Project Pre-K | Superhero Father’s Day Card

The school year is ending and I’m pretty sure this is my last project of the year. I may do one in the summer, not sure about that yet. It’s Father’s Day so I had to do a card for the dads. For Mother’s day I did a quick & easy card that said:

Mom you are oFISHally … the best.

The kids colored two fish, one to represent their mom and one to represent them. I grabbed some blue construction paper, glued them on, and voila. Really quick & easy, but super cute. For Father’s Day, I was having trouble finding ideas and with 16 students, it had to be something cheap and of course, quick & easy.

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Project Pre-K: 5 Easy Holiday Projects

Happy Happy Holidays! This time of year I love to create projects with the kids at my job as well as my nephews because the possibilities are endless. In this ‘Project Pre-K’ I’ll be sharing 5 super easy projects for the holidays.

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Project Pre-K: Happy ThanksMINION

As I mentioned in my initial “Project Pre-K,” I would be sharing projects that I create with the children at my job along with my nephews here and there. My job officially has a hallway filled with FALL FESTIVITY. There’s a tree with family pictures. Each child was given a leaf to decorate and include a picture of they’re family. It turned out super cute so that’s a project in itself. Then there’s a turkey with feathers with the feathers stating what each child is thankful for. For 3 and 4 year olds the answers are very interesting. Then there’s the scarecrows and turkeys from Pinterest, then there’s my windows.

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Project Pre-K: Monster Window

Aside from blogging which would be an ideal dream job in my head, my full-time job is working with preschoolers. My favorite part of my job is definitely the projects. I’ve also helped decorating other rooms in the daycare and I’ll be sharing those during this new series on my blog, Project Pre-K. These projects are target towards Pre-K students, but could be simplified for toddlers as well.

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