Nail Polish Collection (February 2015)

I posted my nail polish collection last year (click HERE for that post) and I wanted to share just how much I’ve downsized yet again. I showed a pic of how I downsized in my ‘Beauty Corner’ post (click HERE for that), but I’ve downsized yet again. My set up is still the same as my initial nail polish collection post. I still store in the Snapware containers (click HERE to purchase) and I’ve added a 3 compartment organizer for smaller nail polishes among other things. I’ve also included links to all of the polishes I could find (click each name individually) plus my TOP 10. Enjoy!




Nail Polish Collection (Jan. 2014)

Some girls collect makeup, some shoes, some handbags. As for me? I went through a nail polish overload phase. At one point I was buying at least 5-10 bottles a week. Well, this is my current collection and storage. I have downsized from what my collection was over a year ago. I had brand new bottles I never used and I gave some away to friends and donated nearly 50 to my church’s clothes closet. Enough rambling.

First off let’s start off with storage. I have seen so many variations on how to store nail polish from just throwing them in a basket, putting them on a shelf, a hanging organizer, decoratively on a tray or in a glass jar, and of course on a nail rack. It all depends on your collection size, but I always recommend storing your polishes upright. I use to store mine in boxes, but I wanted them in one central place. I had been thinking of getting a nail polish rack, BUT I came across a better idea! I was watching a nail polish collection video by MakeupByTiffanyD (3 years ago) and she showed that she used SnapWare Storage (her storage has since changed). So I hunted down the large size and I’ve had it ever since. My collection had grown to two sets of the large containers but I have since consolidated.


Next up was organizing my collection by brand. Many do it by color, but for me brand is easier. I have China Glaze, OPI, Sephora by OPI, Sally Hansen, Zoya, Essie, and MORE!


Next up are my top/base coats. As of right now I’m very low, but I absolutely love Orly‘s, ‘Nail Defense,’ and I need to restock. Now its just drug store basics such as Rimmel, Sinful Colors, and Wet n Wild.


Here’s each collection broken down:

Well there’s my collection. I’ll be doing more ‘What’s on My Nails’ posts soon as well as a nail polish tag which will give more in depth on the colors in my collection that I enjoy.

What’s in your nail polish collection? Your top brands / colors?