Sound OFF: Hot 97 versus Power 105.1

Welcome to a new series here on the blog. Since rebranding and renaming my blog Chaotic Critic, I’ve done a lot of planner and other lifestyle posts, but the essence of the name has yet to be showcased. I still want to do reviews and give my take on certain life topics, but there’s so much going on in the blogosphere, on the news, via Twitter or Instagram, that I want to share my thoughts. These are my opinions, no holds barred, real talk.

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2015 NBA All-Star Performance Review

Photo Cred: Tumblr

I’m not that much into basketball as I used to be, but the All-Star game is a big deal and I thought I’d review the performances. The show opened with Christina Aguilera who took a different route than performing her own hits and performed hits that paid tribute to the mecca, New York City. She performed a medley of: ‘New York, New York,’ ‘On Broadway,’ and ‘Living for the City.’ It didn’t stop there and she brought out Nas after singing a bit of ‘New York State of Mind’. Enter Nas coming out and spitting a few bars from his ‘NY State of Mind’ (Illmatic).  Aguilera then came back with the Rockettes as she sung the hook to Jay-Z/Alicia Keys’, ‘Empire State of Mind.’ She ended the set with what she started with, ‘New York, New York.’ Vocally Christina sang at a comfortable lower octave, but had a stellar closing and reached every note with ease. Great way for her to come back into the spotlight.

No formal performance for the players to come out as in previous years. The National Anthem was sung by Queen Latifah and the Canadian National Anthem was sung by Tamia.

unnamedAs for the half-time performance headed by Ariana Grande, I was bored. Bored not because I’m not a huge fan, but because it was boring. She performed every hit she’s ever had:

  • ‘Problem’
  • Love Me Harder’
  • ‘The Way’
  • ‘One Last Time’
  • ‘Bang Bang’
  • ‘Break Free’

I’m glad there was a  ton of music for her to perform and she had enough time to put on a mini-concert as she didn’t speed through her songs. I will say that I’m still not a fan of her voice and she sounded nasally as usual, but I could understand what she was singing. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, she usually doesn’t annunciate her words.

The attire should not go without mention. It’s a basketball game so there was a play-up on the warm-up gear for the guys and the sexy cheerleader for the girls. It looked like she was representing the Brooklyn Nets, but based of the NY Knicks colors, black & white sufficed. As for her the girl backup dancers I liked their skater skirts, crop tops, knee high socks and Addidas. Of course it wouldn’t be signature Ariana Grande without her ponytail.

Photo Cred: Tumblr
Photo Cred: Tumblr

The downside to the performance was that the energy wasn’t there and no real energy came until Nicki Minaj came out in a skirt, bedazzled top, and boots. She looked great and matched Grande’s fly with the ponytail (TWINSIES). Nicki spit her bars in ‘Bang Bang’, but her fake smile didn’t show that she really wanted to be out there. It wouldn’t be Nicki though without a little grind plus the two step. Her grind almost knocked over Ariana, but in turn she just slapped Nicki’s butt. I see Ariana was trying to give “sexy,” but it was just looked to forced standing next to Nicki.

I will say that instead of performing her slow tracks Ariana could’ve brought out more stars. I also know that other stars can outshine a performance so I can see why not many were brought out even though she had three other options other than Nicki: Mac Miller, The Weeknd, and her beau Big Sean. Overall I give props where props are due. She performed all the way through with no mishaps. Only thing is that it could’ve been more energy.

Iggy Azalea’s, ‘Fancy’, Declared 3x Platinum

iggy-azalea-fancy-plaqueIggy Azalea stormed the Today Show and performed  ‘Work’ and her summer smash, ‘Fancy’, which has been declared triple platinum. With over 3 million copies sold Iggy has become a household name with her infectious track.

‘Fancy’ was released February 17, 2014 and five months later on July 27th it was declared triple platinum. The that it took to get to #1 is similar to that of Nicki Minaj‘s, ‘Starships’,which was released on February 14, and was declared triple platinum on August 16, 2012. Iggy has reached the mark a hare faster and she was able to lock down the Hot 100 for seven weeks.

She also confirmed that she will be performing her new single, ‘Black Widow’, alongside Rita Ora at this years VMAs LIVE August 24th at 8pm on MTV.

