Video Review: Sevyn Streeter, ‘B.A.N.S.’

Sevyn-Streeter-BANS-Video-TeaserSevyn Streeter is back with yet another video from her EP, Call Me Crazy, But…This time around she’s enlisted the help of Mack Wilds and Power 105.1’s, Angela Yee. Aside from the video I really really love the song lyrically. She’s an awesome writer and has a great voice which is showcased in this song.

As for the video the concept is the typical argument with boyfriend before heading over to the BFFs house to talk things out. What’s interesting about all of Sevyn’s videos is that she’s really big on silouhette and always making sure that she’s the center of attention. The video that I’ve seen with the most concept, more so a full out storyline was that of ‘nEXt’. This time around the storyline is pretty much left up to the imagination making it self-explanatory. I mean in the first minute you heard that the reason she was done was because her boyfriend got his side chick pregnant so it’s pretty clear as to where the video would be going. Angela Yee seemed so awkward in this video, like the acting was just too forced. I love that in videos with Sevyn she always incorporates herself being in like a mirrored image or spinning around hence staying along the ‘crazy’ vibe of the title of the EP.

Check out the video below and CLICK HERE to purchase the EP: