It’s the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR …. and it’s officially BLOGMAS! That’s right, every single day leading up to Christmas there will be a new post here on Chaotic Critic. Expect a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Who’s ready because I sure as hell am! Let’s kick off December with some holiday themed questions shall we. Ready, set, BLOGMAS!

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas …. Happy Hanukkah … Happy Kwanza… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

It’s dubbed the most wonderful time of the year and it’s by far my favorite (aside from my birthday). While some people focus on gift giving, gift receiving, I’m thankful to have a family to spend it with.

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Happy HAULidays 2015!

MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I wanted to share my Christmas gifts with you all similar to what I did last year (click HERE for that post). Now on to this years HAULidays.

Like usual, there was nothing in particular that I really wanted. Although I am planner obsessed and would’ve been fine with a boatload of stickers, but my friends and family also know how much I love sentimental gifts. The one thing I did want this year was a bed in a bag since my comforter ripped in the dryer and thankfully my grandmother gifted me with just that.


I received an outfit from Forever 21 from my sisters and my sisters know me so well to keep it super neutral. As I grow more into my style I know the colors that I like, the fit that I like, and where I like to shop. I haven’t purchased anything from Forever 21 in quite sometime, but expect a future outfit of the day featuring these items in the near future.



I received a lot of gift cards from the parents at my job. Majority of those gift cards were to Target and I’ve spent most of them. Target is definitely my  weak spot. A Target haul will be coming soon. As for the other gifts I received from parents one gave me a super cute set from Bath & Body Works with the scent Winter Candy Apple. My favorite detail of the set would have to be the bag. I’ll definitely be putting this on in my car and swapping out the current scent I have, Sensual Amber.



The other gift that I absolutely loved from a parent was a personalized thermos. It’s pictured above with the saying ‘Wise & Wonderful.’ The box I received it in says it was purchased from Zulily and I give a lot of credit to this parent because her gifts are great. It’s nice to receive money/gift cards around the holidays, but you can never count out thoughtful gifts.

I received a little owl notepad which I had to share since I’m obsessed with owls, but two of my other favorite gifts were a mug and the ‘List Your Self’ book. The mug is from Pier 1 and it’s so cute that I don’t want to take it out of the packaging. I have accumulated so many mugs that a mug collection is coming soon. The ‘List Your Self’ book is so nice and will be great for journaling on those days that I want to journal of something different.

I’m very happy with the gifts I did receive, but more importantly I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends. From my holiday party to my Christmas Eve family dinner. As I get older I really enjoy the time spent over the gifts received.

Merry Christmas To All…


Christmas has changed so much for me and my family over the years. When I was younger I was the typical child that enjoyed waking up in the morning and opening all my toys. Now as I’ve gotten older I’m more into sentimental gifts and spending time with my family. Christmas has never been about gifts, but in this society Christmas has turned into a manmade holiday. It’s about gifts galore and while gifts are nice the real meaning has been forgotten. 

Looking back on Christmas past I’ve always wanted to do the infamous YouTube Christmas Tag so, let’s get to it. 

1. Do you like to stay in your PJs or dress up for Christmas?

Being that my family celebrates on Christmas Eve, I’m Team PJs for Christmas. 

2. If you could buy one person a present this year who would it be?

Definitely my grandmother. I made her a calendar this year filled with old and new family photos. 

3. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

For the past few years Christmas Eve.

4. Have you ever built a gingerbread house?

Yup, a few years ago. Not the best work. Never ate it, but then again, aren’t they more for decorative purposes?


5. What do you like to do on your Christmas break?

I’m not in undergrad anymore so I don’t have a Christmas break. When I did I liked having time to myself whether it be occasionally hanging with friends or binge watching TV. Oh, and of course, catching up on sleep.

6. Favorite meal or treat?

White hot chocolate with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

7. Favorite holiday movie?

Any version of A Christmas Carol. 

8. Candy Canes or Gingerbread Men?

Sweet candy canes.

9. Have you made a snowman?

Yup. Lots of snow here in the tri-state area, although my snowman have never been real circles.

10. Which do you like better, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

The older I get I definitely enjoy Christmas Eve more. Christmas Day has turned into a day of napping and watching movies, which is fine, but Christmas Eve is filled with lots of family, great food, and laughs.

11. White lights or colored lights?

White lights for sure!

