December Monthly Plan With Me

Welcome to another post here on the blog and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I wanted to share my December monthly plan with me. It’ll be an overload of planner content between decorating pages to my Planning for 2017 series.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Plan With Me | June Monthly

Well, hello June. May is basically over and I wanted to share my June Monthly spread with you all. As always, be sure to click the highlighted links for related posts and links to stickers/washi used.

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Plan with Me | May Monthly + May 2nd – 8th

Welcome to another plan with me here on the blog. In this plan with me I combined my May monthly spread with the first week in May. I kept it pretty simple . As always, click the highlighted links throughout the post. Check out my recent PLANdemonium below:


I had a lot of fun creating this spread. I ran out of the Target Up & Up neon folder labels that I had used in February and March to mark my bills. I also didn’t want to put my events of the month in the sidebar. As for the sidebar, I had left over scrapbook paper I used for my divider and it fit perfectly in the space. I added a MAMBI quote sticker and voila. I used label stickers from Michaels to mark on my friends graduation dinner, WWE’s Extreme Rules, and my brother’s prom + birthday. To mark my bills I went back to the Michaels removable calendar stickers and used colors that worked with color scheme I created on a whim. I’ve been loving Michaels’ Color Splash washi and to fill in the empty boxes I used the thicker roll of the set.


For the weekly spread I wanted to play around with the gold pineapple washi I had. I and purchased two rolls sometime last year and ended up giving one away in a swap because i didn’t like it. I had used it in a previous spread, but I when I found a pineapple list pad at Target, I wanted to incorporate it again. I channeled xoMamaPlans as she switches up how she lays out her washi. I usually just layout out my washi one way so the pineapple would me on one row and the polk a dot on another. I switched it up and I really like how it turned out.

I used the rest of the Sticky Essentials March kit and used the headers and checklist. I had cut the checklist in half in previous spreads and I just alternated between what I had left.Some have the page flag ends while others don’t.  I didn’t put my blog posts on the bottom of each day like I usually do, instead I put them in the sidebar. I used MAMBI stickers for those and the scrapbook paper is the same I used in the sidebar in my Monthly view.

I really love how this spread turned out and it’ll build throughout the week. Be sure to check out my Instagram, @ChaoticCritic, to see how it turns out. Stickers / washi used below.


January 2016 Planner Recap + Tips

January has come and gone and I wanted to recap my planner layouts for the month. I went back to the basics this month of planning by incorporating more printables and page flags from the Target One Spot. As my Etsy stash is dwindling there are stickers that I’d like to purchase/repurchase, but I want to use what I have before doing so. Be sure to click the links to head to the original post which features links to all stickers used.

January Monthly Spread


I wasn’t a fan of my January spread at all. I tried to create this winter wonderland the theme, but I just ended up oddly placing snowmen and penguins. I also tried to color coordinate my bills versus appointments and birthdays. The monthly spread is meant to be a guide for me, but if I don’t like it, I barely refer to it. Going with an all blue theme and trying to stay true to that really threw me off.

Tip: Find a specific use for your monthly spread whether it’s to mark bills/appointments or as a blogging tool. Don’t try to cram everything in the boxes. Make use of your sidebar! 

Week 1: December 28th-January 3rd


For this spread I used a combination of printables from ThreeCheers+Co, MyPlannerEnvy, and NinjaMomDesigns. this was my first time doing an all out spread featuring printables and I love how it turned out. The only thing I would’ve like to have done differently was fill out the bottom more instead of having so much empty space. I did for two days out of the second half, but that’s one thing I worked on the remainder of the month.

Tip: In using printables, don’t be afraid to mix and match various ones. Also take your time cutting them out. 

Week 2: January 4th-10th


This week was basic and a great example of inexpensive planning for beginners. I used scrapbook paper n the middle, left over page flags that I had from various Etsy shops and everything else was basically a Target page flags. I used them to mark my blog posts and TV shows plus my ‘To Do’ headers. I loved this spread because of the simplicity and how easy it was to achieve. I didn’t need to washi the bottom and subconsciously the scrapbook paper matched. This layout I was able to pull in multiple colors that complimented each other so well.

Tip: Experiment with what you have. Do not continuously buy to keep up with other planners. Grow your stash according to your personal budget. 

Week 3: January 11th-17th


This was a super cute, pre-Valententine’s day spread. This was the first spread that I played around with washi simply by cutting the ends. I also used another MyPlannerEnvy printable for the ‘To Do’ lists. I wouldn’t mind having those printed on regular paper opposed to glossy paper. The only thing I’d swap out is the bottom washi for a different alternative.

Tip: Try picking a color for a specific spread and experimenting with all shades.  

Week 4: January 18th-24th 


I planned an owl theme in my head for this spread, but it’s my least favorite of the month. Maybe adding Olaf to mark the blizzard wasn’t a cute idea after all. The entire bottom half is crooked. I filled the white space with washi that I forgot I had purchased. Looking closer at this layout Olaf really does throw it off, but the crooked glued on instagrams don’t help either.

Tip: Don’t overthink your theme. Let it flow and add accordingly as the week progresses. 

January 25th-31st


This layout is definitely my favorite of the month. I love it because it’s bright and another theme that semi works as another pre-Valentine’s day theme. It was bright and vibrant and was great to look at throughout the week. Being that there was a lot of snow on the ground, it was great to look at my planner and stay motivated throughout the week.

Tip: Have fun with your spread and don’t limit yourself to a specific season. Keep it bright for motivation. There’s nothing like checking something off your to-do list.