Double Header Video Review: Duff x Spears

Hilary Duff and Britney Spears premiered their respective videos this week and I’ve decided to give my take in a special double header video review. I’ve been seeing clips of Duff’s video for weeks while pictures from Spears’ video with Iggy Azalea had surfaced before the video had even dropped. Well, both videos have been released so let’s get into the review.

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Video Review: Big Sean x E-40, ‘I Don’t Fuck With You’

Photo Cred: Tumblr

Big Sean has released a video for his latest single, ‘I Don’t Fuck With You’ featuring E-40 and this one is surely a banger. I never got around to doing a track review because when the track came out I hadn’t even heard it. I just saw countless hashtags (#IDFWU) and people saying it just like Big Sean does. Once I heard it, I definitely added it to my rotation (check out my September/October Favorites).

So this is a jam packed cameo video and revolves around, my favorite, FOOTBALL! Pictures had surfaced weeks ago and I knew that Teyana Taylor, fellow G.O.O.D. Music artist would be featured. I did not know that Kanye West would be on the sideline, and be coach at that, nor was I expecting to see DJ Mustard on the field. I mean, Ye and Mustard produced the track so that’s cool. Enough rambling, let’s get into the review.

Photo Cred: Tumblr

First shout out to the commentator, Big Boy from Cali’s Power 106,. Big Sean is the star high school quarterback of the Lions (no surprise D-Town) as they face the Pirates. He apparently has a ton of scholarships yet he’s having one sucky game. Coach Ye is on the sideline being super chill. I was expecting a more turnt up Ye. Hello, your star QB is messing up the game. Moving on, it flashes between Sean throwing an interception to the Pirates fans cheering and his teammates looking on and shaking their heads. Teyana Taylor looked cute on the side as a cheerleader.

The beat changes and it shows Sean getting in the car with his ‘girl’ who is from the other school which looks to be a rival, yet it shows clips of her with another dude. The shade. Back to the game, Kanye whispers “Focus” and Sean suddenly gets it together. Insert E-40 who’s another commentator in the booth. He looks great by the way. DJ Mustard takes the field (insert another ‘MateFit’ plug). He gets the ball, bulldozes into the end zone, and TOUCHDOWN!

10 seconds left and the score is 24-21, Lions down. With one second left time slows down as Big Sean plugs his new girlfriend in his rhymes and ends up taking the ball into the end zone. Excuse me, DIVES into the end zone  Hurray, Lions win. No surprise. His “girl” approaches him and he doesn’t cause a scene or anything. The thirsty chick in the stands all night tries to run up on him and pushes the other girl out the way only for Sean to push her out the way and move past both chicks. Another girl flashes him her boobs and he proudly signs them before being lifted into the air by his teammates. Great front page picture shot.

I really enjoyed the video. He had a lot of distractions in the beginning of the game, but it ultimately came down to getting focused and doing what he had to do. That’s like with any breakup. You may be down for bit, but then you have to bounce back and get back on your grind and worry about yourself. Great video.

Sean is in the process of working on his 3rd studio album and in an interview with Carson Daly stated:

You guys might be getting it for a stocking stuffer, who knows?

If he plans on throwing more shade on this one, I’m all for it. I’m ready for a new Big Sean album.

Check out the video below:

This Week In Music [V. 23]: Video Overload #3

Welcome back to another edition of This Week In Music. I’ve taken a break from this series, but let’s get back to it. There’s been a lot of videos released this week so I’ve decided to compile some of them into this post. As always be sure to click links (anything in bold), follow on HERE & Instagram @MusicMovingForward, and enjoy!

First up is Ne-Yo‘s video to She Knows’ featuring Juicy J. I reviewed his video to ‘Money Can’t Buy’ featuring Jeezy (CLICK HERE for that) and I was bored with that video just like I am bored with this one. Ne-Yo walks into a corner store and everywhere he turns there’s strippers. What a proper video set for the strip club anthem man himself, Juicy J. The strippers dance around him throughout the whole video. He’s in like this haze and whether he’s in a park or a library, there’s a stripper. The song in general just screams Jason Derulo. It’s a shame that videos have resulted to excessive ass shaking over an actual concept/story line. Walking through a store and having a stripper pole does not mean that there is a vision there. That just means the pole was taken from a club to another set. Nothing original and I’m not impressed. Ne-Yo has made better music. CLICK HERE to purchase the track, if interested. Check out the video below:

Next up is one of my favorite songs, Steve Aoki‘s, ‘Delirious (Boneless)’ featuring Kid Ink. While Katy Perry successfully added different crazy elements in her video for ‘This Is How We Do’ (CLICK HERE for that review), this video was just a mess. I get it, he’s different, adding different elements. Let me take that back, I don’t get it. The floating eyeballs, the furry cyclopse looking thing, and the flying lemons. I get the connection and I don’t care to know the connection either. I’ll just listen to the song and tune out that I’ve seen the video. His little commercial would’ve been better to release a full version of than this.  CLICK HERE to purchase Steve Aoki’s debut, Neon Future I, and check out the video below:

Switching gears to a video with concept is Ed Sheeran‘s video for his latest single ‘Thinking Out Loud’. Ed Sheeran has been taking ballroom dancing classes and he shows off his moves in this video. I think that videos as simplistic as this with interpretive dance really helps to zone in on the what is being sung.  Absolutely beautiful video and song plus I know that this song will be making its way to the first dances of weddings. Purchase his latest album HERE and check out the video below:

Lastly let’s get into Elle Varner‘s, ‘F*ck It All’. I would’ve loved to have seen a video for ‘Cold Case’ by now, but hey maybe there will be one maybe not. Round of applause to Elle Varner for THIS lyrically and visually. The video starts out with her singing away on her piano and her boyfriend comes in and says he’d be ready for them to go wherever they were going. While he’s finishing getting ready, his phone that he left on top of the piano and after its vibrating interrupted her playing she looked at his phone to see it was a text from another chick. Then the music begins. First off, this guy must be oblivious to not notice that her mood had changed. Throughout the video his change in behavior was interweaved into their little trip. She finally had the last straw when they got to their destination and in waking up the next morning he was outside, in the woods, on the phone. For him to be so far he clearly wanted privacy. The video ends with her about to go upside the head with a shovel. You can use your imagination to guess what happened next.

Check out the amazing video below:

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Video Review: Jessie J, ‘Bang Bang’

bang-bang-videoThe visual for ‘Bang Bang’ has been released and the performance on the VMAs was a sight to see. The video is very similar to that of their Beats commercial so the commercial was really a sneak peak into what to expect. Jessie J does the whole bend and snap hair swing and shoulder shake, nothing with a bunch of umph. She could’ve went harder with the choreo. Her outfit was cute, trousers, suspenders, crop top, and heels. The curly hair is cute on her and I love it way more than the slicked back pony tail she’s been rocking elsewhere. Ariana is such a doll, literally. She’s dancing around with a megaphone spray painted with ‘Bang’ and her two piece white lace ensemble with white heels is pretty cute. Her voice usually annoys me, but she works well with this song (as mentioned in my initial track review). Then there’s Ms. Minaj. Nicki spits her bars from the rooftop in front of a helicopter in a  black leather top, leopard skirt, and black heels. I love the simplicity of her looks as of late. Nothing outlandish. The video ends with the ladies on top of the rooftop in new outfits. Nicki has on a neon yellow skirt with matching heels and a colorful bra. Jessie has on an interesting dress that’s the same as what she wore on the VMAs except in a metallic zebra print. Ariana is no surprise in yet another TWO PIECE that’s shiny with what looks like a pink chevron.

The video overall could’ve used some more choreo, but the ladies looked great so points for that. Ovther than that it was just alright.

Check out the video below:

Video Review: Sam Smith, ‘I’m Not The Only One’

Sam Smith has released the video to his latest single, ‘I’m Not The Only One’, off his debut In The Lonely HourThe video is the typical case of a cheating husband who thinks his wife doesn’t know. It looks to be set back sometime between the 50s and 60s.

You say I’m crazy, cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done.

But when you call me baby, I know I’m not the only one.


The man seems to be distant from her wife which she clearly knows. They seem to have this perfect relationship, or so it seems. Housewife, whit picket fence, yet he was in a rush to go sleep with his lover. He didn’t even get a hotel, they met at a bar and went into the back to handle their business while she vented at home. She cried her eyes out, went to the store to get wine and lighter fluid, and then burned his clothes while she sat by the pool drinking a glass of wine and smoking a cigarette. Yet he comes home, without his car, and she opens the door as if everything is fine. He hugs her, kisses her neck and she smiles as the door closes. Again, no need to draw attention to the “happy” couple. It’s like a cycle. He continues to cheat while she sits home and cries about it.

