NEW MUSIC: Pitbull x Ne-Yo, ‘Time of Our Lives’

28ff86276ca8468a2ef5705c32d279f4Pitbull is teaming up with Ne-Yo for what could be another radio smash titled ‘Time of Our Lives.’ This also serves as a follow-up to their 2011 chart topper, ‘Give Me Everything.’ I was not expecting to like this track, but surprisingly I do. Ne-Yo even throws in a Bobby Shmurda bar in the first line of the song:

I know my rent was gon be late about a week ago


I could definitely hear this played during a commercial and really make waves on the radio. Pitbull will be releasing his new album, Globalization, on November 24th. Listen to the track below:

MMF Flashback — Ne-Yo, Because of You

Ne-Yo_CD_-_Because_Of_YouIn celebration of Ne-Yo’s 32nd birthday, I thought I’d highlight my favorite album of his, Because of YouThe album was released May 1, 2007 and four singles were released: ‘Because of You’, ‘Do You’, ‘Can We Chill’, and ‘Go On Girl.’ It debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and became his second #1 album. In My Own Words debuted at #1 as well. The album sold 251,000 copies in its first week which was about 50,000 less than his debut. The album went on to win Best Contemporary R&B Album at the 2008 Grammy’s.

Out of the 12 tracks my top 5 would be (in no particular order):

  • ‘Because of You’
  • ‘Leaving Tonight’ (feat. Jennifer Hudson)
  • ‘Make It Work’
  • ‘Do You’
  • ‘Say It’
  • BONUS – ‘Go On Girl’

My friend was so obsessed with Ne-Yo that anytime I would be with her this album would be playing in rotation. At the time I was about sick of hearing it, but there’s no denying that this is every bit of R&B classic, to this generation at least. I love an R&B album that does not have many features and this one only features two: ‘Crazy’ with Jay-Z and one of my favorites, ‘Leaving Tonight’, with Jennifer Hudson. The album touches on just about everything and hones on his skillful writing of love songs. There’s the breakup tracks (‘Go On Girl’/’Leaving Tonight’/’Ain’t Thinking Bout You’), let’s hold on tracks (‘Do You’/’Make It Work’/’Angel’), the love songs (‘Crazy’/’Because of You’/’Can We Chill’) and he wouldn’t be an R&B crooner without singing about sex (‘Say It’/’Addicted’/’Sex With My Ex’).

While I’m not the biggest fan of his latest music, this is definitely one for the books and even seven years later I can still listen to it from beginning to end, reverse, and on shuffle. I would love another Ne-Yo album like this. His music stands alone to not have to keep up with what’s currently on the radio.

CLICK HERE to purchase and listen below (via Spotify):

This Week In Music [V. 23]: Video Overload #3

Welcome back to another edition of This Week In Music. I’ve taken a break from this series, but let’s get back to it. There’s been a lot of videos released this week so I’ve decided to compile some of them into this post. As always be sure to click links (anything in bold), follow on HERE & Instagram @MusicMovingForward, and enjoy!

First up is Ne-Yo‘s video to She Knows’ featuring Juicy J. I reviewed his video to ‘Money Can’t Buy’ featuring Jeezy (CLICK HERE for that) and I was bored with that video just like I am bored with this one. Ne-Yo walks into a corner store and everywhere he turns there’s strippers. What a proper video set for the strip club anthem man himself, Juicy J. The strippers dance around him throughout the whole video. He’s in like this haze and whether he’s in a park or a library, there’s a stripper. The song in general just screams Jason Derulo. It’s a shame that videos have resulted to excessive ass shaking over an actual concept/story line. Walking through a store and having a stripper pole does not mean that there is a vision there. That just means the pole was taken from a club to another set. Nothing original and I’m not impressed. Ne-Yo has made better music. CLICK HERE to purchase the track, if interested. Check out the video below:

Next up is one of my favorite songs, Steve Aoki‘s, ‘Delirious (Boneless)’ featuring Kid Ink. While Katy Perry successfully added different crazy elements in her video for ‘This Is How We Do’ (CLICK HERE for that review), this video was just a mess. I get it, he’s different, adding different elements. Let me take that back, I don’t get it. The floating eyeballs, the furry cyclopse looking thing, and the flying lemons. I get the connection and I don’t care to know the connection either. I’ll just listen to the song and tune out that I’ve seen the video. His little commercial would’ve been better to release a full version of than this.  CLICK HERE to purchase Steve Aoki’s debut, Neon Future I, and check out the video below:

Switching gears to a video with concept is Ed Sheeran‘s video for his latest single ‘Thinking Out Loud’. Ed Sheeran has been taking ballroom dancing classes and he shows off his moves in this video. I think that videos as simplistic as this with interpretive dance really helps to zone in on the what is being sung.  Absolutely beautiful video and song plus I know that this song will be making its way to the first dances of weddings. Purchase his latest album HERE and check out the video below:

Lastly let’s get into Elle Varner‘s, ‘F*ck It All’. I would’ve loved to have seen a video for ‘Cold Case’ by now, but hey maybe there will be one maybe not. Round of applause to Elle Varner for THIS lyrically and visually. The video starts out with her singing away on her piano and her boyfriend comes in and says he’d be ready for them to go wherever they were going. While he’s finishing getting ready, his phone that he left on top of the piano and after its vibrating interrupted her playing she looked at his phone to see it was a text from another chick. Then the music begins. First off, this guy must be oblivious to not notice that her mood had changed. Throughout the video his change in behavior was interweaved into their little trip. She finally had the last straw when they got to their destination and in waking up the next morning he was outside, in the woods, on the phone. For him to be so far he clearly wanted privacy. The video ends with her about to go upside the head with a shovel. You can use your imagination to guess what happened next.

Check out the amazing video below:

Until next time…



Video Review: Ne-Yo, ‘Money Can’t Buy’

Ne-Yo has released the visual for his latest collab with Jeezy, ‘Money Can’t Buy.’ Ne-Yo explains the track as:

“‘Money Can’t Buy’ is about a woman that represents all those qualities that money can’t buy—integrity, class, style, a woman who knows her worth. I needed the video to kinda represent moments that money can’t buy with a woman that money can’t buy.

Let’s get into the review of the video. While I understand the concept of the song the video is just bland. It does stick to the point of the song, which is a plus, but there’s nothing spectacular about it. It begins with a few sexual scenes which could lead to a concept for another video. It then flips to Ne-Yo on top of a roof standing in front of a beautiful all white Maybach while his lady pulls up in a drop top Chevy Camaro. Jeezy is in all black rapping elsewhere and then back to the concept. His girl rides out instead of Ne-Yo driving. They go to a corner store and then a kiddie birthday party. Overall the video is just boring. The concept could’ve been built on. Again, nothing spectacular.

The track is the lead single off Ne-Yo’s upcoming album, Non Fiction, expected to be released sometime this fall. In a recent interview with NYCs, “The Breakfast Club”, he discussed the vibe of the album.

“I came on home with this one. This album is 99.999998% R&B, meaning I can’t completely abandon that fanbase ’cause they kept the lights on for a very long time. I still got some stuff that can live in that [pop] world, but there’s so much R&B on this album.”

I haven’t really enjoyed a Ne-Yo album since Because of You and that was released in 2007. Hopefully this is all R&B. Ne-Yo is pretty boring to me now, but I won’t knock the fact that he’s talented and can make radio hits. Only time will tell how this turns out.

Check out the video below:

MMF Valentine’s Day Playlist

I’ve compiled a playlist of some of my favorite love songs. They’re in no specific order just some of my personal favs. ENJOY!

Be sure to check out Billboards article, 20 Best Love Songs by Real-Life Couples and a piece I worked on last Valentine’s Day at Billboard, Top 50 ‘Love’ Songs: The Word Cloud