Planning for 2017: Personal-Planner Vs. Purple Trail

Welcome to another edition of my Planning for 2017 series. In this edition I’ll be sharing a battle of the brands with Personal-Planner vs. Purple Trail. I reviewed each planner separately so be sure to check out the series here.

Disclaimer: Both planners were sent to me for review for this series. All opinions are my own.

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Fire Meet Gasoline

siaAfter a week of hibernating and not checking up on new music, I was excited to see a new video from Sia. Well, what I thought was a new video from Sia. Sia has had an amazing run with Dance Moms Star, Maddie Ziegler, as the two have teamed up for videos: ‘Chandelier,’ ‘Elastic Heart,’ and ‘Big Girls Cry.’ It’s also been quite a space in between the videos being released and since it hadn’t been a month since the release of the ‘Big Girls Cry’ video, a video release for ‘Fire Meets Gasoline’ is interesting.

Now when first watching the video, I like many others, was expecting to see Maddie Ziegler. Well that’s not the case. Continuing on with my “review” from first glance I didn’t even realize that it was Heidi Klum and as I am not a Game of Thrones avid watcher I did not know that was Pedro Pascal either. What looked to be an affair as it kept switching back and forth between Heidi and Oscar being all lovey dove to a woman in the dark disheveling a room. It switched back and forth and back and forth. After watching the video I was left with three questions:

  1. Why did they burn the house down?
  2. What’s with the bloody rock?
  3. What’s the point of the signature Sia wig at the end?

I’ve watched the video numerous times sine then and yeah, I’m at a lost. Before learning that this was NOT, I repeat NOT a Sia video, I was thinking this is completely different than other Sia elements. Sia’s videos are usually grungy and viewers do have to read between the lines to fully get the concept. That’s why I was disappointed with this video because it was just a lot of rolling around and Heidi posing in her lingerie and not enough SUBSTANCE. That’s when I decided to further look into the video.

The video is featured on Sia’s VEVO, but I did not read that the title states “by Heidi Klum.” Sia also tweeted:

Fire Meet Gasoline is not an official music video, not is it my new single. Its a lingerie commercial to which I licensed a song.

As for comments from Heidi:

I love great collaborations and to be given the opportunity to appear n the video while wearing my Heidi Klum Intimates collection, is definitely up there.

Well, there you have it. For all those fans disappointed to not see Maddie or just not content with the concept of the video compared to others, this is not a Sia production. Regardless I still love the song and the video wasn’t too shabby. Check out my album review of 1000 Forms of Fear and take a look at the “lingerie ad” below:

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Single Review: Rihanna, ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’

R8 is coming, just not sure when. Rihanna has released a new single off her upcoming album, R8. She teased with the hashtag #BBHM, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money,’ with an interesting picture. It’s edgy and what I suppose to be an edgy couture with the overdrawn eyebrows. Moving past that, let’s get back to the music.

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Maroon 5 Tour Review

The first time I saw Maroon 5 was in August 2011 at Jones Beach Theater while they were on tour with Train. Their entire set was amazing, but after the crowd sing-a-long to ‘She Will Be Loved’ I knew I had to see them again. The next time I planned to go was a flop because I waited to long to get tickets and the prices were just outrageous. This time around when the tour was announced I knew I had to be there. Four years from my first time seeing them, I have to see them for a third.

This time around it was at the Izod Center and it’s one of the last concerts to be played at the venue. Getting there and finding a parking spot was no problem, thanks for the $25 parking fee (it could be worse), and getting in was a semi-breeze. The first thing my friend and I did was get the overprice T-shirt. I mean how could you pass that up? They weren’t that bad, priced at $40 a pop. Sweatshirts were like $50+.

Enough rambling, on to the show. I had decent seats sitting in the 100 section directly in front of the stage. First up was Adam’s artist, Rozzi Crane. She had a very powerful voice and even merged in Beyonce’s ‘Flawless’ and Jay-Z’s ‘Can I Get A’, but the music drowned her out and it was hard for me to comprehend what the hell she was singing. The last song she performed, ‘Psycho’ she said was off her EP, Space, and I enjoyed that one. Once she left the stage there was like a 15-20min. gap before Magic! came out.

Another reason I jumped on this concert, aside from Maroon 5, was because I knew Magic! would be opening for them and I loved their album. Luckily I had great seats because for some reason they decided not to put the band on the screen. The screens obviously worked as they did for the previous set and there were advertisements during the set changes. They performed: ‘Don’t Kill the Magic’, covered ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and mashed in ‘Message in a Bottle’. My night was made as they performed one of my favs from the album, ‘Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool’. Their set ended with ‘Rude’, obviously. I got a very Bruno Mars vibe from the group, especially with their red suits. Only thing that would’ve mad the set better was to actually see them clearly. I enjoyed the music regardless.

UntitledNow on to the main attraction, Maroon 5. They opened up their set with ‘Animal’ and the energy kept going from there. The set list included: ‘One more night’, ‘Stereo Hearts’,
‘Harder to breathe’, ‘My Lucky Strike’, ‘Wake Up Call’, ‘Love Somebody’, ‘Maps’, ‘This Love’, ‘Sunday Morning’, ‘Makes Me Wonder’, ‘Payphone’, ‘Daylight’, ‘It Was Always You’, ‘She Will Be Loved’, ‘Moves Like Jagger’, and ‘Sugar’.

The best thing about their set was the constant interaction and wanting the energy from the crowd. It’s nothing like going to a show and feeling a part of it the entire time. The best moment was during ‘She Will Be Loved’ when Adam asked everyone to put their cell phones away and enjoy the f*cking moment (his words). That’s by far my favorite Maroon 5 song  and to have everyone in synch singing their hearts out was amazing.

The show was mixed with the old and the new music which I loved. I mean I enjoyed their new stuff, but it’s nothing like vintage Maroon 5. What was surprising was how many families were there. Kudos to Adam’s coaching job on The Voice for that crowd. Great show, great energy, and I can’t wait to see them again.

Single Review: Tamia, ‘Sandwich and a Soda’

Tamia-Sandwich-and-a-Soda-2015-1200x1200-300x300Tamia is back with new music following her 2012 single, ‘Beautiful Surprise,’ which I absolutely loved. She’s taking a more sensual approach along with an interesting title on her latest track, ‘Sandwich and a Soda.’

The lyrics are pretty clever, but I still don’t like the title of the track. That’s what turned me off about the song initially was the title being so basic. Other than that the lyrics are pretty interesting. If you were lost as to what she was singing about, the hook says it all:

If you wanna ride these curves
Hop in your Chevvy nova
And if you wanna drive with nerve
Baby I’m gon’ be your choffeur
See I can make you feel good
And when it’s all over
I’mma fluff your pillow baby
Bring you a sandwich and a soda

It seems that with the title that they ran out of words to say. Everything was smooth and slick then out of all the things that could rhyme with over they put in sandwich and soda. Other than that the lyrics are pretty substantial it’s just that sandwich and soda I can’t seem to get over.

Vocally she sounds amazing and after 20 years in the game, her voice is still as classic as the first time I heard it. Her voice stays pretty neutral throughout the entire song until the end where she she gradually reaches a higher pitch. Compared to her previous single where she had falsetto throughout the whole track, this is a really comfortable track and I’d love to hear it live. It also makes sense for her voice to be be as low as it is with this being a seductive song.

Overall the song is not what I was expecting for a Tamia comeback. The beat is radio friendly because real R&B doesn’t exist on the radio anymore. At first I didn’t like the track, but the more I listen to it the more it grows on me. I’m still trying to pin point what the beat reminds me of.

