Declutter 101: Nail Polish

Welcome to another edition of my ‘Declutter 101’ series. My first installment was decluttering my fragrances and while I wanted to combine all go my beauty together into one post, I felt that separating them would be more be more beneficial. I hoard in different areas more so than others based off various reasons. I hoarded fragrances just to have them on hand always making an excuse of what I’d do with the scents I didn’t like. Then there’s my nail polish, which will be covered in this post, that I have been dwindling down for years. Check out my two previous collections below:

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Nail Polish Collection (February 2015)

I posted my nail polish collection last year (click HERE for that post) and I wanted to share just how much I’ve downsized yet again. I showed a pic of how I downsized in my ‘Beauty Corner’ post (click HERE for that), but I’ve downsized yet again. My set up is still the same as my initial nail polish collection post. I still store in the Snapware containers (click HERE to purchase) and I’ve added a 3 compartment organizer for smaller nail polishes among other things. I’ve also included links to all of the polishes I could find (click each name individually) plus my TOP 10. Enjoy!




First Impression #10: OCC Lip Tar

I’ve done two previous posts on products I received in the Sephora ‘Give Me More Lip Set’. The two brands I reviewed were Too Faced and Tarte. Click HERE and HERE for those posts. This time around I’m reviewing the craze of the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, ‘OCC Lip Tar.’ I’m so excited to review this and it’s by far my favorite from the set.

Before I get into the review let’s just talk about the brand for a second. OCC is one that has hit YouTube with a surge and the craze has been all around they flip tars. I have been wanting to try them out for quite some time and when I saw the lip tar was offered in the set I couldn’t pass it up. Plus it was in a shade I would actually wear,

Photo Cred: Sephora.Com

The ‘OCC Lip Tar’s’ are available in a variety shades/finishes and sell for $18. The Sephora set gave a test tube size in the color ‘Black Dahlia’ from the matte collection and can be purchased HERE (when it gets back in stock). There’s a test tube set as well that offers 12 shades for $59.

The color ‘Black Dahlia’ is described as a “blackest blackened red.” When I first saw the color I thought it was a black. When applying I saw the red tint it is described as when further applying with the brush turned into a deep burgundy. I absolutely LOVE IT! I am not keen on using a lip brush (I suck at it), but I was able to apply this product with ease and little mess. I do store it in a sandwich bag inside my lippie bag. While it is matte, I still applied the  e.l.f. ‘Translucent Matifying Powder’ on top. It works for me and no the color does not crack.

The only thing about the set that I would’ve liked is the vinyl pouch that the lip tar comes with. It’s great for traveling purposes in and out of different handbags and to keep the lippie and lip brush together.

I would love to purchase more of these colors and for $18 it’s not horrible for a lip product that goes such a long way. There’s so many shades that I really do not know which to choose. I’d rather go in the store and pick from there. Other shades I would like to try: ‘Tarred,’ ‘Pagan,’ ‘Traffic,’ and ‘Vain.’

Did this product live up to the hype? Yes. Would I purchase again at full price? HELL YES!

First Impression #9: Tarte ‘LipSurgence Lip Tint’ and ‘Power Pigment’

0131151421_2I previously reviewed the Too Faced products that I received in the Sephora, ‘Give Me More Lip’ set (click HERE for that post). This time around I’m reviewing both the Tarte ‘LipSurgence Lip Tint’ and ‘Power Pigment.’ Both of the products are similar in application as they are both lip crayons. The LipSurgence is smaller while the pigment is longer and thinner. Still the products are similar.

Photo Cred: Sephora.Com

The ‘LipSurgence Lip Tint’ comes in a regular and matte form, both costing $24 and can be purchased HERE. There are six regular shades and the shade that I received was ‘Moody’ which is described as a “deep berry,” I can see why it is described as such, but it’s not that deep. The color itself before application is a deep berry. So, if you’re looking for the shade to apply on your lips as it looks then you’d be disappointed. When applying this lippie opposed to the other,  I did feel a tingling sensation on my lips which indicated hydration, The color is a very nice berry that is buildable, but not to the point of the color being too much, I love an apply and go lip and this is definitely one. The size is 0.6 oz. which is great for a sample size, Love this product, but I’m not interested in any of the other shades nor the price tag.

