How to Make a Vision Board That Really Works – Episode 1: Self Care Saturday

I am on a roll with the various series on my blog this year which is truly the best way to divide my content. This series is all about self care. There will be a new episode the last Saturday of every month filled with tools to become a better you and to deal with any mental health challenges. There will be a mix of laid back and serious topics, but I feel it all should be addressed.

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Self Care Sunday | My Weekly Routine

Welcome to a new post here on the blog. I wanted to start a new series all about self care as it’s what I am currently focusing on in my life. Today is all about my beauty favorites. Let’s get started.

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Keep Yourself From Burning Out

Life gets busy. It can surely get overwhelming. You may find yourself being pulled this way and that way. You may have a mile long to do list yet you don’t know where to start. Sometimes, that’s just how life is. You’re so busy that you find yourself working around the clock to get things done. With all that hard work, it still feels like you’re behind. You’re still playing catch up. It’s never ending. Say hello to burning yourself out.

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