Plan With Me: Christmas Week

Welcome to another plan with me. In this plan with me edition I’m planning for CHRISTMAS WEEK! When it comes to planning for a holiday there’s like a competition of who will create the best layout and planning should not be stressful. Planning should be fun and to each its own. Also the spreads do not have to incorporate the traditional red and green. It’s amazing to see all the different Christmas kits in other peoples spreads. Last week I did a winter wonderland theme, which I loved, but this week I’m ready for full out Christmas. Check out the full look of last week below and click the pic for sticker details.


Moving on to this week, I used a set from Fabulously Planned along with stickers/washi from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I featured this kit from Fabulously Planned in a happy mail post (click HERE for that) and I used another set from Fabulously Planned the week of December 7th-13th.


It took me a little bit longer to create this layout based of the positioning of the washi and the number of full boxes that  had. I ordered the sampler sheet along with the full box sheets. As usual, I wanted my middle section completely covered and with a sampler sheet you get more of a variety. I will say that with this kit from FabulouslyPlanned that I’m not a huge fan of the icon stickers. There were a lot of cleaning icons which I know I won’t be using a lot of. I’d rather have had more TVs, some trash cans, or even more decorative stickers. Still love the kit, just not a huge fan of the icons.

After placing my stickers I realized that I had a lot more to add after I took the picture before the ink. Monday through Wednesday are definitely going to be busy from work to cleaning and last minute shopping. Plus, I’m having an Ugly Sweater Christmas party on Wednesday so I have a lot of prep for that.

Overall I love how the spread turned out and I can’t wait to add to it throughout the week. As for stickers featured in the pic, click the links below:


Check out my detailed plan with me video below and be sure to click the links above! Enjoy & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Holiday Party Planning | 1 Week Before

My Ugly Sweater Christmas party is officially 1 week away and based off my 2 weeks before planning, I’ve done nothing. I came down with a horrible sinus infection so all the deep cleaning I wanted to get done, didn’t. So from last week I did finalize my menu, the sweet treats, my photo booth ideas with printable props, and how I want to set everything up in my dining/living rooms. Check out my party planning Pinterest board HERE.

Being that I didn’t get any cleaning done last week, cleaning is at the top of my list before my party next Wednesday. My bathroom, downstairs, and guest room are 3 zones that need quick yet efficient cleans. Last weekend would have been the perfect weekend for deep cleaning since I had nothing planned, but I plan to get it all done this weekend despite my busy schedule.

Aside from needing to clean, I need to get my tablescape together, buy materials for my DIY photo booth, and make the grocery list for my menu. I’ve decided to do a taco bar which I’ll also have along with my dessert table and a hot cocoa bar. Aside from tacos I may add wings. Not completely sure yet.

71GSPSbYPjL._SL1000_My friend found a sweater cookie cutter in the Target Dollar spot, excuse me, Bulls Eye Playground. Since it’s an ugly sweater Christmas party it’ll be fun to see who makes the ugliest/cutest cookie. Aside from decorating cookies I’m still working on what else we’ll be doing. It’s more fun to just let the night flow. There is a game that I’d like to hunt down the game Teletsrations which simply put is the telephone game except with pictures.

For my DIY photo booth I’ve found some printables that I plan on cutting out with construction paper and then gluing them on foam to make them more substantial. For the photo booth itself I wanted to create a giant polaroid which I plan to achieve with just a regular poster board and an exacto knife. As for other pictures, I’m not sure what I’ll use for a backdrop just yet.

As for all the DIYs and decor, I will be sharing all of that next week leading up to my party. I’m excited to have all my favorite ladies together for a fun night. All in all I still have quite a bit to get done, but it’ll get done one way or another.

Project Pre-K: 5 Easy Holiday Projects

Happy Happy Holidays! This time of year I love to create projects with the kids at my job as well as my nephews because the possibilities are endless. In this ‘Project Pre-K’ I’ll be sharing 5 super easy projects for the holidays.

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Holiday Bedroom Decor

In previous posts I featured my living room decor, well basically my Christmas tree, along with my office decor. In this final installment of my holiday decor, I wanted to share how I spruced up my bedroom. Around the same time I purchased the tree for my living room, I purchased a mini tree for my bedroom. It was under $10 and the ornaments and lights rounded the price off to around $20 total. They have the trees at Target now that just come with a tag instead of in a box, but the one I purchased came in a box and had to be assembled similar to that of my larger Christmas tree.

The color scheme I went for was gold and red. I really like hat color combination. I had gold garland as well, but I decided not to put it on my tree and used that elsewhere in my office. I had to purchase lights since the ones I had for two years had burnt out. I purchased some from Dollar Tree, yes just for $1, although I should’ve picked up 2 since just one set is _ inches. All in all, it still worked out.

Once the decorations were added I put my ‘Merry Christmas’ sign from the Target Dollar Spot in the middle. To one side I have a snowman and an angel that I received as gifts and the other  a Starbucks mug I received as a gift as well. Since I often plan in my bed I filled my Starbucks mug with post-its, a pair of scissors, and some pens.

Lastly on the walls I switched out what was in my frames with wrapping paper and scrapbook paper. The sleigh rapping paper I found searching for Christmas decorations in my storage closet and I had purchased the Christmas themed scrapbook paper from AC Moore for $2.99. Check out my DIY with tile using the scrapbook paper HERE. The ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ frames were gifted.

Check out my living room decor HERE and check out my office decor HERE.

Holiday Office Decor

In the first installment of my holiday decor series I featured my Christmas tree in my living room. In this addition I am sharing how I decorated my office for the season. I store my decorations for both my bedroom and office together so I first pulled out the stash that I had which I can’t wait to add to once all the Christmas decor goes on sale.


Majority of my decor is from Target and Dollar Tree, but a few were gifted.

office3First up I wanted to decorate above my bookshelf. The vase I saved from an Edible arrangement and I replaced my yellow Daisies with whatever red I found at home. The “eat, drink, be merry” mug is from TJ Maxx & I scored it for just $1. The ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ plaque was from the Target Dollar Spot. The current selection they have is way nicer than when I purchased, but the price is now $3. Still not bad.

On top of my other bookshelf near my craft corner, I repositioned my Steelers salt & pepper shakers and out ‘Let It Snow’ in the middle. As for the DIY decor I created I put two of them across from my desk with a family photo (not shown) and the other I use as a mousepad. Check out my DIY HERE.

office 2

For just $3, I created a display with a serving tray, Christmas tree, and garland from the Dollar Tree. I layered the garland around the plate and simply added the tree in the middle. Lastly I took one of the Target Dollar Spot sings and plopped it in front. Super quick, easy, and under $5 total. I kept my desk pretty clear so that I could have more workspace since I blog and plan there so I just added a cup from the Dollar Tree and a gifted Christmas tin with pens inside.


Lastly, I had this mess of a space underneath my window that I turned into an impromptu gift wrapping station. As I make my gifts I will put them there until it’s closer to Christmas. The sheets of wrapping paper I found in my storage closet and they’ll  be perfect for wrapping at least one box. The punch bowl in the middle just has a few ornaments inside. I plan to add candy canes once I get to the store.

Click HERE for my Christmas tree and Stay tuned for the final installment, my bedroom holiday decor.

Happy HAULidays!


Well, Merry (Day After) Christmas. I wanted to share some of the goodies that I received. I did not ask for anything in particular, but my family and boyfriend know what I like. Check it out below and be sure to click the links.

Beyoncé Heat Rush Dearfoams Microfiber Suede Clog Slippers   JustFab Helenne ShoeDazzle Bailey Liz Claiborne Drawstring Bucket Bag Michael Germain Sexual Noir
Beyoncé Heat Rush
Dearfoams Microfiber Suede Clog Slippers
JustFab Helenne
ShoeDazzle Bailey
Liz Claiborne Drawstring Bucket Bag
Michael Germain Sexual Noir

I am thankful for all that I have received and not pictured are gift cards that I received from work and family. Be sure to stay tuned for outfits/reviews of my new shoes & a possible a What’s In My Bag (Winter edition) at the top of the year.

Until next time…