Photo Cred: Sephora.Com

0131151418a_2-1-1Next up is the ‘Power Pigment’ which is available in eight shades, costs $24 and can be purchased HERE. The set gave not the sample size in the shade of “Flush,” but the actual size of 0.06oz. That’s a lot of product and similar to the lip tint it reminds me of a lip crayon and lives up to the name of the product being a ‘Power Pigment’. Compared to the tint there is a lot more color and the clot is described as a “sheer berry”. I really don’t see it as that. To me it’s a cross between a pink and a berry. I do like this product and I keep it in my purse (click HERE to see what else is inside my lippie bag). I applied to much pressure when applying and broke off the tip, womp womp, BUT it still glides on with no problem, While the shades are limited in this product as well, I would like to try out: ‘Natural Beauty’. Points for the packaging. It’s super cute.

I think these products are great for apply and go, but the shade variation is limited. For $24 for as little product as you’re getting just isn’t worth it for me. I know that these products can last quite some time, but they’re nothing I would stock up on. It was nice to be included in the set, especially the full size of the ‘Power Pigment,’ but outside of the set I would not purchase. The shades just don’t stand out to me. Nice product and application? Yes. Worth the money? No,

First Impression #8: Too Faced ‘Melted’ and ‘La Crème’

I purchased the Sephora holiday set, ‘Give Me More Lip’ back in November and I’ve been meaning to do a review on the products inside so I’ve decided to break it up by brand being that there are a few that brands that had two products in the set. I’ll also be doing a couple of ‘Beauty Showdown’s’ to compare similar products within the set. These reviews will be up over the course of the next two and half months so I hope you enjoy.

Photo Cred: Sephora.Com

First up let’s start with Too Faced. As an avid YouTube watcher I have been watching a lot of reviews on the ‘Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick.’ I’ve even seen watched reviews of the dupes, ‘L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint.’ The dupe is $2.99 and can be purchased HERE and is available in 18 shades while the ‘Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick’, purchased HERE, is $21 and available in 10 shades. Still I was excited to receive the product to try it out, but unfortunately the color just doesn’t work for my complexion,

The color in the set was ‘Melted Fuchsia’ which is described a as a hot pink and it most definitely is. I love the packaging as Too Faced as a whole has great packaging on all their products. It adds sophistication and a soft applicator to the generic lip glosses that you could easily buy at a beauty supply store with the same shape. I will say the product was a bit messy and I applied way too much the first time, so the product does go a long way. For the color to work for me I would have to get as sheer as I can. This is not a product that you need to build up because the color is so intense. A little really does go a long way. Other shades that I would love to try are: ‘Melted Berry’ and ‘Melted Violet.’


Photo Cred: Sephora.Com

The other Too Faced lippie offered was the ‘La Crème lipstick. I had not watched any reviews until I tried out the product and I’m so glad there are other color options. The lipstick can be purchased HERE and is offered in 21 shades and costs $22. The color I received was ‘Naked Dolly’ and similar to that of the ‘Melted’ lippie, it didn’t look great on my skin complexion. It just makes me look entirely too pasty. I love the packaging, but I really love the application. It glides on so smoothly and in building the color I could’ve gotten too carried away and applied to much. When working the product it does look nice, but it’s a product I have to work with not just apply and go. Other shades that I would like to try are: ‘Naughty Nude,’ ‘Plum Brown,’ and ‘Pink Chocolate.’

For both products I’m glad I was able to try them out in a trial size than to spend $43 buying both full size. There was a lot of product given and its sure to last quite some time. I would not purchase these too shades again, but I am interested in trying the shades mentioned above. I wouldn’t say I’m completely disappointed because I love the consistency of both products, especially the ‘La Crème’. The colors just didn’t work out great with my skin tone by themselves. I just have to tone them down extremely to make it work.

Fall Haul Pt. 2

Last week I posted my Fall Haul Pt. 1 (click HERE for that). I had a couple more items that came in and I wanted to share. In shopping for fall pieces I knew that I had a lot of clothes already in my closet and I’ve even (forced myself) to downsize what I’m not wearing.

Sidebar, for the items that I have given away they are brand new or only worn a couple times. I have a few listed on Vinted (click HERE), but a majority is donated to my church’s clothes closet.

