Motivational Monday (V.10): Taking Risks

It’s been quite some time since I’ve uploaded a ‘Motivational Monday’ and that’s simply because I haven’t felt motivated. I’ve been in this type of slump of not knowing which direction to take. I’ve always been one to plan everything out and not want anything to get in my way. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. I can plan and plan and plan, but there’s no guarantee that everything will go the way I want.

I graduated with a B.A. in English Communications-Broadcast Journalism in May 2013. I had my current job although it had nothing to do with my degree. I knew that I wanted to take a year off. I knew that I would still be working at my current job unless I was miraculously hired. I knew that in taking a year off a lot could happen in between that time, but come May 2014 I would need a plan. That plan I new nothing of.

I’ve been hounded about what my next step would be and it was irritating, to say the least, that I never really new. I have so many aspirations and passions. I knew whatever I was going to do in life had to involve writing and being constantly creative. I want my own empire and as crazy as it sounds, well no it’s not crazy. It’s what I want and what I desire. I can make anything happen that I want it all just comes down to stepping out of my comfort zone.

I’ve been working at a daycare center since 2010 and I thought that pursuing a Master’s in education/counseling was something that I would want to do. Then again that all goes back to me staying in my comfort zone of knowing I can excel in that area. I’ve always wanted to teach because I simply like the sense of power and knowing that I can help younger children. Then I thought with counseling it would be great because I’m great with advice, but beyond that with my personal experiences I can relate to a lot of children. With that career path I just know it would be for stability yet on the side I’d be trying to build my empire.

Well I’ve finally decided to stop making my dream of having my own business a dream and to actually put action on it and I’ve applied to grad school and I’ll be starting July 15th. This is something I really wasn’t planning, but it needs to happen. I’ll be pursuing my MBA with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. I know nothing about business, but in order for me to run an efficient one I need to know the ins and outs. This will not be easy, but it’s time I take a chance, take a risk, and step out on faith and do something I really want to do.


I know what will really make me happy is to establish myself and work on what I really want in life which is having my own business and being an author. I can’t wait to release a book and take MusicMovingForward to the next level. I’ve always wanted my own magazine and MusicMovingForward isn’t going to be magazine, per say, but I do want to continue to blog daily regardless of what my career path is. I take joy in sharing my opinion on a variety of subjects and this is the platform in which I do that.

I’m only 22 years old, 23 in October, and now is the time for me to really do what I want and capitalize on everything I want to do. If I fail, then I’ll have to get back up and try a different approach. The quote above explains everything I’m feeling. I’m nervous about pursuing an MBA simply because business is scary to me yet I want to start one. I’m more so afraid of rejection which is normal, BUT if I don’t take this chance now I know I’ll regret it.

Staying comfortable just leads to questions of what if’s and should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. You never know if you’re great at something unless you try. You can’t be afraid of failing at something if you’ve never tried it. This journey is not going to be easy, but just as I am nervous/afraid, I’m just as excited to see where this will take me. My comfort zone is what’s hindering/hurting me from really pursuing my dreams. My comfort zone is all I’ve ever known and in order for me to flourish and grow as a person I’m going to have to take this risk.