New Music Tuesday: Disclosure, Jason Derulo, Future & More

Disclosure-Holding-On-2015-1200x1200-300x300I’ve decided to keep it simple for  Tuesday post, although I’m off my blogging schedule, and share some new music. First up, Disclosure. Disclosure is best known for their smash ‘Latch’ featuring Sam Smith and this time around they’re back with a  new track titled,’Holding On’ featuring Gregory Porter. I’ve listened to it a few times and I don’t find it as mainstream as ‘Latch,’ but then again not everything needs to be mainstream. Not my fav, but a nice listen. Check it out below:

fuckupsomecommasaTwo remixes have dropped. The first is that of Ariana Grande’s, ‘One Last Time,’ featuring Fedez. This version was re-released for the Italian Market. As for who Fedez is, he’s a singer/rapper. The other remix is that of Future’s gibberish, ‘F*ck Up Some Commas.’ He’s enlisted the help of Big Sean and THE BOSS Rick Ross.  for this one.I still love the song even though it took me a while to decipher what the hell Future was saying. Listen to both tracks below:

Rob Thomas is working on a new album since 2009s,,. The first time I heard Rob Thomas was his smash ‘This Is How a Heart Breaks.’ What could be a super cool song has basic lyrics and melody. Granted that could be catchy, but there’s nothing outstanding about this song. I could hear the music in  a commercial or something, but not constantly on the radio waves. Listen below:

Lastly Jason Derulo is on quite a roll as he’s gearing up to release his new album and follow-up to Talk Dirty, This time he’s teamed up with J. Lo for a track titled ‘Try Me.’ Now I’m not in love with this one as much as I am with ‘Want You To Want Me,’ but I could hear this one the radio simply because J.Lo is featured.Everything is 4 drops June 2nd.  Listen to the track below:

Video Review: Chris Brown, ‘New Flame’


Chris Brown has finally released a visual for his track ‘New Flame’ featuring Usher and Rick Ross. The video has no storyline and while I would have liked one, I’m not surprised. I also would’ve like Usher & Chris to break out into some dope choreo together, but didn’t get that either.

The video is all white themed. THere’s Chris dancing on water twirling an umbrella with a top hat as girls laid around him. As for his attire he has on this pants/shorts thing which is a bit ridiculous and a super long shirt. Then there’s a scene with him standing against this wall and he ditched the shorts and the hat and added a blazer and a gold chain. Then slide to Usher who’s like on top of this mountain and then he started doing that robotic thing he did in ‘Burn’. Moving on to Rick Ross who had to have his shirt off. He could’ve wore a white shirt or something. Nope there he was sitting down with that infamous chain. Shoot to the desert scene with the all white attire still there. There’s ‘X’ blazing in the background; there’s the flame. There’s a random cameo by Tyga. Then Chris kills it at the end with his choreo.

There was nothing really spectacular about the video. I really watched to see what choreo would be involved. You can’t have a Chris Brown video without some choreo. Again I would’ve liked to see a full out routine from him and Usher. They did a little something at the end, but it could’ve been better.

Overall the dessert scene was very entertaining. I’m a fan of Chris Brown’s choreo.

Check out the video below:

NEW MUSIC — Chris Brown x Usher x Rick Ross, ‘New Flame’

I heard a snippet of this track sometime last week and I didn’t pay much attention to it. After hearing it in its entirety, I love it. I really love that Chris Brown is back to releasing music, well able to release music, because I’m tired of hearing ‘Loyal’. Catchy, infectious song, BUT I could go for another Breezy track. This time around he teams with Usher and Rick Ross. If you haven’t noticed, Chris Brown has a formula. Put his vocals with a rapper and it’s a banger. Put his vocals with another R&B singer and it’s a banger. He can fit in on a track whether it’s his or a feature. His voice just works. I really like this track, I’m just not the biggest fan of Rick Ross. Oh well!

Check out the track below and CLICK HERE for purchase:

NEW MUSIC: Jennifer Lopez, ‘New Love’


Jennifer Lopez is back with another single off her forthcoming, 10th studio album, titled ‘New Love’. Her new, yet to be titled album, will feature collaborations with Chris Brown, Nas, Rick Ross, Pitbull, Maxwell, French Montana (‘I Luh Ya Papi‘), and more. It’s expected release date is June 17th. As for the direction of the new album J. Lo stated, in an interview with Rap-Up:

“Usually I do an album in a few months, but this one’s taking me a year to really put together. Because it’s my 10th album, I think it feels a little more special.

Take a listen to her new track below:


NEW MUSIC — DJ Khaled, ‘They Don’t Know About Love’

DJ Khaled has teamed up with Jay Z, French Montana and the headliners of MMG (Rick Ross & Meek Mill) for his new track, ‘They Don’t Know About Love’. This is a usual lineup for Khaled except this time around he adds Jay Z to the mix. Take a listen to the track below:

This Week In Music (V.3): Ed Sheeran x Miguel x Keyshia Cole

I haven’t been doing much of track/video/album reviews this week or lately simply because I haven’t been interested in much. Well there’s quite a bit of new music that’s been released this week and a sneak peak at albums to come. Let’s get into the 3rd edition of This Week In Music.

I’ve written 2 posts so far about Ed Sheeran. I reviewed his track, ‘SING’, off his upcoming album, X and I wanted to share his cover of Beyonce’s, ‘Drunk In Love.’ He performed his rendition on the Elvis Durran & The Morning Show (NYC, Z100).

As many times as this song has been remixed/covered I actually like this one. I love acoustic ANYTHING, for the most part, and his voice worked well with it.

Moving right along to new music I came across Miguel’s, ‘How Many Drinks’ remix with Rick Ross. Again things that should just be left alone. There was no need for this remix to surface being that Kendrick already slayed when the remix was initially released. I just feel it’s too late whether it was meant to get buzz or just give the song to the public. Not interested. Still a fan of the song, just not interested in this remix. I could go for some new Miguel music; hopefully soon. Take a listen below:


keyshia-cole-rick-jamesNext up is Keyshia Cole. I heard her track ‘Rick James’ roughly a month or so ago and I was like WTF is this. I’m still trying to figure out what she’s doing, musically. I know that the BEST music comes out through heartbreak, but I can’t say the same about Keyshia Cole and this direction she’s taking with this new project. I’ve been a fan of Keyshia’s music and I just feel that with everything going on personally in her life that she’s not into the music the way that a fan would expect her to be. Creatively she’s entitled to do whatever she pleases it’s just that I don’t feel anything with the music. I don’t feel any passion behind it. Lyrically you can tell where she’s coming from due to her broadcasted marital issues, but still I just don’t feel the vibe of this new project. As for her video for ‘Rick James’ featuring Juicy J, it’s eh. Lyrically it’s eh. I get what she’s saying then I don’t get what she’s saying. Check out the video below:

Lastly is a new track from August Alsina as he gears up to release his debut, Testimony, on Tuesday (4.15.14). I’m really liking his music and I will be doing a ‘My Top 5′ on the album so stay tuned for that. This track is titled,, and features Fabolous. Take a listen below:


Lastly for new music news, Elle Varner has released another track off her upcoming sophomore project titled,’Little Do You Know’. This isn’t my favorites out of the two she’s previously released, ‘Cold Case‘ & ‘See Me Tonight‘, but I can’t wait to hear more from her and I’m excited for her new album. Check out the track below:


NEW MUSIC — August Alsina x Rick Ross, ‘Benediction’

20140220-130213.jpgAs it leads up to his debut album release, R&B newcomer August Alsina, has teamed up with Rick Ross for the second single off his upcoming album, Testimony. The track is very heart felt and from the track listing I am interested in hearing the compilation that he’s bringing forth. He reminds me of a more raw Trey Songz (coincidentally they have ‘beef’) as far as song concepts. So far we’ve heard the ‘sex’ song, ‘struggle’ song and from the looks of the track listing maybe the makeup/breakup track.

Listen to ‘Benediction’ below as well as check out the official tracklisting. Testify in stores 4.22.14

Here’s the tracklisting for his album:

  1. ‘Testify’
  2. ‘Make It Home’ (feat. Jeezy)
  3. ‘Right Here’
  4. ‘You Deserve’
  5. ‘No Love’
  6. ‘Porn Star’
  7. ‘FML’ (feat. Pusha T)
  8. ‘Grind & Pay/Get Ya Money’ (feat. Fabolous)
  9. ‘Ghetto’ (feat. Yo Gotti)
  10. ‘Kissin’ On My Tattoos’
  11. ‘Ah Yeah’
  12. ‘Mama’
  13. ‘Benediction’ (feat. Rick Ross)
  14. *’I Luv This Shit’ (feat. Trinidad James)
  15. *’Numb’ (feat. B.o.B. & Yo Gotti)

Rick Ross Scores 5th #1 Album

slsTdiRThe numbers are in from last weeks music releases and Rick Ross trumps all. Rick Ross’, Mastermind, lands in at #1 on the Billboard 200 making this his 5th #1 on the chart. It sold $179K in the release which is less than that of his 2012 album, God Forgives, I Don’t, which sold $218K in its first week. His 2010 album, Teflon Don, has been his only album not to take the #1 spot. He joins DMX and 2Pac with 5 #1 albums, Nas & Kanye tie for 6, Eminem has 7 and Jay Z leads the pack with 13.

Rick Ross wasn’t the only one worth mentioning for chart position. Pharrell, Lea Michele , and Ashanti all made it in the top 10. Pharrrel’s sophomore album, G I R L, came in at #2. ‘Happy’ still tops the charts and with 490K downloads this week it becomes the highest selling digital sales track since Katy Perry’s,’Roar.’ Lea Michele debuted at #4 with Louder and Ashanti’s Braveheart came in at #10 rounding off the list.  Braveheart is now Ashanti’s 5th top 10 album.