Back to the haul, I am currently buying pieces that will become staples in my wardrobe more so than be trendy. I found a pair of shoes that I love and a lippie set that I couldn’t pass up.

First up are my new shoes from ShoeDazzle. I do not want to give too much away because I will be doing a full review sometime this month on my experience with ShoeDazzle. I’ve always wanted a pair of maroon/oxblood shoe booties and I have a pair from GoJane (click HERE for that review), but these have a heel. I absolutely love them! Again stay tuned for the review. To see if the shoe is still available, click HERE. The shoe is called the ‘Jasleen’ by Leila Stone.


Next up was a lippie set from Sephora that I came across last year, but it was sold out. The set is ‘Give Me More Lip’ and there is ‘Give Me Some Lip’. I received a $50 Sephora gift card for my birthday (so sweet) and I treated myself to the “Give Me More Lip” set which cost a whopping $69. Thankfully out of pocket all I had to pay was a little over $13. A full review will be given on this product from hits and misses and of course swatches, so stay tuned for that. Be sure to click all links above to get to the product, if it is still available.


We are now in November, HAPPY NOVEMBER, and I will be accumulating a few more pieces here and there. The lippie set was a sure splurge, but as for future purchases I’m thinking longterm and versatile. Thanks for reading. (All photos are that of my own.)

Fall Haul Pt. 1

With less than a week left in October, I think it’s safe to still post a fall haul. Then again I can post it up right until Thanksgiving. Although Winter doesn’t begin officially until December 21st, once Thanksgiving is over it becomes Winter for me. I love posting hauls and watching them on YouTube. This time around I bought NO CLOTHES (shocking), but I stick to leggings and sweaters in the fall anyway and I really don’t need anymore. I stocked up on my essentials, treated myself to a pair of shoes, and snagged a couple candles from Bath & Body Works. Oh and I received something yummy in the mail. I’ll get to that later.

IMG_3941First up are my essentials that I had to restock on. Aside from razors and other feminine products, I had to get my favorite hair care product, Organix ‘Renewing Argon Oil of Morocco.’ With having relaxed hair this stuff works wonders. After washing and conditions my hair, I towel dry and apply this oil while its damp before blowdrying. It makes my hair so soft and I can flatiron my hair and not have to again for nearly two weeks and I owe it all to this product. It goes a long way and I had a mini size from a Organix 3 Piece Starter Kit that lasted me from October to this past late March/April.  I’ve seen the results of my hair with and without it and THIS is amazing; highly recommend.

IMG_3937Next up are my shoes from DSW. I’m not a huge fan of DSW, but I had a $15/$49 or more coupon so I took advantage. I didn’t get sneakers and a pair of boots I wanted were $150 and then I saw these. The heel is the perfect height, they are extremely comfortable and I snagged them for $40 with the coupon. The brand is Diba and the shoe is called ‘Femma’ for those interested.

IMG_3931From Bath & Body Works I picked up two candles in their 2/$22 sale, ‘Green Apple Orchard and ‘Autumn Sky. These two candles smell absolutely AMAZING! I was looking for a candle that had more of a manly scent and ‘Autumn Sky’ is PERFECT. I can’t wait to light ‘Green Apple Orchard’ on Thanksgiving.

Last but not least I jumped on the Nature Box bandwagon. My full review will go live on Wednesday (10/26/14).

In my next haul expect to see items from ShoeDazzle and Sephora.

First Impression #7: Urban Decay, The Electric Palette

Although I’m not a big makeup junkie I will say that I could not pass up the new installment from Urban Decay. After I passed on purchased the “Naked” palettes, except “Naked Basics”, but the “Electric Palette” stood out to me. For me to spend $40+ on a palette one thing has to be in tact, the packaging. The packaging of this palette is what really sold me. Once I swatched the colors I knew that I had made a great purchase. I will be giving swatches without primer as well as tutorials of looks with this palette, and dupes that are on the market. So, let’s get to it.

urban decay

First let me rant a little bit about the packaging. The packaging is very similar to that of the Naked 2 & Naked 3 cases as far as the similar closure. The tops of those cases are tin unlinks this one which is plastic. The magnetic closure makes it effortless to open and the design on the palette is amazing. It’s the effect of food coloring initially being dropped into water. Great idea to match the name of the palette.

The palette is not that of eyeshadows except it is pressed pigments. Before I get into the colors, swatches, and other details let’s briefly discuss pressed pigments. Pressed pigments can be applied with a sponge, brush, or fingertips. They also come in a variety of finishes including matte, shimmer, satin, and glitter. As they work for all skin types they work great with oily eyelids. The best thing about pigments compared to eyeshadows are the color payoff you get instantly with just one swatch.

urban decay

This palette features 10 eyeshadows (with descriptions from the site:

  • Revolt (Silver Shimmer)
  • Gonzo (Aqua Blue)
  • Slowburn (Orange)
  • Savage (Hot Pink)
  • Fringe (Teal)
  • Chaos (Royal Blue)
  • Jilted (Fuchsia w/ Blue Shift)
  • Urban (Metallic Purple)
  • Freak (Neon Green)
  • Thrash (Neon Yellow)

All of the colors are original exempt for ‘Chaos’ which was featured in the “Vice Palette’. The palette touches base with all bright colors and the darker ones do have a metallic finish. On the back of the package it states:

WARNING: Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban are not intended for the immediate eye area

Neon pigments are not approved by the FDA and that is a warning to use at your discretion, not that you can’t use them at all.

As for the brush that came with the palette it’s ok, not the best brush I own, but I do like the double sided. Recommendation on the site:

Use the compact precision brush to line, blend and smudge. Use the small pigment brush to apply color all over the lid or in the crease.

In my opinion the larger side of the brush isn’t as stiff as I would like it but it does the job.

Here are the swatches (no primer was used):

Left to Right: Revolt | Gonzo | Slowburn | Savage | Fringe
Left to Right (Top Row):
Revolt | Gonzo | Slowburn | Savage | Fringe
Left to Right (bottom row): Chaos | Jilted | Urban | Freak | Thrash
Left to Right (Bottom Row):
Chaos | Jilted | Urban | Freak | Thrash

My top 3 from the palette are: Gonzo, Savage, and Urban. Urban would be my #1 pick as I am a sucker for metallic purple. I did also try these colors out on my lips and there was no irritation at all. What can I say? I love experimenting.

The palette retails for $49 on Urban Decay, Sephora, and Ulta sites. You might luck up and find it on eBay (with free shipping) for under $50. I purchased mine for $42. Overall I am happy with my purchase. I love all the colors and the payoff is so worth it. I have read issues of the colors staining the skin, but I have applied it to my hand for swatches, my eyes, and lips and I had no issues with staining on my skin. All was applied in my first impression without primer and removed with baby wipes with no issue.

There are cheaper alternatives if you do not want to break the bank with this palette. Colors are not exactly the same, but similar as far as total package. Be sure to click the links to take you directly to the items mentioned.

Check out some of my favorite YouTube tutorials below. They are a range from subtle to ‘electric’ (pun intended). ENJOY!



First Impression #5 — Clinique Chubby Treats

First Impression #5 --- Clinique Chubby Sticks

I purchased this Clinique Chubby Treats duo from Sephora courtesy of a gift card. The two other items from Clinique I want to try out are the Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm ($17/each) and the Taste of Honey Set ($29.50).

So as for the set I purchased I am HIGHLY disappointed in the product. First off these are not full size, which after receiving them makes sense based off the price of one chubby stick. The product is only .04oz. This is all you get:


The average chubby stick is 0.1oz and I see why this is called a ‘chubby treat.’ Now for the good stuff. I love the packaging and the size really doesn’t bother me. It’s the perfect size to throw into any size makeup bag. I love the design, I love the clear top and unlike other products this product is not messy to the point of messing up the top. Here are the swatches:

IMG_0521-1So this is what I was upset about the most. I was really looking forward to the purple that is called ‘Voluptuous Violet,’ but there is NOTHING voluptuous about this color. It actually remind me a lot of the Revlon Lip Butter, ‘Fig Jam,’ after applying it to my lips. The color is barely visible. ‘Pudgy Peony’ is a nice shade which is why I guess the product can stick around. I would not recommend buying this duo for $20, you’re better off taking a chance with the Tasty Treat Set because you get 4 lip colors. Although they have the same amount of product (.04oz) you get a little more for your buck. Also these are not as moisturizing as the other lip crayons I’ve tried out I’m not really impressed with this duo, BUT I still want to try out the other Clinique lip products.