Planning In My Ring Planner

Cheers to another blog post. I’ve finally figured out a schedule. I will have a planner related post to share with you all every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Of course I’ll have other post sprinkled in here and there, especially my Sound Off series. I hope you all stay tuned and if you have any particular requests, just leave a comment.

I previously shared a flip through of my ring planner and I wanted to share how I plan. This is not like my Happy Planner in which I had an overload of stickers. This is a bit more simple with decorative touches.

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Personal Rings Planner Flip

I’m finally back. I can’t believe it’s been a month, minus a day, since my last blog post. Sometimes we just need a break to get it all together. I’ve contemplated whether or not I’ve wanted to keep blogging. I still enjoy it, I have ideas, it’s just A matter of making time. So, what’s to come? My usual. Whatever interests me, I share. That’s anything lifestyle plus topics that most of us can relate to. Stay tuned. I’m officially back and the content is better than ever.

To get back into the swing of thins I wanted to share my current planner set up. I mean, I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t come back guns blazing with a planner post. Right? Let’s go with that.

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Hobby Lobby Clearance Haul | Over $30 in Savings

Hey there hey! I’m back with another Hobby Haul and I have 2 more hauls that I want to share that will be coming soon. I’ve been shopping a hell of a lot these past 2 months, but at least everything I purchased was on sale, right? I purchase what I know I will use. I’m the type of person to walk around with a cart/basket full of shiz before making a purchase. I also calculate and compare any clearance deals to the regular price to see if it’s truly bang for my buck. Anywho, enough rambling. Let’s get into the haul with the full price breakdown.

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Chaotic Visions | The Honey B Shop

Calling ALL planner lovers. I have a very special edition of the 8th installment of ChaoticVisions. In this series, I showcase amazing female entrepreneurs, their brands, and their roads to success. Oh yeah, let’s not forget it’s Day 4 of BLOGMAS!

I’m so excited to share sticker extraordinaire, Shannon Brewer. She has taken over the planner game with her Etsy shop, The Honey B Shop. With over 48,000 sales, her designs have become top picks in the every growing and changing planner community.

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Plan With Me: B6 Traveler’s Notebook

November already? I wanted to share a spread of how I’m currently planning. I’m using a B6 traveler’s notebook filled with 3 mini journals (lined/dot grid/grid) and other goodies. The one I use for weekly planning is a lined journal that can be found anywhere. With stickers, washi, and my handy dandy pens, I turned bland into grand (cheesy, I know).

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Sunday Rant (V.4): Getting Organized

As I get ready to head out to my nephew’s birthday party I went out to Staples to pick up something that I’ve been eyeing that I came across through a post by Play.Love.Laugh.Respect. I know I might be new to this M by Staples Arc System, but I absolutely love and knew it was something I would need. I recently just posted my Home Management Binder + Filing System post with my planner organization being a bonus in that post. Well, truth is, I wasn’t happy with my planner. I was making great use of it, but it wasn’t neat like I wanted it to be, color coded how it usually is, and I didn’t really like to take it out. Plus it was only being used for my blogging schedule, and I wanted to expand and what better way than with a customizable planner. There are plenty of people that can design their own. I came across a unique one here. Me on the other hand I found this M by Staples Arc System collection perfect and customizable enough for me to add what I want. Here’s what I purchased:


I picked up the 8.5″x5.5″ customizable notebook system along with the 2014 weekly & monthly refill, the to do refill paper, and the poly tab dividers. I also needed a legal pad for meetings so I snagged one of those for $1 on my way to the checkout.

My planner before was from Target and although it was functional I just didn’t like it.

My new planner is much thicker than my other one, but I added more things to it. I did not use all the dividers, I only used 3 out of the 5. I divided mine in: ‘To Do,’ ‘Planner,’ and ‘Notes.’ I put the ‘To Do’ before the planner section just to keep track of the tasks at hand for the day. I love that this planner does offer extensions in stores and online in either 1″-1.5.” The other two things that I would like to add are the business card holders and the poly zip pockets. Check out everything about M by Staples Arc System here.

My new planner organization will consist of organizing by color for my events/appointments/meetings, birthdays, pay day, etc. I will also be sure to use my To-Do list on the regular. Also the notes will be for miscellaneous things I want to keep track of such as confirmation numbers from bills that are paid. I did not use all of the paper because I did not need to so I have plenty of refills for the time being and will be adding those to my stationary stash.

My main dislike about this planner was that the stickers for dividers keep raising up. If you would like a cuter design check out the Martha Stewart Collection: Discbound Notebooks.

Yes I will be tossing my old planner and yes I will be spending my day organizing my new one.

As for what’s coming up this week stay tuned for my Grammy Review, the latest music, and all things football leading up to Super Bowl Sunday next week 2.1.14.

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

Spicy Saturday (V.3) — My Home Management Binder + Filing System

I’ve been meaning to get back into my home management binder for a while. I’ve completely loss track of everything and it wasn’t updated from 2012. I just threw stuff in it, but it wasn’t functional. I also have a filing system that kept my school billing, bank statements, tax info, etc., but it was messy and unorganized as well. I decided to spend the day cleaning and getting it back to being functional. The filing system is complete, but I need to add a few things here and there to my home management binder. Here’s the before:

Read more to see how I transformed my system:

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