Cheers to 25

It’s official, I’m 25 and this post is long overdue. I mean to post on my actual birthday, October 15th, but as life would have it, I didn’t. I then meant to post it Sunday or Monday, again I just didn’t.

Did I enjoy my mini break/hiatus. Ok, I wouldn’t necessarily┬ácall it a hiatus, but I did enjoy a break. I love creating content and sharing it with anyone who reads it. Sometimes a break is what you need to really enjoy and live in the moment. That was the dose of reality I needed.

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Project Pre-K: Valentine’s Day

Welcome to another edition of my Project Pre-K series. I really love creating projects for children and in doing so I draw a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. From there I put my own twist on the project taking it a step further.

It’s February so a Valentine project was a must. I loved the holiday projects that the kids made and they stayed up throughout December and January. The Valentine project took little to no time to create and cut out for the kids and it can work beyond Valentine’s day.

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