New Music Tuesday: Disclosure, Jason Derulo, Future & More

Disclosure-Holding-On-2015-1200x1200-300x300I’ve decided to keep it simple for  Tuesday post, although I’m off my blogging schedule, and share some new music. First up, Disclosure. Disclosure is best known for their smash ‘Latch’ featuring Sam Smith and this time around they’re back with a  new track titled,’Holding On’ featuring Gregory Porter. I’ve listened to it a few times and I don’t find it as mainstream as ‘Latch,’ but then again not everything needs to be mainstream. Not my fav, but a nice listen. Check it out below:

fuckupsomecommasaTwo remixes have dropped. The first is that of Ariana Grande’s, ‘One Last Time,’ featuring Fedez. This version was re-released for the Italian Market. As for who Fedez is, he’s a singer/rapper. The other remix is that of Future’s gibberish, ‘F*ck Up Some Commas.’ He’s enlisted the help of Big Sean and THE BOSS Rick Ross.  for this one.I still love the song even though it took me a while to decipher what the hell Future was saying. Listen to both tracks below:

Rob Thomas is working on a new album since 2009s,,. The first time I heard Rob Thomas was his smash ‘This Is How a Heart Breaks.’ What could be a super cool song has basic lyrics and melody. Granted that could be catchy, but there’s nothing outstanding about this song. I could hear the music in  a commercial or something, but not constantly on the radio waves. Listen below:

Lastly Jason Derulo is on quite a roll as he’s gearing up to release his new album and follow-up to Talk Dirty, This time he’s teamed up with J. Lo for a track titled ‘Try Me.’ Now I’m not in love with this one as much as I am with ‘Want You To Want Me,’ but I could hear this one the radio simply because J.Lo is featured.Everything is 4 drops June 2nd.  Listen to the track below:

Single Review: OMG, ‘Boy It’s Over’

OMG-boy-its-overOMG Girlz have dropped their teenage look and simply go by OMG.  The trio is made up of Bahja (Beauty), Breaunna (Baby Doll), and Zonnique (Star). For those that watch Family Hustle these girls are regulars being that Zonnique is Tiny’s daughter. The trio is back with a new track, ‘Boy It’s Over’, which is a remake of Jagged Edge’s ‘Girl It’s Over’. The song was penned by Jagged Edge’s own Brandon and Brian Casey with production by J. Reid. The song is more of a cover than a remake. The only difference is that OMG has a rapper unlike Jagged Edge.

To me Beauty has a stronger voice than Star. I think that there could have been more power, sass, ad-libs, etc. for them to be pursing R&B. The girls have come a long way from what they have previously released and I haven’t liked a song of theirs since ‘Where The Boys At’ (CLICK HERE for that review). That was back in 2012. These girls have a lot of work to do, I’ve never been sure of their name withstanding even though it has a deeper meaning other than ‘Oh My Gosh’. The girls go by ‘Officially Miss Guided’ and I think that they need a sound of their own to really make a pop. They haven’t found it with this one.

Take a listen to the the track plus the original below:

Single Review: Jennifer Hudson x Timbaland, ‘Walk It Out’

hudson-walk-it-outLet me say YES to a J. Hud track that I am actually LOVING! I have not been a fan of anything she’s released as of late and I was not planning to like this Timbaland assisted track. The last track she released, ‘I Can’t Describe (How I Feel)’, had me uninterested in her new project from the gate, but this new track she’s released has me wanting more.

The vibe of the track lyrically and musically is just perfection. I really like this for J. Hud and it’s a good direction for her to go in to try out different sounds and to not be tied down to ballads. I’m not going to say I don’t want to hear her singing about being happy, in love, etc. it’s just that sometimes the lyrics can be there, but the beat isn’t. Other times it’s vice versa. I just love the ENTIRE vibe of this track. Her throwing in a f bomb doesn’t hurt either. It’s the way it was done that makes it not so noticeable. I also hear a little Justin Timberlake in the background.

Absolutely love this track and I wouldn’t mind another J. Hud/Timbo collab if it’s going to sound like this. Will this hit the radio? It could with the right push. Only time will tell.

Check out the track below: