Declutter 101: Nail Polish

Welcome to another edition of my ‘Declutter 101’ series. My first installment was decluttering my fragrances and while I wanted to combine all go my beauty together into one post, I felt that separating them would be more be more beneficial. I hoard in different areas more so than others based off various reasons. I hoarded fragrances just to have them on hand always making an excuse of what I’d do with the scents I didn’t like. Then there’s my nail polish, which will be covered in this post, that I have been dwindling down for years. Check out my two previous collections below:

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Nail Polish Collection (February 2015)

I posted my nail polish collection last year (click HERE for that post) and I wanted to share just how much I’ve downsized yet again. I showed a pic of how I downsized in my ‘Beauty Corner’ post (click HERE for that), but I’ve downsized yet again. My set up is still the same as my initial nail polish collection post. I still store in the Snapware containers (click HERE to purchase) and I’ve added a 3 compartment organizer for smaller nail polishes among other things. I’ve also included links to all of the polishes I could find (click each name individually) plus my TOP 10. Enjoy!




Paint Your Walls with OPI

For all the nail junkies across the world, you can now paint your walls with one of the most prestigious nail polish brands, OPI. OPI has teamed with ACE Hardware for an exclusive OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington.

OPI Co-Founder and Executive Vice President,  Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, stated:

“It was important for OPI to partner with Ace Hardware, a known industry expert in paint, to bring our iconic colors to life. The paint colors in the OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington offer a refreshing alternative to the home décor category and we’re excited to give our fans the opportunity to experience their favorite OPI colors in a new way. Clark+Kensington is now fashion’s favorite paint!”

Here’s the categories: “The Artist”, “The Wild Heart”, and “The Romantic”.


Each theme includes five complimentary colors from Clark+Kensington:

  • “The Artist”: So Sophisticated N-C17, Boutique Chic 06D-1, Let’s Have a Party 32B-5, Designer White 1066 and Star Anise N-W32
  • “The Wild Heart”:Lavender Bliss 41B-2, Cymbidium Orchid 23C-5, Late Night Serenade N-C21, Silent White CW-C1 and Fashion Fix 01C-6
  • “The Romantic”: Garden Stone N-C10, Swaying Palm Trees 25B-7, Natural White CW-W1, Crazy in Love 06C-1 and Wisdom of the Ages 25B-5

The website offers not just examples of the nail polish colors, but nearly half a dozen room inspirations per room for your household.

My Top 5 Nail Polishes: Spring Edition

I am a nail polish junkie and I’m proud of it. I recently downsized my collection and I am very content with the color selection I have. I wanted to share my Top 5 nail polishes for Spring and give a high end and low end option. Be sure to check out my nail polish collectioncloset downsize, and vanity posts for my nail polish journey.

1. Ocean Blue


I love a dark blue for spring. It just makes my skin tone pop. I usually go for pink, but I wanted to switch things up. I’ll probably lean more so towards the pink in the summer. As for the three options I chose, it all started with The Sephora By OPI, ‘Slushied’ from the Glee Collection. Two similar colors I have in my collection are: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, ‘Blue Me Away‘ ($2.99) and Zoya ‘Phoebe'(Matte) from the MOD Collection. ($9).

2. Teal/Turquoise


One of the most infamous signature colors from Essie is ‘Turquoise & Caicos‘. ($8.50). The name gives away the underlying color, turquoise, but ultimately I think it’s categorized more as a teal. Sephora by OPI also has a very similar color called ‘Read My Palm’. Although they are similar as you can see from the picture the Sephora polish is a tad bit darker. This color is hard to come by but there are many other options similar online. This particular color is available in a gel polish.

3. Yellow


I love a great yellow polish and I usually have about 3 or 4 in my collection and I wear them throughout football season (Steelers; Black & Yellow), BUT there’s nothing like a nice yellow on the nails for Spring. What I love about these two yellows is that the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in ‘Mellow Yellow‘ ($2.99) gives that hint of yellow that I love. The Zoya color ‘Pippa‘ ($9) gives me more pigmentation, but it’s not dark enough to be a mustard yellow. Love the different tones of both polishes.

4. LIlac


If you couldn’t tell my now I am a HUGE fan of the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line. I own quite a few of purple polishes, but this one is my ultimate favorite. This polish is called, ‘Lacey Lilac‘ ($2.99) and it surely lives up to its name. This color will work great for any and every skin tone. Essie has great lilac options as well with a price tag of $8.50 a bottle: ‘Bond With Whomever’, ‘St. Lucia Lilac’, and ‘Lilacism.’



This is by far my favorite OPI nail polish to date. It was in the Serena Glam Slam Collection and I have been holding on to it and making sure it didn’t dry out since it’s such a beautiful color. I absolutely love it. The only dupe currently available that comes the closest to this color is Zoya’s ‘Faye’ ($9).

