Sound Off: Serena Williams

Just a year after giving birth to a daughter, Serena Williams rallied her way back to the finals of the U.S. Open. Her win would have been the icing on the cake in comparison to where she was a year ago, fighting for her life. While the finals did not turn out the way most expected, the turn of events throughout the game is the topic of conversation.

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Plan As I Go | 4th of July | Zootopia

Welcome to another post here on the blog. In this plan with me, I’m trying out the plan as I go style which I was inspired to try by YouTubers RubyTrev and ManyDreams. For those unfamiliar with the style, you sit down and plan out your day either at night or that morning and voila. By the end you have a complete spread instead of just a skeleton.

Be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to stickers/similar styles used in the spread. Enjoy!

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