Check out Iggy get down in her neon color block outfit below:


Beauty Showdown #1 — Lip Crayons


Over the past few weeks I have reviewed various ‘lip crayons’ that go by other names such as glossy sticks, chubby sticks, or the most common, balm stains.

The products I have reviewed are: NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color, Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stains, Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains, E.L.F. Jumbo Lip Gloss Sticks, and Clinique Chubby Sticks Duo.

Here’s my ranking of the 5:

  1. Jordana Twist & Shine
  2. NYC Twistable Intense Lip Color
  3. Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stains
  4. E.L.F. Jumbo Gloss Sticks
  5. Clinique Chubby Sticks Duo

It all comes down to preference when buying these lip crayons. If you are looking for something with moisture and a tint of color then go with NYC or Wet n Wild. If you want the full impact & lustrous color Jordana is your best bet. Not saying that the color pay off is horrible of NYC and Wet n Wild, but you have to really pack on the product to really see the full color and with Jordana you do not. To get the moisture feel but not much color go with the E.L.F. sticks or the Clinique chubby sticks.Again it’s all personal preference.

I will be doing another Beauty Showdown in the future on more lip crayons as I review them. Next up will feature Revlon’s Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm Stains, and Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balms.

MMF Celebrates Black History in Music, Feb. 13

On February 13, 1996 two prolific albums were released: The Score All Eyez on Me.


The Fugees was a trio made up of Pras Michael, Wyclef Jean, and Lauryn Hill. The Score featured 17 tracks and included hits: ‘Fu-gee-la,’ ‘Ready or Not,’ and the Roberta Flack sample, ‘Killing Me Softly.’

The album awarded the trio with two Grammys at the 38th Annual Award show for Best Performance by Duo or Group (‘Killing Me Softly’) and Best Rap Album.

Across the coast, 2Pac released his 4th studio album, All Eyez on Me through Interscope/Death Row Records. It made history as the first solo dual-disc hip hop album being releaed as 2 CDs and 4 LPs. It became his second album to top both the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts.


The album sold 528,000 in its first week and within two months the album was certified 5x platinum by the RIAA. By 1998 it was certified 19x platinum and in 2011 album sales had surpassed 5.8 million in the U.S. The first half of the album featured 14 tracks with hits ‘2 of Americaz Most Wanted’ (w/ Snoop Dogg) and ‘I Ain’t Mad at Cha’ (w/ Danny Boy) & ‘How Do U Want It’ (w/ K-Ci & JoJo). The second half featured 13 tracks.

Although his life and career were cut short in the fall of 1996, 2Pac has sold over 75 million records and made a name for himself not only as an artist, but as an actor and noted public figure.

Video Review: Nicki Minaj, ‘Lookin A** Ni**a’

I saw pics all over the blogs about Ms. Minaj shooting a new video, but I wasn’t expecting for it to be released so soon. First off, CLAP CLAP BRAVO to Nicki on this one. I love the simplicity of it & her bars, excuse me her PUNCHLINES are on point. It’s been a while since Nicki has been spitting like she used to and as promised she said she’d get back to it and this was not a disappointment. She’s in a desert looking fierce and I love how although she’s dressed sexy she’s not outlandishly sexy and I love the scenes where it focuses on her mouth and her rapping more so than her body. I love the way that this is going and I hope that her future music is like this. I love punchline Nicki that makes SENSE!

Nicki’s album is said to be called, The Pink Print. No word on whether the tile will be released as a mixtape or album. Aside from working on her own music, Nicki is teaming back up with her YMCMB crew and the track ‘Senile’ (w/ Tyga & Lil Wayne) is expected to drop any day now. I’m interested in seeing the REJUVENATION of YMCMB. They’ve all been low-key except for Drizzy Drake, but he’s in his own lane. Could 2014 be the year of YMCMB again?

MMF Celebrates Black History in Music, Feb. 6


February 6, 2003 marked the release of 50 Cent’s debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ with production mainly by Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. The album featured 19 tracks including hits, ’21 Questions,’ ‘P.I.M.P.,’ ‘If I Can’t,’ and the classic club hit ‘In Da Club.’ The album sold 872,000 in its first week taking it to the top of the Billboard 200.

‘In Da Club’ was certified platinum by the RIAA and remained on top of the Billboard Hot 100 for nine weeks and and remained on the chart for 22 weeks. In addition, it also held the #1 spot on the Top 40 Tracks, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, and Hot Rap Tracks. It also was nominated for two Grammys, Best Male Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Song.

His second single’21 Questions,’ which featured Nate Dogg, also topped the charts on the Billboard Hot 100.

By the end of 2003, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, had sold over 6 million copies in the U.S. making it certified platinum 6x by the RIAA. In 2013, the 10th anniversary of the album, it was declared that the album had sold over 8 million in the U.S., making it the 4th hip-hop album to do so. It was also named on #13 on Billboards Top 200 albums of the decade.

In addition to the success of the album, 50 Cent starred in the autobiographical movie of the same title. The movie was released on November 9, 2005 and the soundtrack was released November 8th.


The album will be re-released in a platinum vinyl format as a part of Universal Music’s, Respect The Classics, campaign on November 12th.

Nas Illmatic Anniversary Album, Tour & Documentary


April 19th marks the 20th anniversary of Nas’ album, Illmatic. The re-release will be a 2 disc set titled, Illmatic XX, on April 15, 2014 and will feature remixes, unreleased demos, and freestyles. The documentary, The Time is Illmatic, will be released some time this year and will document the making and concept of the album along with its social impact. The tour kicks off this Spring and Nas will be performing the album in its entirety.

With Illmatic, I didn’t think about it. I just did it. I believe everybody has good instincts. Now I’m a man from that past and I’m supremely grateful. There’s a Nigerian proverb ‘What is past is prologue.’ I’m here today because of Illmatic.

Here is the track listing (via Rap-Up):

Disc 1: Remastered Original Album

1. “The Genesis”
2. “N.Y. State of Mind”
3. “Life’s a Bitch”
4. “The World Is Yours”
5. “Halftime”
6. “Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park)”
7. “One Love”
8. “One Time 4 Your Mind”
9. “Represent”
10. “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”

Disc 2: Demos, Remixes & Live Radio

1. “I’m a Villain” (previously unreleased)
2. The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show on WKCR October 28, 1993 (previously unreleased freestyle)
3. “Halftime (Butcher Remix)”
4. “It Ain’t Hard to Tell (Remix)” (promo single)
5. “One Love (LG Main Mix)”
6. “Life’s a Bitch (Arsenal Mix)” (promo single)
7. “One Love (One L Main Mix)”
8. “The World Is Yours (Tip Mix)”
9. “It Ain’t Hard to Tell (The Stink Mix)” (UK single)
10. “It Ain’t Hard to Tell (The Laidback Remix)” (UK single)

First Impression #1: NYC Expert Last & City Proof Twistable


I came across this line as I walked in Rite Aide to pick up something OTHER than makeup. I’ve been wanting to try out the lip crayons from different brands so I decided to pick up two that caught my eye. I also picked up 2 of the lipsticks.

I have recently become a fan of NYC products. I have two palettes in my makeup collection along with 5 of their 99 cent lipsticks and I wanted to try out their other products. I know that there’s better stuff out there, but I think that for the price it’s worth a try.

Let’s start out with the Expert Last Lip Color.


The lipsticks are very creamy and easy to put on. In a way they’re a little too slick for me as in they’re a bit messy to put on. I will say that the colors are very pigmented.

Moving on to the lip crayons:


I was a little disappointed in the pigmentation of these. Based of what the packaging says, ‘Intense Lip Color,’ I do not think they are as INTENSE as they claim to be. I wished ‘Gramercy Park Plum’ has more color. The colors are a bit faded for me, but they glide on very nicely. I love the consistency of them; very moisturizing. When further looking at the swatches ‘South Berry Ferry’ was very similar, if not identical to that of the lipstick, ‘Traffic Jam.’

Worth buying? If you are interested in trying out some cheaper than Revlon lip crayons then I would recommend. Despite the colors not being as intense as suggested the color selection is nice and the texture of the product is amazing. They retail for $2.99. As for the lipsticks, the constancy is very similar to that of the lip crayons and I guess it all depends on what you want. They retail for $1.99. The color selection is not all that great, it’s pretty decent (pink, purple, nude). For a second purchase I would go back for the lip crayons.

Insta Beauty Hall



There’s been some new lippies on my list that I’ve been wanting to try out especially the Balm Stains. I will be doing a review on all products shown above over the course of the next few weeks.

What have you been on the hunt for recently?