Be sure to check out my TOP 5 accessories & lippies for Spring.

What are your top nail polishes for this Spring?

Fashion Forward Friday [V.7] — Closet Downsize

IMG_0585-1I am going to be moving rooms sometime later this month and I currently have an entire room dedicated to my clothes, shoes, accessories. For the most part it is organized, but like most closets it gets crazy every now and then. Before I change rooms I’ll do a mini-closet tour with my storage & organization so stay tuned for that.

Winter is almost over as March quickly slides by and I went through my closet taking out clothes, shoes, and accessories that I don’t wear. It wasn’t hard for me to do this being that I donate at the end of every season. All of my donations go to my Church’s clothes closet.

I was inspired to really look deep in my closet and donate things I don’t use by YouTuber, PinkSoFoxy. I’ve been obsessed with her videos as of late with how she has been downsizing all of her possessions with her recent move. It’s inspired me to look within my own possession and my closet was the perfect start.

IMG_0591-1Going through my clothes was easy because as I stated already I had donated items before. I really just went through and took out pieces that were no longer my style or that I could no longer fit.

This time around I really focused more so on shoes and accessories being that it’s so hard for me to part with those, especially my shoes. Here’s the shoes I decided to part with.

IMG_0588-1It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be when it came to narrowing down my shoes. I had boots on my shoe shelf that I hadn’t worn since high school and they had been sitting in my collection going on nearly 5 years, When I purchased them of course I wore them, but time passed and my style changed and I did not wear them as I did before. I was holding on to shoes as more of a ‘count’ of a collection than actually having them as ‘staples’ in my collection. From the picture above I did give away 2 pairs of boots, a pair of heels, flats, wedges, and combat boots, oxfords, and 6 pairs of sandals. My sandals are brand new being that they were impulse buys. Thankfully I do not shop like that anymore. I narrowed down half the size of my sandal collection and the ones I kept I wear all the time in rotation.

IMG_0594-1Next up were my accessories which included not only jewelry, but I downsized my nail polish collection and my overflow of lotions. I surprisingly had no problem doing this and I kept telling myself that the pieces needed a new home and I did not need to continue to hold on to items I wasn’t using. I gave away basically all of my colorful pieces being that I stick to basic silver/gold these days. I also gave away some belts that I wasn’t wearing along with necklaces that just aren’t my style. Two bags that I had received prior I never used in the past 6 months so I’m donating those as well. The lotions I’m giving away were never used and I received them in gift bags and the scents just aren’t for me.

My nail polish collection is where a lot of my money went into my first 2 years of college being that I was obsessed. I bought every color from multiple brands, but at this point in life I’m not into it anymore and a lot of the polishes were only used once so it was time to give them away. I had went through my collection before and donated 25+ bottles to my church and friends and this time around I was happy to donate more polishes that I no longer use. I like the collection that i have now. To see what my collection in its entirety looked like before check out my Nail Polish Collection post.

I’m so glad to have went through my closet and during my ‘mini-move’ who knows what I’ll want to give away again. Right now I’m content with the pieces I own and I have no need or desire to expand at this time. Next up is my bedroom and seeing going through what I don’t use again. Excited to bring you all along for the journey. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Nail Polish Collection (Jan. 2014)

Some girls collect makeup, some shoes, some handbags. As for me? I went through a nail polish overload phase. At one point I was buying at least 5-10 bottles a week. Well, this is my current collection and storage. I have downsized from what my collection was over a year ago. I had brand new bottles I never used and I gave some away to friends and donated nearly 50 to my church’s clothes closet. Enough rambling.

First off let’s start off with storage. I have seen so many variations on how to store nail polish from just throwing them in a basket, putting them on a shelf, a hanging organizer, decoratively on a tray or in a glass jar, and of course on a nail rack. It all depends on your collection size, but I always recommend storing your polishes upright. I use to store mine in boxes, but I wanted them in one central place. I had been thinking of getting a nail polish rack, BUT I came across a better idea! I was watching a nail polish collection video by MakeupByTiffanyD (3 years ago) and she showed that she used SnapWare Storage (her storage has since changed). So I hunted down the large size and I’ve had it ever since. My collection had grown to two sets of the large containers but I have since consolidated.


Next up was organizing my collection by brand. Many do it by color, but for me brand is easier. I have China Glaze, OPI, Sephora by OPI, Sally Hansen, Zoya, Essie, and MORE!


Next up are my top/base coats. As of right now I’m very low, but I absolutely love Orly‘s, ‘Nail Defense,’ and I need to restock. Now its just drug store basics such as Rimmel, Sinful Colors, and Wet n Wild.


Here’s each collection broken down:

Well there’s my collection. I’ll be doing more ‘What’s on My Nails’ posts soon as well as a nail polish tag which will give more in depth on the colors in my collection that I enjoy.

What’s in your nail polish collection? Your top brands / colors?