Summer 16 Favorites

Welcome to another post here on the blog. I’ve been wanting to share my Summer 16 favorites with you all so why not when it’s actually starting to feel like fall.

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May Favorites | NCIS, Music, & YouTube

So long May. It’s crazy that we are halfway through June and Summer Sixteen is right around the corner. As usual, I wanted to share my monthly favorites. This month I have a TV favorite, a couple YouTubers, and of course music. Let’s get into it. As always, be sure to click the highlights links throughout the post.

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January Favs (Music & TV)

UntitledIt’s the top of the year and I plan on doing monthly favorites as I usually do. I did want to incorporate more than just music, but we’ll start with my playlist. This is more of a current rotation type of list.

  • Tayior Swift, ‘Blank Space’
  • Taylor Swift, ‘Style’
  • Ellie Goulding, ‘Love Me Like You Do’
  • Fall Out Boy, ‘Centuries’
  • Prince Royce, ‘Stuck on a Feeling’
  • Kelly Clarkson, ‘Heartbeat Song’

I’ve been hooked on watching CSI:NY on Netflix. Aside from wrestling and YouTube, I’ve been getting back into watching Netflx more frequently. I will say that i’m disappointed they deletedmajority of Law & Order, all versions. I wish they’d add NCIS so I could start watching that.

As for February, I’m interested in, of course, what new music will be coming out and if Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder will make my list. I love the concepts of both shows, but I wasn’t all that into the start of the Winter Season. Well that’s for Scandal more so than How To Get Away With Murder.