Plan With Me: March 14th – 20th

Welcome to a new Plan With Me. I have noted in previous posts that I will be doing at least two plan with me’s per month. So this week, St. Patrick’s week plus next week, Easter Week, will feature plan with me’s. If you’re new to the blog, check out what’s new on Chaotic Critic below plus be sure to click all highlighted links throughout the post.

This spread featured a kit from Sticky Essentials which I featured in a recent Etsy sticker haul (click HERE). For this spread I wanted to stick with stickers specifically from this kit minus the decorative stickers.

On the sampler sheet there were 12 checklists and I’ve been loving making my daily to do’s my daily top 3. This is great way to maximize your stickers as well. The checklists featured 6 which I cut in half so I have enough to complete another spread when I want. As for the icons, I placed them throughout the spread to mark bills and other important notes throughout the week. I then layered them with a page flag. I also used the page flags to mark my blog posts for the week.


The full boxes went into the middle section and to fill the gap I used the half boxes included the kit. The kit did include half boxes with horseshoes, but I opted to use the ones with the clover and plaid instead. The half boxes will be filled in with what I’m watching for the week.

As for my sidebar I use it to track social media and I’ve been loving using weekly habit stickers. Before I would my track my Instagram posts daily, but I used a habit tracker sticker from Fabulously Planned and ever since then I love the concept. It’s easier to manage. I also track my assignments for the week.

I’ve been loving leaving the empty space and building my spread throughout the week. I thought that I would prefer “no white space” spreads, but I really love seeing the paper. Filling the middle section is as far as I plan to go with complete “no white space.” That section as a “today” section to place my bills, appointments, and other events.

My favorite about this kit was that the full boxes and half boxes were St. Patrick’s day themed. Everything else was pretty neutral to use in future spreads. I’ve seen other spreads that feature shamrock checklists, but I love this design so much better.

The decorative stickers were purchased from AC Moore and I split the stickers with my friend. That’s the great thing about planning when you have friends that are into it like you are. Well, close enough. Links to stickers used will be below plus a few alternatives.

Planning For Beginners: Etsy Stickers 101

Welcome to another edition in my Planning For Beginners where I’m talking all things Etsy stickers. In my previous installment I talked about stickers to start you up, but Etsy stickers are in that realm as well. It can be an overwhelming marketplace where you don’t even know where to begin because it’s as if everyone has an Etsy shop. Below I’ll be sharing tips on getting started. Check out my previous installments below and be sure to click all links highlighted throughout the post.

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Plan With Me | March’This Month Currently’ | Happy Planner


The Happy Planner features a page called ‘This Month Currently’ at the end of each month. You can use this to track goals for the month or you can use it to track what you actually did for the month. I did not use this page efficiently last year (July-December) and it was one thing that I wanted to incorporate in my planning. Be sure to check out my March Monthly spread HERE.


Similar to how I decorated my February page, I broke out my washi. I don’t use washi in every single spread, so this page is a great way for me to make use of my washi and have fun with it. I used the same washi in my March monthly spread so it was a great segue between the two. I went for an Easter theme using stickers from Hobby Lobby and the Darice sticker book that I scored for 10 cents last year. I really wanted to cover up what the ‘This Month Currently’ had listed simply because I wouldn’t be using it. There is shadowing, but that doesn’t bother me since I plan on adding over it.

I covered that portion with washi and I can add anything there to document what I did for the month. Last month I glued in my movie ticket from Deadpool and I really want to see Gods of Egypt this month so that may be going their as well. I also will be going to do Wine & Painting with my friends so that will be noted as well.

This page is all about memory planing. I don’t have to cram it into my weekly spread when I have the space to do it here. I covered the perpetual calendar on top with washi and I added cards on the side to fill in the other sections such as: birthdays, I am grateful for, and important dates. I will not be covering that side every single month, but for this month it just worked.

If you’re interested in the ‘This Month Currently,’ you can download it from MAMBI HERE. Below are links to stickers/washi used:

Plan With Me: March 2016

Goodbye February and HELLO MARCH! I wanted to share my monthly spread with you all was well as reminding you of my new planning schedule. I will be providing at least two plan with me’s per month not including my monthly layout. This will avoid any redundancy in my monthly recaps. Be sure to check out my February recap HERE. Also be sure to click all links highlighted throughout the post.


For this month I went with an Easter design since Easter falls early this year. The stickers are from a Darice sticker book that I purchased last year from Michaels for just 10 cents. Yes, 10 cents. Try to get the sticker books off season and you’ll get a great deal.

I didn’t want to add too much to my spread simply because I don’t use it throughout the month. It’s a reference, but it’s great to mark off bills, events, appointments at-a-glance. I don’t have much going  on this month, but I loved using the Target Up&UP neon Labels to mark my bills. I cut them in half and then another cut to turn them into page flags. I usually used a decorative sticker to mark my bills, but I love this way so much more.

Also instead of marking my pay days with ‘Pay Day’ stickers, I like covering the number with a money sticker to note it. It’s easier and takes up less space. The sidebar features any appointments or events I have for the month. I did this in February and it took away the clutter of marking my chiropractor appointments every single Tuesday. This month I have not only my appointments, but a Wine & Painting date I’ll have with my friends on Good Friday. Again, not taking up space in the monthly spread with a huge sticker.

The only thing that I add throughout the month are gas stickers because I do like to track how much I’m spending in that area.

I love the clean look of this spread. It’s functional and if need be, I have space left throughout the month and the sidebar to add. This is definitely my favorite monthly spread that I’ve done this year. I’ve finally found a system that works and keeps the clutter away. Check out the stickers/washi used below:

Plan With Me: January 4th-10th

Welcome to my first official plan with me of 2016. I’m adding a lot of content to the blog this year with the goal of monthly themes. This month is all about focusing on cleansing the mind, body, and spirit. I’m decluttering areas around me and getting focused and back on track. I’ve started my declutter series and my Motivational Monday series will be starting back next monday which I can’t wait to share. Thanks in advance to all the readers/followers. I really hope you enjoy the content coming your way.

Last week was New Years week and I used printables for my spread. I added in some sticky notes that I purchased from Target along with a few icon stickers. If you are beginning to plan, Target has really stepped up their game as far as catering to the ever growing planner community. Check out my full spread from last week below:


As for this week I didn’t really have a theme. I just filled out the middle section with pre-cut scrapbook paper. The brown really worked well with the bottom. I then went into my sticker binder to see what stickers I could use to make this layout work. I knew there were things I wanted to get done this week from a general list to daily tasks.

For 2016 I plan on using my planner in three general sections, but the middle section switches up depending on the week. Sometimes its to do while other times it marks appointments I may have. It could switch up, but I definitely enjoy the three different sections. Take a closer look at my layout, before the ink, below:


Aside from the checklists, football stickers, weekend banner, and trash cans, everything else is a sticky note. I incorporated a lot of the sticky notes from Target this week to mark my blog posts and Monday/Tuesday marks my TV shows. I’ve been enjoying the simplicity of the post-it notes. They’re great if you don’t have headers and you can layer any type of sticker on top.

This layout is definitely one of my simpler layouts, but this layout shows that you don’t necessarily need Etsy stickers to make the planner work. You can use different colored pens and sticky notes to create a spread. I used fewer Etsy stickers in this spread then I have previously, but I’ve been enjoying using the sticky notes I’ve been hoarding from Target. Click the links below to purchase stickers used in this spread.

Happy Mail | Pineapple Paper Co.

I was lucky and fortunate enough to be chosen as a PR member for the Etsy shop Pineapple Paper Co. There are a lot of changes that are happening with the brand and I’m excited to share what’s to come with the shop here on the blog and on my Instagram, @chaoticcritic so be sure to follow along. I wanted to share the welcome package with you all since I’ll be using the stickers in my upcoming plan with me.



The owner, Lizzy, sent 8 sheets of stickers and I cannot wait to use them. The layout for the upcoming week will be the fall sampler sheet along with the full and half boxes. I went back and took some of the October sampler stickers and put them in my previous weeks. I did a previous fall layout for the week of September 21st-27th, but another orange and brown layout should be interesting. Also I’ll be using a Chevron print in the following week (11/9 – 11/15) for a Lung Cancer theme so that’ll be fun.

Opposed to other samplers, this one is pretty basic. It doesn’t have icons, but if you have icons or want to draw your own in you can. There’s also no weekend banner, but the sampler is versatile for the month of October as the sheet says, but works well in November as well. Don’t limit yourself to using a sampler for a specific month. Spread out your colors and have fun.


The other stickers that she sent will be great for when I do “blue/teal” layouts; especially the weekend banners. the blog banners I’ll try to fit in with my current layouts, but use the fainter blue shades. You’ll also see the updates for the shop throughout my layouts with the stickers sent. Lasty I love the birthday cakes, but my favorite is the laundry sheet. For those that love big stickers or little ones, you get the best of both worlds with this sheet. Also having an array of colors makes easier to apply to any layout. Stickers such as laundry and birthday, even trash cans and TVs, are  great to have on hand because you know that you’ll use them. I really love that this laundry sheet comes in the two different sizes.

The Etsy shop will reopen as of Monday, 11/2, and the website is scheduled to launch on November 6th. Of course I’ll be sharing lots more information on the shop throughout the months. To keep up with all Pineapple Paper Co. updates be sure to follow the links below:

Erin Condren Unboxing

I took the plunge and make an official Erin Condren purchase. Official as in, something I can actually write in.  My first purchase was the classic sticker book. With that purchase I received some freebies along with a $10 off my next purchase. So I decided to go ahead and purchase the notebook. I still can’t justify paying $50 for a planner.

Want to save $10 off your first order. Use my referral link HERE!

I wanted to use the $10 off coupon code and there was a limited time promotion on the interchangeable covers, BOGO, buy one, get one. I first went and put two covers, plus the simple notebook in my cart, but the additional covers weren’t necessary for me right now. If it was a planner, that’d be different. So I was stuck between whether I wanted to buy the “Keep It Simple” notebook or the “Deluxe” notebook. The “Keep It Simple” notebook was $22 while the “Deluxe” was $35. In adding the monthly calendar for an additional $15, that’d bring the deluxe cost to $50, same price as a life planner. Both planners come in either 7″ x 9″ or the traditional 8.5″ x 11″. I opted for the smaller size and I really didn’t want to pay $35 for a notebook.

While I love how customizable my Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner is, Erin Condren’s customization should not be ignored. You can customize not only the cover, but you can customize stickers, even going as far as adding pictures. Also, the cover durability is AMAZING and it comes with both front and back which when ordering the Happy Planner covers, you only get the front. Also there’s so many different variations of products outside of the notebook including cult favorites:

As I have received my “Keep It Simple” notebook, I’m probably going to be ordering the deluxe before the year is over. I’m using the notebook as a brain dump notebook, but I love the extra perks of the deluxe. For the additional $8, you’d receive two sheets of blank stickers, a double-sided “keep it together” folder and a pouch in the back. I should have purchased the deluxe which, including shipping, would have came to around $35.

Also with shipping, I don’t see the big deal of the whole $9.99. I paid the standard $7.99 and received my notebook very quickly. I ordered on September 14th and it wasn’t supposed to ship until the week of September 21st. I received it Saturday, September 19th, way ahead of the expected scheduled shipment.

Want to save $10 off your first order. Use my referral link HERE!

In addition to the notebook, I purchased the “customizable event stickers” and customized them for an additional $2, so $4 total. I also purchased the “designer do it all dots” for $4. As noted, I’m in love with the quality of the cover, but I’m not a fan of that ruler. I took it off to try to put it inside of the notebook and that was a fail. I also wish the notebook had more blank pages. Still in all, great quality for $22. You could also purchase the “ready to ship” version for $16 and just purchase an additional cover for $10.95, $15.95 for metallic, if interested.

For those that aren’t into daily planning, I highly recommend the EC Deluxe Notebook with the calendar added in. Also there’s dividers that are sold for $6 each or there are “ready to ship” packs sold for $14. I will for sure be making another Erin Condren purchase. $35 for the deluxe notebook and what it comes with really isn’t a bad price at all. My birthday IS right around the corner.


IMG_2235 IMG_2231

Want to save $10 off your first order. Use my referral link HERE!

Planner Haul Featuring Target, Michaels, & AC Moore

I’m officially PLANNER OBSESSED! Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been purchasing items to decorate my planner and keep it organized from Target, Dollar Tree, and Michaels. I LOVE Michaels way more than I love AC Moore AC Moore just isn’t appealing to me anymore. As for Michaels I love the coupons that they offer constantly and every single one in my area that I’ve been to has more of a variety. Below are close up pictures of the items of purchased from each store:

Close up of Washi Tape (Michaels)
Close up of Washi Tape (Michaels)
Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree

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