Tamia recently signed to Def Jam and her new album, LoveLife, is set to be released sometime in June. Listen to ‘Sandwich and a Soda’ below:


Video Review: Chris Brown x Tyga, ‘Ayo’

Chris-Brown-x-Tyga-AYO-2015-1200x1200-300x300Chris Brown and Tyga will be releasing the follow-up to their 2010 mixtape, Fan of a Fan, but instead of Fan of a Fan 2 mixtape, it will be an actual album. No special name for the album just, Fan of a Fan: The Album. I did enjoy their mixtape and ‘Deuces’ was a huge success and I also loved Tyga’s flow on ‘I’m So Raw.’ This time around I’m not sure how the music will sound as both artists have grown over the past 5 years. I’m not really feeling this single and as for the video, I wasn’t expecting much.

So the concept of the video from the beginning is a battle between Chris and Tyga of who has the most outlandish possessions, to put it nicely. Chris Brown takes a pic of a money pool and sends it to Tyga while switching to Tyga receiving the picture as his throne toilet is being put in along with a tiger strolling around his house. The beat drops and it the concept gets even more sporadic from there.

Photo Cred: Tumblr

There’s no scene of Tyga on his “throne”, but Chris is floating around on a gold bed with chicks floating around him. They do pay homage to ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems.’ I see Chris as Diddy with the over the top dancing and Tyga would be Mase. Similar attire, just no metallic sweat suits. There’s also a scene with the two sitting in what appears to be Tyga’s house, Tyga’s rapping and girls are fencing behind them. Then there’s a typical Cali scene with bikes in the back and more chicks and more cars. Chris sings exactly what the video is about, both him and Tyga being bougie. That’s their style.

Other scenes included the two racing each other, Fast & Furious scene, and to add foolery to the foolery, Mike Epps makes a cameo. I do find it funny that he called Tyga, tigger, and that he called both of them light skin Bruno Mars (bleep). There was even not to Chris’ recent jail stint and how he needs to be serving community service. The video ends with the two dancing on top of the building in fur coats and final scene is Mike Epps tracking them down. Thank goodness there was no “To Be Continued…”

Overall the video is what I would expect from Chris Brown and Tyga. Chris Brown could come up with some creative stuff, but they’re rapping about chicks and what not and it’s really the two of them just stunting against each other. I mean I guess it’s better than the generic club concept, but it was a lot going on.

Fan of a Fan: The Album is set to be released February 24th with 12 tracks and features from Ty Dolla Sign, 50 Cent, Pusha T, Schoolboy Q and more. The two will hit the road along with Trey Songz on the ‘Between the Sheets Tour’ once Chris Brown has completed his community service.

Check out the video below:

Single Review: Lil Wayne, ‘Drunk In Love (Remix)’


Lil Wayne has released his mixtape, Sorry for the Wait 2. No surprise that since the album didn’t drop a mixtape was released. What better way to connect with the fans and keep a buzz than free music.

I’m not vocally comparing Chrisitna Milian to Beyonce because there is no comparison. No shade to Christina, she has a nice voice, but it’s not for ‘Drunk In Love’. She didn’t even showcase her vocal ability. I didn’t expect it to be a cover. When I saw Lil Wayne was releasing a mixtape I wasn’t surprised to see that she was featured.

This song is just REALLY too much for me. They took a song that subliminally talked about sex metaphorically using surfboards and what not. Now their version is straight up fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. They took the sexiness out of the song. For a song that was sleek it’s now trash.

No surfboard, the skateboard. While the objects are one in the same, one with wheels one without, I’m not pleased. I listened through to write the review, but I’m good on this. I don’t care about the sex life between Christina Milian & Tunechi. Not interested at all. He can keep this. I’m over it.

As for the mixtape overall I haven’t really given it a thorough listen. From what I’ve heard it’s the typical Lil Wayne. I’m still interested in seeing how this whole YMCMB issue plays out. Fans couldn’t get Tha Carter V so this had to tie them over.

Listen to the mixtape HERE. ‘Drunk In Love’ track 10:


‘Whitney’ Biopic Review


Lifetime released its second highly-anticipated biopic. The first was that of Aaliyah back in November, but I wasn’t interested in watching that one and from the horrendous comments, I didn’t miss anything. Let’s get into the basics:

  • Whitney Houston – Yaya DaCosta
  • Bobby Brown – Arlen Escarpetas
  • Vocals – Deborah Cox
  • Director – Anglea Bassett

When seeing the promo pics, I could not disagree with the casting. The movie has aired and it’s time for my review.

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Single Review: Sevyn Streeter x Chris Brown, ‘Don’t Kill The Fun’

sevyn-dktf-340x330Sevyn Streeter came on to the scene as a solo artist with ‘I Like It’ and followed that with the mellow radio smash ‘It Won’t Stop.’ The version with Chris Brown is what had it all over the airwaves, but her voice is not one to go unnoticed. She can be real smooth, but if a high note is needed she can slay that too.

She’s back with a new single titled ‘Don’t Kill The Fun’ and she’s enlisted the help of CB yet again. When I first heard the track I was not interested at all. It still is just an alright track to me. Being that she doesn’t have an album out, just an EP (Call Me Crazy, But…), I would’ve expected a stronger track. This is not a “Hey, I’m coming with an album soon,” track. I was expecting more.

Despite the title of the track look how FIERCE she looks on the single artwork. That alone made me think it was a dancing track. I mean she didn’t have to dance in the video, but hell Chris could. I absolutely love her look with the blueish grey hair, red nails and lips and caged in. Points for that. It’s more than just the simple words on the artwork. It looks cool.

The song sounds like elevator music with a twang and there is nothing wrong with that. That’s her vibe, that’s her vibe. Based off the title of the track I was expecting more “fun.” Something a little more upbeat. Instead I was bored listening to it. From the beat to the lyrics. I see that she’s trying to do something different with her sound and while ‘It Won’t Stop’ was a smash I don’t see this going the same way. I’m still interested in seeing if this will hit urban radio and maybe the visual will change my mind. For me though, I didn’t have “fun” listening to it.

I’m still waiting on that Sevyn Streeter album plus I’d like to hear more of her range on future tracks. The mellow sound is cool, but I know she can bring more than that. The song gets a 2.5/5 for me (extra .5 for the artwork). Listen to the track below:

Video Review: Beyoncé, ‘7/11’

 has captured me, and all of social media, with the release of her video ‘7/11’ last night (11/21). I had heard a snippet of the song earlier in the week and I was like eh, it’s alright. This is why videos need to never go away because THIS video MADE the song for me.

Beyoncé is no stranger to acting silly and this song is even more turnt with her showing that side of herself. This low budget video is really EVERYTHING! She starts with dancing not he balcony in undies & a sweatshirt. Throughout the whole video she really is dancing here and there in her underwear. I mean who doesn’tt do that?

Sidebar- If you’re saying you don’t go around your house dancing in your underwear, you’re probably lying,

Back to the video. It’s hard to explain because words do not do justice to all the energy in this video. She’s doing what everyone does on the regular when their favorite song comes on. Or, if you made up some random song with your friends and you jam out to it whenever you can. That’s the vibe I get from this video. This is not to be a deep song and it shows that Beyonce can have fun too and not all her songs have to be serious.

I don’t see her as degrading herself, ruining her career, or setting a bad example as a mother. Just because she is a mom does not mean she has to turn off her fun button. She’s not endangering her child so twerking around is not the end of the world. Yes in one scene there is Blue Ivy on the bed, but with the reversal of the editing she had jumped off the bed and not jumped on the bed with Blue on it. Speaking of that scene. Props to the hotel room not being tidy for the video. Yes, celebrities are HUMAN. They throw their clothes everywhere too.

Screen-Shot-2014-11-22-at-00.30.18I love when her friends join in and get just as crunk as she is. This song is on HEAVY rotation and will be on the re-release of her self-titled albums which drops monday, 11/24. READ HERE for full details on that. Expect to hear this on urban radio soon. I’m still trying to figure out if that was Jay running by at the end of the video.

Cheers to what ever else Queen Bey has in store for 2015. Keep spinning while your hands up & don’t you drop that alcohol.

Check out the video below: