Plan With Me | June ‘This Month Currently’


We are halfway through 2016. Crazy, yes I know. I wanted to share yet another plan with me with you all. This time I’m sharing my plan with me for the June ‘This Month Currently’ page in my Happy Planner. Check out my previous layouts below and be sure to click all the links throughout the post.

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Plan With Me | May ‘This Month Currently’ | Happy Planner

The ‘This Month Currently’ page in the Happy Planner has come in various forms and I’m still working in the ‘Good Things Are Going to Happen’ Happy Planner. It was in Spring of 2015 that I shared my initial review, but  I never knew what to do with the ‘This Month Currently’ page.


Throughout most of last year it was left blank. I now use it as a scrapbook page to highlight important event/birthday of the month, my monthly music favorites, and TV show highlights. Check out my previous layouts below:

I have a lot of fun decorating this page as it’s a free for all. I use scrapbook paper, all types of stickers, and washi tapes.


The top of the page has a perpetual calendar at the top which has no use to me so I covered it with scrapbook paper and added some letters. Quick simple fix.

To cover the ‘This Month Currently’ section, I decided to use graph paper from a  paper pad I had purchased from AC Moore around Christmas. I never used graph paper before. I’ve seen other planners use it in their personal size planners. I plan on adding some pictures from my brothers prom, my monthly music favorites and a snapshot from the NCIS season finale. YES, I’m a fan.

I love using journaling cards to cover the ‘I Am Grateful For’ section. I added some washi, but that’s not always mandatory. The washi could’ve been a little straighter, but that just the OCD in me. Sometimes I cover up the birthday section when I don’t know someone that has one. I layer more scrapbook paper and make it decorative. The section is not always functional.  This month is really all about my little brother. He goes to prom on the 25th and his 18th is on the 27th.

When decorating a page as such in whatever Happy Planner you have, keep in mind that when using textured scrapbook paper OR 3D stickers, the planner will bulk up. Experiment with washi and stickers and figure out what you’d like to use the page for. Maybe there’s elements you’d prefer to keep and cover others

TIP: Just because the planner is a certain way, doesn’t mean you can’t adjust it to fit your needs. Use it as a guideline not the finish line. 

Be sure to stay tuned to how this page turns out in my May recap. To stay up to date with Chaotic Critic, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@ChaoticCritic).

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Plan With Me | April ‘This Month Currently’ | Happy Planner

Hello and welcome to another post here on the blog. In this post I’m sharing how I decorate the ‘This Month Currently’ page of my Happy Planner for the month of April (as it says in the title). I love decorating this page because I can do whatever I want to it and just have fun.  It’s also a page that I update frequently with my favorites of the month whether it’s a song of adding a movie ticket.


I used a mixture of paper from scrapbook paper to die cuts. The scrapbook paper I used at the top covered the perpetual calendar which I never use and I took die cut letters and spelled out the month. I then took chalkboard which I had in a Valentine’s paper pad and covered the ‘This Month Currently’ section. I have tried to use that section in the past, but it doesn’t really work for me. I added a movie ticket from when I saw Zootopia (which was awesomsauce) and I plan to add other music favorites for the month.


I left the birthday section and important dates to mark my sisters 12th birthday and the important date of the month was the MAMBI Planner’s Night Out at Michaels (click HERE for my recap on that). I took a card I had received in a swap and wrote in some of my music favorites for the month. I also used the Dollar Tree Jot brand dots as bullet points for each song. I plan to add the rest on the section with my movie ticket with stickers. Stay tuned for my April recap to see the  finished result. The stickers were from a Darice sticker book.

This system works for me at this current moment and there’s a lot happening in May and June so I’m not sure if I’ll switch up the layout. I definitely need to keep space for my music favorites. That’s about all that I add there. I have my general monthly favorites, but I really like to add my favorite songs each month.

March Favorites

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS! I managed to make it through the entire day without any jokes on me. Cheers to that. I wanted to share my March favorites which isn’t that much PLUS what I would’ve like to accomplish this month. 


I came across Canva at the top of the year and it is definitely an essential for me in creating thumbnails for my posts. In addition to Canva, I’m a huge fan of Polyvore and I like to combine the two. No sense in hiding what you use. If it works, share it. Everyone has their own creativity within. USE IT!


I’m still obsessed with NCIS and I’ve actually started watching the show over on Netflix. I plan to buy the entire series before the year is over. Preferably around Black Friday when the price drops to $10 a season. Anywho, I’m sad that Michael Weatherly (Dinozzo) will be leaving at the end of the season which is next month. Speaking of people leaving shows, I had no idea that Shemar Moore (Morgan) from Criminal Minds was leaving. The ending of that episode was just so sad. 


Just like I shared in January and February, I’ve been compiling a list I’ve been compiling a list of music favorites for the year. I’ve actually been listening to the Coldplay’s ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ plus Taylor Swifts ‘New Romantics’ on rotation, but new to the list include:

  • Desiigner – ‘Panda’
  • Justin Bieber – ‘Company’
  • Kent Jones – ‘Don’t Mind’ 
  • Rachel Platten – ‘Fight Song’

Aside from what I’ve enjoyed this month, there’s a lot I would have liked to accomplish. 

  • More job searches.
  • Starting a new book.
  • Daily devotions!
  • More videos. I’m tired of the repetitious planner vids.
  • Better eating habits PLUS daily workouts.
  • Better money management. 

I think it’s essential in taking note of what you would have liked to accomplish in a month to start you up for the upcoming month. I know that I would like a new job by June as well as losing weight and getting in shape for a fall lung cancer run. Taking action with these steps and really focusing on what I want to accomplish is a great start to the month. I’ll be able to prioritize better for sure.

Cheers to a productive April and be sure to check out my playlist below!

Plan With Me | March’This Month Currently’ | Happy Planner


The Happy Planner features a page called ‘This Month Currently’ at the end of each month. You can use this to track goals for the month or you can use it to track what you actually did for the month. I did not use this page efficiently last year (July-December) and it was one thing that I wanted to incorporate in my planning. Be sure to check out my March Monthly spread HERE.


Similar to how I decorated my February page, I broke out my washi. I don’t use washi in every single spread, so this page is a great way for me to make use of my washi and have fun with it. I used the same washi in my March monthly spread so it was a great segue between the two. I went for an Easter theme using stickers from Hobby Lobby and the Darice sticker book that I scored for 10 cents last year. I really wanted to cover up what the ‘This Month Currently’ had listed simply because I wouldn’t be using it. There is shadowing, but that doesn’t bother me since I plan on adding over it.

I covered that portion with washi and I can add anything there to document what I did for the month. Last month I glued in my movie ticket from Deadpool and I really want to see Gods of Egypt this month so that may be going their as well. I also will be going to do Wine & Painting with my friends so that will be noted as well.

This page is all about memory planing. I don’t have to cram it into my weekly spread when I have the space to do it here. I covered the perpetual calendar on top with washi and I added cards on the side to fill in the other sections such as: birthdays, I am grateful for, and important dates. I will not be covering that side every single month, but for this month it just worked.

If you’re interested in the ‘This Month Currently,’ you can download it from MAMBI HERE. Below are links to stickers/washi used: