Fashion Lookbook | The Jumpsuit

I absolutely love jumpsuits. I love how they can be casual or dressy. You can pair them with heels, sneakers, Uggs. The possibilities are really endless. The great thing about jumpsuits are that you don’t have to figure out the top or the bottom. It’s one piece that you can accessorize to your liking. I’ve created four looks that would be great, whether you’re going shopping with friends or going to parties.


The first look is one that can go from the office to a night out on the town. I love the periwinkle color and with a  nude heel you can’t go wrong. You could add a blazer or even a faux fur jacket with this. For the night out a clear bag would be super cute or even a simple nude clutch. For the office a nice long coat with a tote bag would be great. You could even pair this with flats; pointed toe preferably. Links to recreate the look below:

Look #2 is definitely for a night out with your girls or for a date night. The romper is super simple yet adding the thigh high boot makes it work for the winter as well. If you’re wearing it in the winter, I highly suggest a longer coat. For date night or girls night you could add a leather jacket with a chunky scarf. The boots are the real main attraction of this look. Click the links to recreate the look below:

On to look #3, this look is great for the moms out there, the college girl on-the-go, or if you’re just going out to run errands. The denim romper is not only on trend, but you could even go further and pair a denim jacket along with it. A leather jacket would go with this as well. This is another look that you could dress up with a  pair of heels, but the converse really amp up the casual look. The neon yellow bag could be a splurge, but you could pair any tote you want. Whether it’s a baby bag, school bag, or a cross body bag, it’ll work with the look. Links to recreate it below:

The last look is a look I’d wear casually or even dress it up. I really, really, really love the shoes. I know these mimic the Timberland style, but what I love more about these is the chunky heel. The chunky heel is really my fav and with the ripped jumpsuit it works. A cargo type jacket would go great with this or you could always pair the wardrobe staple, the faux leather jacket. I’d personally layer this with the cargo jacket, a chunky scarf and the book bag type purse would work great. Links to recreate the look are below:

OOTD #17: Cozy Holidays

IMG_2498The holiday season is in full swing. I wanted to share my outfit from Thanksgiving. I was thankful that I was able to spend it with my siblings, my grandmother, and my nephews. The holidays are a time to reflect on not only what you’re thankful for, but to spend it with the people you love. Being 1 of 5, to spend any holiday with my four siblings is a major plus.

I think of all the traditions my mom started such as the Christmas tree going up the day before Thanksgiving. My sister went for a white tree this year with gold decorations and I’m in love. Of course I had to snag a picture next to it.

My outfit was based around my shoes that I purchased from ShoeDazzle. I got semi-dressed for family photos, but adding my Banana Republic cardigan really added a ‘cozy’ feel to the look. By the time I got to my sisters I ditched the heels for fuzzy socks and curled on the couch and watched football. My jeans were high-waisted from Forever 21 and my shirt is one of my ultimate favs from H&M.

I didn’t wear any jewelry, but if I wanted to dress this look up even more I’d switch the cardigan for my leather jacket. In keeping the cardigan I could’ve added a statement necklace and a pair of studs. Ditching the heels I could easily pair this with ankle boots or a pair of Uggs, grey preferably. I’m really loving black & stripes. Also my grey cardigan has become a staple and I can pair it with just about anything.

I’ve linked below items to recreate the look.Be sure to click the links bolded above for related posts!

OOTD #16: Flashback to Vacay + Mini Haul

Over the Summer I headed to Atlanta for a long weekend vacation. I went from a Thursday to a Sunday plus I took off that Wednesday before I left and Monday after my return from work. Being in Atlanta for 3 1/2 days was more than enough time and I was able to see and do a lot while I was there. The first day I enjoyed the luxury of the hotel in the pent house suite and took full advantage of the gym. That Friday I went took a tour of the Center for Civil and Human Rights and visited the gift shops of the Coca-Cola Factory and the College Football Hall of Fame. Although we did not rent a car, thankfully everything was in walking distance. Saturday I met with a friend that lives in the area and we went out for drinks and Mexican food. Talk about AMAZING!

I wanted to share my outfit and goodies that I purchased while I was away. The outfit that I wore during the day I went sightseeing was a pair of shorts from JCPenny that I purchased nearly 3 years ago that I barely wear and a new top that has a slit in the back from Forever 21. The top I featured in a haul which you can check out HERE.


The accessories that I wore were a pair of sandals from Charlotte Russe. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to style them when I purchased them, but they worked well with the outfit. My purse I had purchased from Aldo a while back and it looks like a camera and fits my Canon T4i PERFECTLY. I did take the lens off for it to fit, but most of the time it was around my neck. I loved the look. Simple, yet super cute. Check out my sandals in my Spring haul HERE.


As for what I purchased while on vacation, it wasn’t much. The College Football Hall of Fame didn’t have a great selection so I ended up with a wristband and a mousepad, yes a mousepad. From the Center for Civil and Human Rights the tour was amazing, but I only picked up a few post cards. From the Coca-Cola factory I was tempted to buy everything. Anything you could imagine from shirts to laptop cases, hats, etc. were covered in the Coca-Cola logo. I just purchased a surprise pack after buying gifts for my sisters. Lastly, it would be a touristy trip if I didn’t get a shirt that said Atlanta. Great trip, only downside, the never ending traffic. Beautiful airport as well.


June Favorites + Summer Vibes

Another month has come and gone and it’s time for another round of favorites. It’s crazy that we’re halfway through 2015. Check out my favorites of the year so far below:

Ok so getting into this months favorites there are a few Apps that I wanted to share. Two are games and the other is a picture editing app. So first up, the two games are Languinis and ToyBlast. I heard of Languinis from one of my favorite YouTubers, Kayla Lashe (akaydoll), and it’s a mix of bejeweled and the typical word games that continue to reinvent themselves. You match up colors to reveal letters and you make words to meet the challenges of each level.

While I was obsessed with Languins the first half of June, my obsession with ToyBlast is insane. I’ve seen a lot of YouTubers talk about it, but first heard about it in a video from Sarah Rae Vargas. In the game you get to match up the colored blocks, but when you match up a certain number of blocks you can get a rocket, bomb, or cube which helps to win each level. It’s pretty addicting. I don’t stay hooked on games often and I was hooked on Soda Crush for a while, but this is by far my favorite.

Moving on to Netflix. I’ve starting watching NCIS, yes I know I’m so late as the show is in season 13. Hey I’ve watched Criminal Minds all on Netflix, NCIS looks to be a keeper. In the span of two weeks I’ve watched my latest favorite show that I can’t wait to add to my fall watch list, Hawaii Five-0. McGarret is not only hot, but I’m just in love with the personality of the character. If you’re into action, shooting, blood, and unnecessary antics, this show is for you. Such a good series and I really hope it can stick around past season 6. The new season will debut this fall beginning September 25th on CBS.

As for my fashion favorites I’ve been loving maxi dresses simply because they’re so effortless. I’ve also been loving my latest treasures from H&M, my statement necklaces and midi rings. Lastly, my sandals from Old Navy have become a daily staple. I wish I would’ve purchased them in different colors. Check out the related posts below:

Lastly music, because it wouldn’t be a monthly favorites without music. I’ve compiled a Summer Vibes playlist and it’s a mix of some old and new and I’ll be adding to it all Summer. Enjoy!

Fashion Forward Friday [V.24] Spring Haul

There’s not much that I need in my wardrobe, but there are pieces that I’ve added just for the season. I don’t expect these to last forever, but they were affordable so I picked up a few items. Check out my Spring Hauls from last year below:

As for this year, I took advantage of the Memorial Day Weekend sales and I’m happy with what I’ve picked up. Last year I shopped just to shop, but this year I was more particular on basics that I actually did need and a few extras. Click the links below to for similar items to what I’ve purchased.

Black Sandals - Old Navy  Nude Sandals Charlotte Russe Sneakers - Charlotte Russe Basic Tanks - NY & CO Captain America T-Shirt - Hot Topic NWO T-Shirt - Hot Topic
Black Sandals – Old Navy
Nude Sandals Charlotte Russe
Tropical Print Sneakers – Charlotte Russe
Basic Tanks – NY & CO
Captain America T-Shirt – Hot Topic
NWO T-Shirt – Hot Topic

OOTD #15: Floral Maxi

I picked up this amazing dress from Target a few weeks ago which is a part of the _ collection. I love to wear shorts in the summer, but a dress is a complete, instant, and effortless look. Especially if it’s printed you can keep jewelry minimal, if you choose, grab a purse, and be on your way.I generally wouldn’t pa $29.99 for a dress, but after trying it on, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ll be going on vacation at the end of July and this dress is definitely coming with me. To purchase similar styles click HERE.


OOTD #14: The Oversized Hat

I’ve become a fan of the oversized hat and while some may find it trendy, it’s become a staple in my wardrobe. Then again, I’m not always daring enough to wear it. It’s warming up hear on the East Coast, and I decided to put my hat to the test. Granted I received stares, I suppose to to its enormous size, but I love it and I can’t wait to find more styling options. The look I put together was the typical all black everything. I purchased the hat from H&Mand there are still variations of the wool hat available on the site. Next up I need an oversized beach hat, but that’s an OOTD for another time. Check out the details below.

Hat: H&M | Crop Top: Wet Seal |High Waist-Jeans: Forever 21+| Boots: H&M | Cardigan: H&M | Watch: NY & Company | Purse: Marc Jacobs
Hat: H&M | Crop Top: Wet Seal | High Waist-Jeans: Forever 21+ | Boots: H&M | Cardigan: H&M |           Watch: NY & Company | Purse: Marc Jacobs



OOTD #13: Happy Valentines Day + VDay Mix

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Today is a really gloomy day in the tri-state so my outfit matched the weather outside. I still love the beauty of snow. I don’t have major plans for today so I spent it hanging out with my sisters. My outfit is super simple and features items I have hauled here on the blog before. Outfit details under the pic. Plus check out my V-Day Playlist below with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Hat – H&M
Coat – North Face
Scarf – Homemade
Purse – SammyDress
Sweater – Old Navy
Jeans – Forever 21
Boots – JustFab


OOTD #11: High-Waisted Plaid [8.23.14]

Crop Top - Wet Seal High-Waisted Jeans - Forever 21 Plaid Shirt - Gap Purse - Joyce Leslie Shoes - Converse
Crop Top – Wet Seal
High-Waisted Jeans – Forever 21
Plaid Shirt – Gap
Purse – Joyce Leslie
Shoes – Converse (JCPenney)

Fashion Forward Friday [V.16]: The Boyfriend Jean

HAPPY AUGUST! l love compiling different looks together with the same item so in this edition of Fashion Forward Friday, I’ll be featuring my pair of boyfriend jeans from Lauren Conrad’s brand at Kohls. I will say that if you are thicker on the bottom you might have to go up one or two sizes. Other than that they fit great and are super comfortable. Enjoy and be sure to click the links to get to the exact item or something similar.

Shirt - Joyce Leslie Jeans - Lauren Conrad, Kohls Shoes - LuLu's.Com Purse - Charlotte Russe
Shirt – Joyce Leslie
Jeans – Kohls, Lauren Conrad
Shoes – LuLu’s
Purse – Charlotte Russe
Top - Forever 21 Jeans - Kohls, Lauren Conrad Shoes - Just Fab Purse - Aldo
Top – Forever 21
Jeans – Kohls, Lauren Conrad
Shoes – JustFab
Purse – Aldo
Blazer - Forever 21 T-Shirt - Forever 21 Jeans - Kohls, Lauren Conrad Shoes - Forever 21 Purse - Old Navy
Blazer – Forever 21
T-Shirt – Forever 21
Jeans – Kohls, Lauren Conrad
Shoes – Forever 21
Purse – Old Navy
Shirt - J. Crew Jeans - Kohls, Lauren Conrad Shoes - Converse Purse - Unknown
Shirt – J. Crew (Thrifted)
Jeans – Kohls, Lauren Conrad
Shoes – Converse
Purse – Unknown
Shirt - Forever 21 Jeans - Kohls, Lauren Conrad Necklace - JewelMint, 'Bullet Necklace' Shoes - Charlotte Russe Purse - Sammy Dress
Shirt – Forever 21
Jeans – Kohls, Lauren Conrad
Necklace – JewelMint, ‘Bullet Necklace’
Shoes – Charlotte Russe
Purse – Sammy Dress