Inexpensive Sticker Storage | Cheap Planning

I love sharing inexpensive storage options with you all and I thought it’d be the perfect time to share how I store my stickers. Hopefully from the options listed below y’all find one to help you get your sticker stash under control.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Hobby Lobby Clearance Haul | Over $30 in Savings

Hey there hey! I’m back with another Hobby Haul and I have 2 more hauls that I want to share that will be coming soon. I’ve been shopping a hell of a lot these past 2 months, but at least everything I purchased was on sale, right? I purchase what I know I will use. I’m the type of person to walk around with a cart/basket full of shiz before making a purchase. I also calculate and compare any clearance deals to the regular price to see if it’s truly bang for my buck. Anywho, enough rambling. Let’s get into the haul with the full price breakdown.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Hobby Lobby Clearance Haul | Over $50 in Savings

Back at it with yet another haul. We’re 4 days into January and there’s so much that I want to share with you all so expect a little bit of this and a little bit of that. This post is another Hobby Lobby clearance haul with a full price breakdown. Goal for February? Slow the hell down on spending and get more crafting done. In the meantime, let’s get into this haul.

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What’s In My NEW Planner Bag

On a roll with the posts? I think so. I have so many ideas of content I want to share with you guys so I’ll keep posting and posting. Hopefully you find something you enjoy whether it’s a dose of motivation, a reason to buy something, or just a laugh or two with my commentary. Who knows, Whatever the case, hopefully you stick around for more. This post is a planner related post. Hi there, I’m Lakia and I like to plan. I like to share what I buy for my planner. I like to give tips and tricks on planning. Trust me, it’s ALL BUDGET FRIENDLY! I have a new planner bag and I wanted to share what’s inside so let’s get to it shall we.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Target, Dollar Tree, Five Below HAUL

I’ve accumulated some amazing finds from Target, Dollar Tree and Five Below over the past few days. All of the items were from 30 cents, yes 30 cents to $5. The items range from gifts to decor and of course, planner goodies.

Target One Spot 


I went into Target for deodorant and pads yet I was sidetracked by the One Spot, as usual, and all of the Easter goodies that were on sale. I ended up purchasing what I went in for, but I was there for a lot loner scanning items. From the new Summer line that’s out I purchased a list pad, page flags, and sticky notes. I will say that Target is getting skimpy with the post-its. Yes they come in a pack of 2 for a $1, but it’s only 30 sheets each compared to what used to be 50 sheets each. As for the Easter goodies I scored the plaid pail for $1.50 (originally $5) and the list pads and the sock were 30 cents each from $1.

Dollar Tree


I haven’t really found much in the Dollar Trees in my area that I have seen online such as the cute sweet treat list pad and sticky note set or any of the emoji list pads / sticky notes. There was a new Dollar Tree that opened in my area and when I walked in I was happy to find some of what I had seen, not the emoji stuff, but the thin washi tape. The store was a mess though. the shelves were in a complete disarray and there were boxes on boxes of stuff everywhere.

I did end up buying Paw Patrol magic towels for my nephews plus a basket to rotate their toys from upstairs to downstairs. For myself I picked up the display eisels, one small and large. The small one will sit on my desk with my business cards and the large one is for my planner. I can always move it to my kitchen as well to hold a cookbook.

Five Below


My nephews absolutely love Five Below, but I’m really all about shopping in the $1-$3 price range. I will say that Five Below is a great place to find value gifts. I purchased a $5 for my 3 year old nephew. The real deal was a 100 piece Minion art set that had stickers, a coloring book, markers, crayons, stencils, and paints. Awesome deal for $5. The only one I saw of that set was for the Minions, but it’d be great if there were more. As for what’s on trend that was available, there’s Frozen of course plus some Paw Patrol and Finding Dory. 


Ikea Raskog Setup

I purchased my Ikea Raskog back in May and I’m finally content enough with the set up to share. For those who do not know what the Ikea Raskog is, it’s simply a three tiered rolling cart that has become a hot commodity in the planner world. If you can’t get your hands on a raskog cart, click the links below to purchase similar styles:

While the styles above are not exactly like the Ikea Raskog, you can still achieve the same set up I have to store all of your planner goodies. Let’s start at the top. IMG_2653

The top houses my most frequently used supplies including: washi, stickers, 2016 planner, and travel bag. I separated my MAMBI Happy Planner so I keep the 2016 on top until I use it and then the 2015 one will be stored there. Then there’s my washi which I store in a snap ware container. Then there’s my stickers  which I have divided from Etsy stickers in the green binder, other stickers in a mini binder, and then my Darice sticker books are stored. I have other stickers along with my storage case that I take with me from time to time. The bins clipped to the outside house markers and those bins were purchased from Target. Click the links below for more details into my washi and sticker collections:


Moving on to the middle section. I have two baskets and some storage bags. The storage bags I don’t reach for that often, but they’re there. The two baskets were purchased 2 for $5 from AC Moore. This section has all of the list pads that I’ve accumulated primarily from Target. One has some that are still packaged and the other has ones that are not. Even though I love spacing out my lists in my planner, sometimes a larger list is needed or I can make a note. I also use them to plan out my week. I’ve accumulated quite a bit, but I’ll find a use for them.



The last shelf holds my post-its, journal cards/paper pads, and mini notebooks. Before I purchased my Erin Condren notebook, I was using the mini notebooks for on the go blog planning. I’ve also used them to track my Etsy sticker purchases/coupon codes.My favorite part is my post-its. I reused a first aid kit container and stuffed all my post-its inside. Love, love, love it. You don’t necessarily need post-its for planning, but they’re nice to have on hand for other things.




For a closer look at my stash, check out the detailed video below:



Updated Sticker Storage + Collection

My initial sticker storage consisted of a lot of loose stickers in pencil cases and accordion folders, but now they’re more consolidated. AS a planner, your stickers need to be easy to get to and with the previous way I stored my stickers, they were not.


Let’s start with my storage. I use:

  • 1 large binder (Etsy stickers)
  • 1 mini binder (stickers purchased from Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, etc.)
  • 2 disc bound books
  • post-it pockets
  • photo pockets

In my previous system I used the photo keeper to hold my Etsy stickers, but then I switched to an accordion system. I had those stickers separated by shop before separating them by type. The worse thing about planning is to get stressed over it. The key to a successful sticker storage is to be able to get to your stickers as easily as possible.


With my new system I have been able to consolidate all of my stickers and I can grab them with ease. To create my Etsy binder I cut white file folders in half and hot glued the stickers on to the folders. They’re kind of sorta organized by page flags/checklists, half boxes, icons, and football. My favorite page would have to be my “sampler” page which I glued all my loose stickers and any sampler sheet I’ve received. Check out the Etsy stores I frequently use:

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Then with the mini binder I separated all my stickers in sheet protectors from Erin Condren to Heidi Swapp to further break downs for holidays and seasons. I plan to buy another mini binder to separate my seasonal stickers. My current mini binder is jammed pack, so separating the seasonal stickers will definitely slim it down.

My $1 sticker books from Micahels (Darice/Creatology) I store in my disc bound system. You can find more details on how I set that up HERE. The rest of my stickers I don’t use as much so that’s why they’re in the post-it pockets and photo pockets.

Check out my detailed video below and be sure to click the links above. Enjoy!