Decorate Your Planner | March 2017

Welcome to another post here on the blog. In this post I’ll be sharing how I decorated the monthly and notes page in my Happy Planner. It’s never too late to start planning. Some people may thing, why a planner when everything is digital? For me, there’s nothing like a pen and paper and decorative planning has become very therapeutic for me. For my monthly and notes pages I have design them to correlate with the holiday/season. This time around, it’s a lot of green for St. Patrick’s Day. Am I Irish? No. I can still have my planner correlate, right?

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Plan With Me: Easter Week

Spring has officially sprung and I can’t wait to start sharing brighter spreads. Not to say that my other spreads have been dark and dreary, but Spring screams planning for me. In this plan with me edition, I’ll be featuring a kit from JuJuAllOver. Be sure to click all links highlighted check out related posts or to purchase items featured.

I loved this kit from JuJuAllOver because it was sized for the Happy Planner. My Happy Planner boxes are different because I have the ‘Good Things Are Going to Happen’ edition, but washi saved the day. Being that my boxes are taller, when buying kits I like to go for ones that have matching washi to the full boxes. If it’s an Erin Condren kit then I look for half boxes to match the full boxes. It fills out better.


Similar to what I did last week for my St. Patrick’s Day theme, I cut the checklist in half to focus on my ‘top 3’ of the day. Again I have maximized the checklist. This kit came with 11. I’d prefer an even number. I just filled the middle section with the full boxes and used the matching washi to fill the box.

I didn’t want to use the full boxes on top. I really like building my spread and the full boxes could be repurposed for something else. I cut the full boxes to track my TV shows for the week, bills, and other events going on. For the blank headers, I used those to track my blog posts. Off in the sidebar I kept it with my usual homework checklist and habit tracker.

The trickiest sticker to use in this spread was the paint easel. It’s a 3D sticker and I had to cut the back off and then glue it down. It’s still 3D, but not as much.  Below are links to stickers used along with a few alternatives.