February Recap

February has come and gone and we are now in the first week of March. As usual, I wanted to share my planner recap with you all.

My least favorite layout was the week of the 15th-21st. This was the week I just wasn’t inspired to plan. It’s the week I decided I needed to readjust my filming schedule. Everyone has a reason for why they plan and what the planning process does for them. For me it is calming and entices me to actually get things done on a daily basis instead of cramming everything for the weekend.

My favorite layout for the month would definitely be my layout for the week of  the 22nd-28th. I love how it turned out being that it was pretty empty when I started. I used the rest of a kit from the Fabulously Planned mystery kit and I wasn’t sure how I was going to fill up all the white space. I loved my theme for Valentine’s Day week, but it was really busy. I loved that I was able to accomplish a no white space spread, but having the white space makes it easier to build layouts throughout the weeks.

CLICK HERE to check out my latest plan with me for the week of February 29th Also be sure to click all links highlighted to purchase stickers used and to see the initial posts before the ink.

February Monthly 


This Month Currently


February 1st-7th | Super Bowl Week 


Stickers/washi used:

February 8th-14th | Valentine’s Day Week 


Stickers/washi used:

February 15th-21st 


Stickers/washi used:

February 22nd-28th


Stickers/washi used:

Plan With Me: February 29th – March 6th

Welcome to another Plan With Me. I have a lot of fun spreads that are coming this month along with a new schedule. I will have at least 2 spreads a month just to give myself a break and stick to the essence of why I began planning. You will get to see all my spreads in my monthly recap for sure. As for what’s to come for March that’s planner related:

  • March Plan With Me
  • ‘This Month Currently’ Plan With Me
  • Plan With Me | St. Patrick’s Day Theme using Sticky Essentials
  • Plan With Me | Easter Theme using JuJuAllOver

Also don’t forget to check out my Planning for Beginners series:

Let’s get into this week


I kept it really simple this week. I had received donut stickers as a sampler from the Etsy shop Sticky Essentials and I decided to create a sweet treat theme. I liked the layout that I had did from the previous week with my top 3 of the day in the To Do section and then everything else just fell into place.

The huge donut sticky note on the side was from the Target One Spot and the TV stickers were from Etsy shop, JuJuAllOver. I love how open the spread is and I have a lot of space to fill in throughout the week. The bottom section is really for the odds and ends of the week although I do have my blog posts tracked on the bottom.

The newest edition to my weekly layouts is the ‘Habit Tracker.’ I had some extra from a kit I purchased from the Etsy shop Fabulously Planned and the grey just worked in this week. I use it to track whether I’ve posted on Instagram/Twitter. It’s so much easier than adding the icon to each day. I check off if I did or leave it blank if I didn’t.

Going forward this week I need to do better at writing out my list for the next day at night while it’s fresh on my mind and actually checking things off. I can go Monday through Thursday checking things off and while I’m getting done what’s on my To Do list Friday – Sunday, I never mark it.

Below are links to the stickers featured or similar styles. Stay tuned for more plandemonium here on the blog!

Planner Gift Guide For Beginners

If you are a planner addict trying to pass on your obsession to your friends, what better gift to give than a planner package. The following items are all that are needed to get create a new planner addict. If you have a friend that is interested in what you obsess over yet doesn’t know where to start, this package is a simplified way to show them yet not overwhelm them.

The basics to the planner gift guide for beginners are:

  • planner
  • pens
  • washi
  • stickers


Sounds pretty basic and generic, but if you’re a planner addict you know that those four categories are extremely broad. Let’s start with planners. I currently use the Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner, but there’s the Erin Condren Life Planner, Plum Paper Planner, Filofax, and many more. The key to purchasing the planner for a friend would first be price. You don’t want to waste your money on a design they wouldn’t particularly use. Ask them and show them options before making a purchase. Whether it’s vertical, horizontal, hourly, or a personal size, you can find a planner for that. Keep in mind the future planner not so much your personal preference.

If they are into vertical I’d recommend either the Happy Planner or the Plum Paper Planner since they are cheaper yet offer similar details like the Erin Condren Life Planner. Yet if you’re a planner addict, an EC planner addict in particular, then you can easily give a planner away without breaking the bank. Click below to purchase the planners mentioned:

Next up are pens. A lot of buzz worthy brands in the planner world range from Staedtler, Sharpie, Papermate, and Frixion. Simply put, you don’t need a fancy pen to get to planning, but I personally would not recommend the Papermate Inkjoy (100 1.0M). Instead, I really like the Papermate Flare pens because they do not bleed through and there’s a great color selection. Click below to purchase the pens mentioned:

Washi is a really easy one. There’s so many that you can buy, but I think that for a beginner a role of washi in multiple colors, not so much print, would allow them to create different designs. In addition, they’ll really get a feel for the product. Washi is great and easily removable. There’s thin washi, thick washi. Giving a variety to a planner addict is ideal, but a tube of washi similar to what’s sold at Michaels would be ideal. If you can’t get your hands on a tube you cold give  a set of thin along with a design you know they love. Below are links to some of my favorite styles of washi:

Lastly, STICKERS! Now this is where it can get overwhelming for a beginning yet an addict becomes a hoarder. I would recommend buying stickers from local Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, Five Below, Dollar Tree, etc. Buy functional stickers along with stickers they can use to decorate. When buying washi, you could even go as far as buying stickers to coordinate with the washi you picked out. Don’t go too crazy, just give them options. The cheapest route to go is if you can get your hands on any of the Darice/Creatology $1 sticker books. Great for decorative purposes.

You can also gift them an Etsy e-gift card with lists to your favorite Etsy shops and stickers you’d think they like. This time of year it’s hard to get stickers by the date, but as a new planner they should get a feel of what type of stickers they’d want to get. Below are 5 of my favorite etsy shops:

When it comes to packaging this, I’d suggest a nice gift bag. It’ll be big enough to fit the planner along with a clear storage box to hold all the washi, stickers, pens you purchased them. To add the final touch, decorate a layout or two to show your friend different ways to decorate. As one of my friends called a planner a “glorified sticker book,” you can show your friend just how functional it can really be.


Plan With Me: October 12th-18th

It’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK! It’s finally almost October 15th. I meant to get this post up yesterday, October 11th, but I never got around to doing so. It’s been a long yet amazing weekend. I went to a wedding over the weekend and when I got back home, I automatically crashed.

So goals for this week,

  • uploading my finished posts
  • drinking more water
  • staying positive

A lot of more content is coming such as the renewal of my Motivational Monday series, of course more planner overload, but also a few fashion posts along with holiday decor & organization. Also, my series Sound OFF is starting back up. Lots of hot topics to discuss.

Getting back to this post, here’s my layout from last week, October 5th-11th, completely filled out. Also, be sure to check out my September Recap HERE!


When it came to planning my layout for this week, I was going for a sweet treat theme. There’s a macaron set that I had purchased from xoMamaPlans on Etsy (check her YouTube HERE) and I wanted the layout to be centered around that, but the colors are pretty muted. So, I went into my sticker stash and used up the full boxes I had from the obsolete Etsy shop, Pixels & Poppies and put those in the middle section.

I didn’t do the typical sidebar that I have done for the past 3 weeks with my TV shows, instead I used the TV icon from RorysSweetAddictions layered with an Erin Condren sticker and I wrote in my shows. I’ll probably go back to the TV show sidebar next week. In place of my typical sidebar, I added hydrate stickers from TwoKraftyChicks which also helped to cover the pen marks from last week.

Another challenge I had this week was to mark off my Instagram posts being that I’ve basically run out of the Instagram stickers that I love from AStickyMonster. To maximize the stickers I have left, I took the MDN headers from LillieHenry and put an instagram sticker on Monday to indicate that the labels were specifically for those posts. To fill in the remainder empty spaces, i added Erin Condren quotes and cupcake washi tape.

I blocked off my entire birthday with the full boxes I mentioned and I layered that with a sticker from Erin Condren and cute kawaii cupcake. I left the day pretty empty other than that to add anything else. Also, I couldn’t forget to add my Steelers stickers. We play two games this week. Oh the joy (and added stress.. lol) of my birthday week.

Overall I absolutely love how this layout turned out. I add throughout the week as well. Below are links to stickers used along with my weekly plan with me video. ENJOY!


Washi Tape / Stickers Used:

Plan With Me August 3rd – 9th

Cheers to another Plan With Me. Check out last weeks edition here. My planning video and planning playlist are down below PLUS direct links to the stickers used. Enjoy!


Stickers Used: