Holy Grail Hair Products

I haven’t shared any monthly, quarterly, or favorites in quite some time. Life has been crazy and hectic, but in a good way and I’ve had to make changes. The key change was finding a hairstyle that took little maintenance. My go to hair style for years has been braids. They’re easy, I do them myself, and switch it up when I want. So why not share my holy grail hair products, right? Right.

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My Hair Routine / Hair Journey

In my younger years I always took pride in my hair. I had great length, it was strong, long, and I could style it however I wanted. At the age of 10 or so I got my first relaxer, Just For Me Kids. Even after my relaxer my hair was still always in a protective style of braids. I know that you should take breaks with braids, but my hair wasn’t always braided with extensions. Most of the time my Β natural hair was braided. I would go months on end without a relaxer. I was never on a schedule and it always boiled down to me never unending one because my hair was primarily braided. During my freshman year of high school I got my first haircut and I absolutely hated it. Being that I did I stopped caring about my hair and I felt like I couldn’t control it and style it like I once had. As time went on I stopped taking care of my hair and resorted to half wigs. It gave me the length, automatic style, and low maintenance that I wanted, but I did not protect my natural hair underneath.

I went on throughout college still relaxing my hair and rinsing my hair, adding tracks here and there, wearing braids occasionally and experimenting more with wigs. At one point I completely gave up with my hair and would just twist it, put a wig on, and go about my business. One time I did not untwist my hair and just left it there and when I went to take it out I could not and I had to cut my hair and it was cut really low. I’ve never had my hair cut that short and I was insecure at first, but I understood what people meant when they said it was liberating. It was low maintenance and I could wash and go whenever I pleased.

During this time I started to use DooGrow products in hopes of my hair growing faster and though I don’t feel that the products helped immensely with the growth I absolutely loved the deep conditioner.


It took no time for my hair to grow back and once it did I became stuck again on how to style and wear it so I resorted back to wigs and braids which I wore throughout my last year of college. With a new year I wanted something different and I decided to ditch the natural lifestyle and relax my hair. I posted in a ‘Beauty Haul’ back in January the products I bought and I’ve been happy ever since.

I’m currently using TRESemme shampoo and conditioner. I do leave the conditioner in for about a half hour and once I wash it out I have begun to use the Organix argon oil in my damn hair before blow drying.


I got the argon oil in the Moroccan Argon Oil 3 Step Kit. It came with a shampoo, conditioner, and the argon oil. The set was so tiny, but the oil goes a long way. I do need to stop by Ulta and pick up the full size because it’s one product that I want to continuously use in my hair even if I do change shampoo & conditioner.

Once I’ve blow-dried my hair I spray the TRESemme heat protectant, flat iron my hair after sectioning it off, and once I’m done I spray oil sheen. I’ve recently started using Motions. Before I cut my hair I had been using Olive Oil hair spray.


When it comes to oiling my scalp, especially with braids, I’ve been using this product called ‘hair food,’ I have noticed that a little goes a long way and that there is no need to saturate my hair with the product.

I do need to research and find more of a permanent hair routine, but the one I’m currently working with is great. I wash my hair every two weeks and lately I’ve co-washed in between. I only flat iron my hair every two weeks. If it’s getting crazy I just pull it back into a low ponytail (since it isn’t long enough yet for a long one) or twist it back and throw on a beanie. I love winter because you can get away with wearing a hat all day every day.

I do need to find a leave in conditioner and I do want to try out other shampoos and conditioners along with hair masks every now and then. For the most part I’m very happy with my hair routine, but I’m not fully content. For now, it works.