January Plan With Me | Planning for Beginners

Welcome to the my first official plan with me of 2017! I’m so happy to get back into sharing planner spreads with you all plus tips on how to make your planner pretty, yet keep it functional. I share my January 2017 monthly spread in this post, plus my New Years spread.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Plan With Me: January 4th-10th

Welcome to my first official plan with me of 2016. I’m adding a lot of content to the blog this year with the goal of monthly themes. This month is all about focusing on cleansing the mind, body, and spirit. I’m decluttering areas around me and getting focused and back on track. I’ve started my declutter series and my Motivational Monday series will be starting back next monday which I can’t wait to share. Thanks in advance to all the readers/followers. I really hope you enjoy the content coming your way.

Last week was New Years week and I used printables for my spread. I added in some sticky notes that I purchased from Target along with a few icon stickers. If you are beginning to plan, Target has really stepped up their game as far as catering to the ever growing planner community. Check out my full spread from last week below:


As for this week I didn’t really have a theme. I just filled out the middle section with pre-cut scrapbook paper. The brown really worked well with the bottom. I then went into my sticker binder to see what stickers I could use to make this layout work. I knew there were things I wanted to get done this week from a general list to daily tasks.

For 2016 I plan on using my planner in three general sections, but the middle section switches up depending on the week. Sometimes its to do while other times it marks appointments I may have. It could switch up, but I definitely enjoy the three different sections. Take a closer look at my layout, before the ink, below:


Aside from the checklists, football stickers, weekend banner, and trash cans, everything else is a sticky note. I incorporated a lot of the sticky notes from Target this week to mark my blog posts and Monday/Tuesday marks my TV shows. I’ve been enjoying the simplicity of the post-it notes. They’re great if you don’t have headers and you can layer any type of sticker on top.

This layout is definitely one of my simpler layouts, but this layout shows that you don’t necessarily need Etsy stickers to make the planner work. You can use different colored pens and sticky notes to create a spread. I used fewer Etsy stickers in this spread then I have previously, but I’ve been enjoying using the sticky notes I’ve been hoarding from Target. Click the links below to purchase stickers used in this spread.