Check out the video below:

Video Review: Janelle Monae, ‘Electric Lady’

Janelle Monae has released the video for her track ‘Electric Lady’ off her latest album, The Electric Lady, which was released September of 2013. Let’s get into the review.

Introducting … Electro Phi Beta from South Atlanta.


Janelle Monae is getting ready to head out with her Soros. She takes a pic of her ladies on her fancy Samsung watch which of course links to her phone, she jumps in the car (a Cadillac) and pops in this cool ‘Electric Lady’ 8-track and the next stop is the Sorority House. UntitledThere’s a party going on (duh) and near the end of the video it hints at it being a bit of a Probate introducing new members into Electro Phi Beta. The albumni of the Sorority that were skyped in on the wall (so cute) were: T-Boz, Esperanza Spalding, Estelle, Monica, and Kimbra.
Untitled2The party goes on as this fraternity rolls in and they get there dance on with this choreo that I keep playing back so I can learn it all. It gets later and later and Janelle breaks into rap and then the Neos. I assume they’re Neo’s as their faces are covered with cool futuristic (oversized) visors and their shirts are numbered. [For those who don’t know, Neos are the abbreviation of Neophytes which are new pledges in a sorority/fraternity.]4 Just when you think it’s over, here comes the cameo from the King of the South, T.I., with his baseball cap, ‘Blurred Lines’ two step, and a red solo cup. Lastly, shoot to the outside where the band comes and there’s Majorette Monae.

Janelle Monae is just so gorgeous in this video. She sticks to the black and white and adds a pop of color with her pink crop top. Her letterman jacket is super dope with the quilted sleeves, JM monogram, and Electric Lady embroidered on the back. Then as majorette she sticks to the same black and white outfit except with her purple hat & cape. Her HAIR, boy that fro.

I give this video a 5/5 for sure. I haven’t been rating videos lately, but this one sure deserves it. So much though and concept behind it. This has been on a favs list before, but here it is nearly a year later back on top of my rotation. Major props for this one.

This is a super DOPE video and too bad Solange isn’t it. She would’ve been great as the DJ at the party.

Check out the AMAZING video below:

Video Review: J. Hud, ‘Walk It Out’

I first reviewed this track back in April and I RAVED about how much I loved it. Jennifer Hudson found the perfect formula with Timbaland on this track and I was excited when I saw a video posted for this. Despite my excitement and after watching the video, it could’ve been better. I know I can be critical and cynical on videos, but a video can MAKE or BREAK a song. In most cases now there aren’t really video concepts. It’s just girls dancing around on either a yacht or in a strip club (mostly). I just like videos with some type of concept. Not every song needs to be in a club setting. Not every song is a dance song. Concepts have been diminished to the point where a video for a ballad has to center around the club; I digress.

As for this J. Hud video, I absolutely love her with the short cut. From the instant set up of the video plus photos I saw I could see there was a concept for this which means thought was actually put into the making of this video. The short hair with the leggings, crop top, high top spray painted embellished sneakers were PERFECTION. It’s clear that this was more of a modernized 90svibe and I like it. Shout out to her fiancé, David Otunga, for being in like the first minute or so (just in passing), although he was not her love interest.


The video goes on with this guy trying to get with her and she brushes him off the first time on the street before she goes into the hair salon. The second time was as she walked past interrupting a basketball game he was playing as he stopped to pursue her yet again. Lastly, it was late and he pulled up in a BEAUTIFUL drop top Benz and finally she gave in after he passed her the key to drive. Mainly for me, I wasn’t a fan of the choreo. It was too cheesy and the hair salon scene didn’t really have a scene it was just her dancing inside the hair salon. the basketball court scene included her with two other girls, but the dancing was bleh. Like J. Hud was doing her moves and I know she’s the star, but the girls in the back could’ve dance more. Overall the video didn’t suck. The concept was there. I just wish she had better choreo and better extras dancing with her. Other than that, I can still bump this.

Check out the video below: