Original v. Cover [V.11]: ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ & ‘Trap Queen’

This is a double header of Original v. Cover. I heard covers of both ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ and ‘Trap Queen.’ Both of which I surprisingly enjoy.

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Original v. Cover [V.10]: Whitney Houston, ‘I Have Nothing’

If you were never vocally impressed by Ariana Grande, her cover of Whitney Houston’s, ‘I Have Nothing,’ will make you a believer.

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Original v. Cover [V.9]: Christmas Classics

Three of my favorite Christmas songs were covered this year: ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ (Band Aid), ‘All I Want for Christmas’ (Mariah Carey), and ‘War Is Over’ (John Lennon). I love comparing the original to the cover because I love to see how artist put their touch on classics.

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Original v. Cover [V.8]: Adele, ‘Rolling In The Deep’

Adele’s 2011 smash hit and Grammy-winning track, ‘Rolling in the Deep’, can be quite a feat to cover. Adele has such a soulful voice and she glides over every note and word with ease. I fell in love with the song as soon as I heard her perform it back in March of 2011 and the album 21 is definitely a classic in the books. There have been many to cover the song including: John Legend, Glee, Linkin Park, and Celine Dion.

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Original v. Cover [V.7]: Pharrell Williams, ‘Happy’

Maroon 5 is flying high off the success of their latest album, V (CLICK HERE for review) and they have taken on a new challenge of covering Pharrell’s, Happy.

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Original v. Cover [V.6]: Anita Baker, ‘Caught Up In a Rapture’

I can’t believe I’m just about to do a ‘Original v. Cover’ on Anita Bakers, ‘Caught Up In a Rapture.’ When I initially started this series this should have been one of the first songs I compared since I heard that immaculate JoJo rendition back in February. Anita Baker is by far one of my favorite singers of all time and ‘Caught Up in a Rapture’ is one of my favorites of hers along with ‘Sweet Love’. Her album Rapture in general is amazing from beginning to end.

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Original v. Cover [V.5]: Whitney Houston, ‘How Will I Know’

It’s very hard to do a rendition of a Whitney Houston song and just about everyone in the business attempts to put their twist on one of her many illustrious hits.Newcomer, Sam Smith, has been added to that list as he covered ‘How Will I Know’ for SiriusXM.

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Original v. Cover [V.4]: D’Angelo, ‘Untitled (How Does It Feel)’

Before I get into this edition of Original v. Cover be sure to catch up with my previous ones by clicking the links below:

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Original v. Cover [V.3]: Beyoncé, ‘XO’

Yet another edition of Original v. Cover and yet another one of Beyonce. As I sated in the volume 2, ‘Drunk In Love’, Beyonce is at the top of artists to cover. I couldn’t pass up the chance to review her track the original of ‘XO’ versus John Mayers cover.

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Original v. Cover [V.2]: Beyoncé, ‘Drunk In Love’

Surfboard, Surfboard

Queen Bey has to be at the top of the list for artists who constantly have their songs covered. In this installment of Original v. Cover I will be putting Beyoncé‘s Drunk In Love to head with a unique cover of the track, 1940s edition.

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