Fall Memory Keeping | Plum Paper Planner

Welcome to another post here on the blog and this is officially my last FALL post of the year. Let the Christmas overload begin! In this post I wanted to share some pages from November in my Plum Paper planner since I really didn’t share any planning in my Happy Planner. I’ll be using my Plum Paper for play planning, mock spreads, memory keeping, whatever you want to call it. I have a review coming soon, plus all the planners I’ll be using in 2017. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can check out my Planning for 2017 series HERE.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Plan With Me | Hello November

Why hello there November. I wanted to share my first week spread with you all. My Planning for 2017 series is coming this week and giveaways are coming in December on the blog. Before we get into the fun, let’s get back to the planning.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Happy Planner Seasonal Box Kit Review

Welcome to another post here on my channel. I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on the new Happy Planner seasonal box kit in comparison to the initial release last year. This post is a thorough comparison between the two with nothing but my honest opinion.

As always be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Etsy Sticker Haul Featuring Stickeriffic

I will not buy stickers, I will not buy stickers, I WILL NOT BUY STICKERS!

– said NO planner EVER

Hey guys and welcome to another Etsy sticker haul here on the blog. I’ve been really good about monetizing how much I spend on stickers, but I’ve just been on a kick of buying planner goodies. Stickeriffic recently had a 50% off sale and since it’s a store that I’ve never tried, why not try during such a huge sale. I love 50% off sales, especially with no minimum purchase. In fact I only buy stickers when there’s a sale. Check out my Etsy Sticker 101 post HERE. As always, be sure to click all highlighted links throughout the post. Check out previous Etsy sticker hauls below:

I buy kits every now and then, but you really get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy icon stickers. I also recommend buying them in rainbow colors as they’ll work with any spread. I’d only seen Stickeriffic stickers on Instagram, but I couldn’t resist the 50% off sale, no minimum.


As I recall this sale was on Stickeriffic.com not the Etsy shop. Stickers ordered included:

Each sheet was $3.50, but if you purchase from Etsy they’re $3.75. The .com shop is well organized by section and has a little bit of everything. I really loved her sampler sheet and every shop should definitely include one. I know it might sound greedy to expect one, but it gives customers a look at what else you have to offer. It doesn’t have to be big, but sampler sheets gives customers great insight to what else the shop offers.

My favorites out of all the stickers ordered would definitely be the road trip and bed stickers. I bought the bed stickers to track when I’m washing my bed sheets and I’ve never had any stickers like those before. As for the road trip stickers, I still want road washi tape, but I love when people add these to their planners to mark when they’re traveling.

Unless there’s a huge sale I don’t plan on buying any more Etsy stickers, at least in May & June. I can’t promise anything come July. Until next time…

Planning for Beginners: Organization

Welcome to the final edition of my Planning for Beginners series. I hope that I was able to break down the planner world with some tips and tricks for you all and have inspired someone out there to begin planning. If you’ve missed any edition of the series, be sure to click the links  below. Also throughout the post click any highlighted links for related posts or to purchase.

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Plan With Me: Easter Week

Spring has officially sprung and I can’t wait to start sharing brighter spreads. Not to say that my other spreads have been dark and dreary, but Spring screams planning for me. In this plan with me edition, I’ll be featuring a kit from JuJuAllOver. Be sure to click all links highlighted check out related posts or to purchase items featured.

I loved this kit from JuJuAllOver because it was sized for the Happy Planner. My Happy Planner boxes are different because I have the ‘Good Things Are Going to Happen’ edition, but washi saved the day. Being that my boxes are taller, when buying kits I like to go for ones that have matching washi to the full boxes. If it’s an Erin Condren kit then I look for half boxes to match the full boxes. It fills out better.


Similar to what I did last week for my St. Patrick’s Day theme, I cut the checklist in half to focus on my ‘top 3’ of the day. Again I have maximized the checklist. This kit came with 11. I’d prefer an even number. I just filled the middle section with the full boxes and used the matching washi to fill the box.

I didn’t want to use the full boxes on top. I really like building my spread and the full boxes could be repurposed for something else. I cut the full boxes to track my TV shows for the week, bills, and other events going on. For the blank headers, I used those to track my blog posts. Off in the sidebar I kept it with my usual homework checklist and habit tracker.

The trickiest sticker to use in this spread was the paint easel. It’s a 3D sticker and I had to cut the back off and then glue it down. It’s still 3D, but not as much.  Below are links to stickers used along with a few alternatives.



Plan With Me: March 14th – 20th

Welcome to a new Plan With Me. I have noted in previous posts that I will be doing at least two plan with me’s per month. So this week, St. Patrick’s week plus next week, Easter Week, will feature plan with me’s. If you’re new to the blog, check out what’s new on Chaotic Critic below plus be sure to click all highlighted links throughout the post.

This spread featured a kit from Sticky Essentials which I featured in a recent Etsy sticker haul (click HERE). For this spread I wanted to stick with stickers specifically from this kit minus the decorative stickers.

On the sampler sheet there were 12 checklists and I’ve been loving making my daily to do’s my daily top 3. This is great way to maximize your stickers as well. The checklists featured 6 which I cut in half so I have enough to complete another spread when I want. As for the icons, I placed them throughout the spread to mark bills and other important notes throughout the week. I then layered them with a page flag. I also used the page flags to mark my blog posts for the week.


The full boxes went into the middle section and to fill the gap I used the half boxes included the kit. The kit did include half boxes with horseshoes, but I opted to use the ones with the clover and plaid instead. The half boxes will be filled in with what I’m watching for the week.

As for my sidebar I use it to track social media and I’ve been loving using weekly habit stickers. Before I would my track my Instagram posts daily, but I used a habit tracker sticker from Fabulously Planned and ever since then I love the concept. It’s easier to manage. I also track my assignments for the week.

I’ve been loving leaving the empty space and building my spread throughout the week. I thought that I would prefer “no white space” spreads, but I really love seeing the paper. Filling the middle section is as far as I plan to go with complete “no white space.” That section as a “today” section to place my bills, appointments, and other events.

My favorite about this kit was that the full boxes and half boxes were St. Patrick’s day themed. Everything else was pretty neutral to use in future spreads. I’ve seen other spreads that feature shamrock checklists, but I love this design so much better.

The decorative stickers were purchased from AC Moore and I split the stickers with my friend. That’s the great thing about planning when you have friends that are into it like you are. Well, close enough. Links to stickers used will be below plus a few alternatives.

Planning For Beginners: Etsy Stickers 101

Welcome to another edition in my Planning For Beginners where I’m talking all things Etsy stickers. In my previous installment I talked about stickers to start you up, but Etsy stickers are in that realm as well. It can be an overwhelming marketplace where you don’t even know where to begin because it’s as if everyone has an Etsy shop. Below I’ll be sharing tips on getting started. Check out my previous installments below and be sure to click all links highlighted throughout the post.

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Plan With Me: March 2016

Goodbye February and HELLO MARCH! I wanted to share my monthly spread with you all was well as reminding you of my new planning schedule. I will be providing at least two plan with me’s per month not including my monthly layout. This will avoid any redundancy in my monthly recaps. Be sure to check out my February recap HERE. Also be sure to click all links highlighted throughout the post.


For this month I went with an Easter design since Easter falls early this year. The stickers are from a Darice sticker book that I purchased last year from Michaels for just 10 cents. Yes, 10 cents. Try to get the sticker books off season and you’ll get a great deal.

I didn’t want to add too much to my spread simply because I don’t use it throughout the month. It’s a reference, but it’s great to mark off bills, events, appointments at-a-glance. I don’t have much going  on this month, but I loved using the Target Up&UP neon Labels to mark my bills. I cut them in half and then another cut to turn them into page flags. I usually used a decorative sticker to mark my bills, but I love this way so much more.

Also instead of marking my pay days with ‘Pay Day’ stickers, I like covering the number with a money sticker to note it. It’s easier and takes up less space. The sidebar features any appointments or events I have for the month. I did this in February and it took away the clutter of marking my chiropractor appointments every single Tuesday. This month I have not only my appointments, but a Wine & Painting date I’ll have with my friends on Good Friday. Again, not taking up space in the monthly spread with a huge sticker.

The only thing that I add throughout the month are gas stickers because I do like to track how much I’m spending in that area.

I love the clean look of this spread. It’s functional and if need be, I have space left throughout the month and the sidebar to add. This is definitely my favorite monthly spread that I’ve done this year. I’ve finally found a system that works and keeps the clutter away. Check out the stickers/washi used below:

Plan With Me | October Layout

HELLO OCTOBER! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, aside from Christmas, because it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH. This year is flying by and it’s time for another monthly plan with me. You can click HERE to see how I planned in September.

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