyn’s videos is that she’s really big on silouhette and always making sure that she’s the center of attention. The video that I’ve seen with the most concept, more so a full out storyline was that of ‘nEXt’. This time around the storyline is pretty much left up to the imagination making it self-explanatory. I mean in the first minute you heard that the reason she was done was because her boyfriend got his side chick pregnant so it’s pretty clear as to where the video would be going. Angela Yee seemed so awkward in this video, like the acting was just too forced. I love that in videos with Sevyn she always incorporates herself being in like a mirrored image or spinning around hence staying along the ‘crazy’ vibe of the title of the EP.

Check out the video below and CLICK HERE to purchase the EP:

Sevyn Streeter Double Play

SInger and songwriter, Sevyn Streeter, is back with a video to another remix of her track ‘Next’ from her EP Call Me Crazy. The remix features YG and as the video is identical to that of the original version, I see this as a marketing tool to get the song airplay on the radio. YG is hot right now and has more of a buzz than Kid Ink. Her track ‘It Won’t Stop‘ with the Chris Brown feature had a lot of buzz surrounding it and I see that her music is well liked with a feature on it. Check out the video below:

On top of that she’s released yet another video, ‘Sex on the Ceiling.’ This video does not contain a love interest just her in different scenes and capturing her silhouette. Vocally I love how strong this is. She’s a great singer with a lot of versatility, but vocally she hasn’t released a song this strong since her debut, ‘I Like It’. Check the video below:




Video Review: Sevyn Streeter x Kid Ink, ‘nEXt (Remix)’

500_1394560961_sevynstreeterremix_89Sevyn Streeter is moving steadily with music release and her timing is always right in my opinion. She started off with ‘I Like It’ which showed that she had the vocals. Then she had her track with Chris Brown, ‘It Won’t Stop.’ which showed that she could do a ballad. Now she’s up with another feature off her EP, Call Me Crazy, with Kid Ink titled ‘nEXt.’ I’m really feeling her vibe and she’s a great songwriter.

As for the video it’s pretty self-explanatory. She channels Being Mary Jane throughout the whole thing and shows falling in and out of love with her ex boyfriend who’s now her current man. Video falls perfectly in line with the hook and title.

How could my ex-boyfriend, be my next-boyfriend?


Check out the video below: