Holiday Office Decor

In the first installment of my holiday decor series I featured my Christmas tree in my living room. In this addition I am sharing how I decorated my office for the season. I store my decorations for both my bedroom and office together so I first pulled out the stash that I had which I can’t wait to add to once all the Christmas decor goes on sale.


Majority of my decor is from Target and Dollar Tree, but a few were gifted.

office3First up I wanted to decorate above my bookshelf. The vase I saved from an Edible arrangement and I replaced my yellow Daisies with whatever red I found at home. The “eat, drink, be merry” mug is from TJ Maxx & I scored it for just $1. The ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ plaque was from the Target Dollar Spot. The current selection they have is way nicer than when I purchased, but the price is now $3. Still not bad.

On top of my other bookshelf near my craft corner, I repositioned my Steelers salt & pepper shakers and out ‘Let It Snow’ in the middle. As for the DIY decor I created I put two of them across from my desk with a family photo (not shown) and the other I use as a mousepad. Check out my DIY HERE.

office 2

For just $3, I created a display with a serving tray, Christmas tree, and garland from the Dollar Tree. I layered the garland around the plate and simply added the tree in the middle. Lastly I took one of the Target Dollar Spot sings and plopped it in front. Super quick, easy, and under $5 total. I kept my desk pretty clear so that I could have more workspace since I blog and plan there so I just added a cup from the Dollar Tree and a gifted Christmas tin with pens inside.


Lastly, I had this mess of a space underneath my window that I turned into an impromptu gift wrapping station. As I make my gifts I will put them there until it’s closer to Christmas. The sheets of wrapping paper I found in my storage closet and they’ll  be perfect for wrapping at least one box. The punch bowl in the middle just has a few ornaments inside. I plan to add candy canes once I get to the store.

Click HERE for my Christmas tree and Stay tuned for the final installment, my bedroom holiday decor.

Spicy Saturday (V.11) — Office Organization (Pt.2)

In Pt.1 of my Office Organization, I showed a semi-DIY of how I store extra office supplies for roughly under $10. In this edition I wanted to show how I repurposed a few pieces inexpensive pieces.


First up were these two night stands that I got from K-Mart a year ago. In my old room they fit perfectly on either side of my bed, but with the way my bed is positioned in my new room I have no need for them. I didn’t want to throw or give them away being that I was looking for extra office storage so I decided to repurpose them. It was a no brainer to do. I just sat them on top of each other and used a $1 white bin from target for each shelf. I had initially bought the bins for my “vanity”, but they were too tall so I decided to use them in here.

The first shelf holds my CDs that are still in cases. Surprisingly they all crammed into one container. In back of that container I have a ton of blank CDs in which I put my iTunes purchases on those. Yes, I still use CDs. In front of that container, I just put a picture of my grandfather and I when I was like 10 years old. Also on this shelf I have my washcloth and expo markers that I use for my whiteboard. Right above that shelf I have repurposed a MacCosmetics box and I hold my Expos and cloth for my whiteboard. I stuck it to the wall with Command hooks, my new best friend. The next shelf has yet another container and it holds my two CD cases, perfectly. Covering that container I took another book for a pop of color called, A Separate Cinema. The third shelf I like to call my junk shelf because it holds randoms. It has books I wanted to display, but wanted them displayed somewhere other than my bookcase. In the third white bin, I have a couple books and my Uno and regular playing cards.

IMG_0719-1I wanted to share my new organization for my magazine section. I took a file holder that I wasn’t using and put some magazines in there that were old, but that I wanted to use for future projects.IMG_0715-1

I then took my magazine rack and labeled two sections. The bottom one says ‘File Away’. That’s just filled with papers that I need to put away in their proper place and incoming mail that I get. The second one says ‘Read’ which is pretty self explanatory. It holds all of my new magazine reads. The top shelf has my folder of magazine covers. I was once a magazine HOARDER and in a way I still am, but I decided to downsize on the bulk and just keep my favorite covers. They span from my high school days back in 06,07.

Stay tuned for more on my office!

Spicy Saturday (V.10) — Office Decor

As I organize and downsize in my office I wanted to share the process of creating the space that is the mastermind/workplace of MusicMovingForward. The shelves, the walls, the organization is all apart of my inspiration in creating blog posts. I know it’s called MusicMovingForward and I do way beyond music. The reason I never changed the blog name is because Music involves so many different things and music inspires a lot of the other posts I create. Let’s jump into some of my current office decor. Enjoy!


I have 3 shelves located to the left of my desk with my desk being the first thing you see when you walk into my office. I wanted to show these two shelves because I love to display certain books in my collection. I talked about these in my “Book Collection” post so I won’t go in depth with what they are about. I just love the look of the books and the color that the music books and the subtle color the fashion/beauty books add. If you haven’t read Lauren Conrad’s Style book, you should. It’s an amazing read with great tips. I guess that book is what changed my sense of style. The other shelf that I have just has family photos.

IMG_0702-1This is by far my favorite section in my office. I was thinking of painting the walls, but I really like the plain color and would rather just hang up various things than to paint a wall. My music collage I have been working on for years. Roughly within the past 2 years I have been compiling the pictures onto this board with tape and mod lodge. All the pictures are primarily from magazines and albums. The ones in black & white were printed. I hope to finish it and I will do an update post as I make progress on it. I currently don’t have any pictures to add which is why the project is at a halt. On another shelf I have this frame that says “Music is what feelings sound like.” It was a semi-housewarming gift back in 2011. I recently picked up a new read, Tragedies and Mysteries of Rock & Roll, for only $10 at Barnes & Noble. Love the book and I thought it would fit perfectly there. I plan on moving my hats eventually and decorating the radiator cover. That’s a project for another day.