Today, December 25, 2015, I spent my Christmas staying up until 5am and then waking up at 9 to watch a few movies on Netflix. Although Netflix movies can be pretty corny and generic I ended up watching:

  • Christmas Bounty
  • The Fitzgerald Family Christmas
  • 12 Dates of Christmas 

I added to my planner and then took an epic Christmas nap. Now I plan to spend the rest of my evening with my boyfriend with hot cocoa and Christmas movies.

Merry Christmas to all and enjoy the ones you love! Enjoy some of my favorite Christmas tunes below:


Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

With just two days to Christmas I hosted my first holiday party on December 23rd. The party was initially set for 7pm, but with the torrential rain in the area there was lots of traffic so my guests didn’t arrive until around 8pm which was fine. I had a hour to cook the meat for my tacos and finish getting my table together. Thanks to the help of my best friend, by the time the rest of my guests arrived, everything was ready to go.


My tablescape was nothing fancy, but I am quite the stickler for symmetry. I didn’t grab a picture of the table before the soda was added, but the plates have cups with my guests names on them and then in front of the ceramic tree was my impromptu taco bar. The only thing I would’ve liked to change about this was to have a tier system of some sort, but using what I had, I liked the way it turned out.


Then there was my dessert table.There were brownies, crumb cake, and ugly sweater cookies. As for drinks there was hot cocoa and rum chat along with fireball. My friends were great at chipping in and bringing something. I was too full from the tacos so I’ll be enjoying the desserts later on.


I love how the sweater cookies turned out even though my friend didn’t add frosting. The initial plan was to decorate the cookies together to see who’d make the best design, but she decorated them which was fine.

With an evening party and my guests arrive an hour past what was scheduled, I was concerned as to what we’d actually be doing. At first I was putting the finishing touches to the tacos then we ended up sitting around and talking for a few hours. It was great. Good food, great convo, and great people. We rolled from one topic to the next and I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends.


Cheers to my first holiday party and cheers to many more to come.My goal next year is to make a Steelers themed ugly sweater. Click the links below for my party planning process and the details to my hideous sweater. Merry Christmas!

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Today is the official day of my Ugly Sweater Christmas party and I’ve been blogging my entire process. Click the links below for all that fun stuff:

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Last Minute Party Planning

Tomorrow is my UGLY SWEATER CHRISTMAS PARTY! After lots of cleaning and running around trying to buy everything, I’m pretty much ready. I love how my sweater turned out, I’ll be posting that tomorrow, but still I have more things to get. First let’s start with my tablescape.


I decided to break out my Christmas dishes that were my mothers for this occasion. Being that it’s a smaller party, I don’t mind washing the dishes. From what you can see, my table is pretty bare and empty. Let me say it’s quite boring. I know it’ll come together once I set up my taco bar and the other appetizers. For now this is the basic set up. The pan will hold my turkey meat for the tacos. The bowls will hold the cheese, salsa, sour cream, and lettuce.


I purchased everything from Target in two different shopping trips. I’m still not done shopping. I have a small list of things I still need to get. I want another box of hot chocolate, another container of sour cream, whip cream, and bottled water. Thankfully my friends are more than happy to bring things for the party so I have friends baking, one bringing appetizers, and another bringing drinks.


Now let’s move on to my hot cocoa bar, which is more of a sweet treats table. I have my hot chocolate and mini marshmallows ready to go. I was going to lay out the hot chocolate packets, but I decided to put them in the cups instead. The middle bowl will hold the marshmallows. The dessert plates are self explanatory and the plate with the doily will have brownies. There’s also ugly sweater cookies and crumb cake.

I want to give  a sweet treat to go for my friends, but I haven’t gotten around to that. Time is winding down, but thankfully I’ll have time at work to pull everything together. I didn’t get much cleaning done Monday night, but I got everything done today so when I come home from work it’ll just be placement of the food.

I’m not sure about the photo booth simply because I haven’t prepped for it, but I could put one together with no problem. I just don’t have a backdrop, but I’m thinking of just using wrapping paper for that. On Christmas Eve I’ll be sharing how everything looked and my whole experience with my first official holiday party. I can’t wait to share with you all. Happy Holidays!

Plan With Me: Christmas Week

Welcome to another plan with me. In this plan with me edition I’m planning for CHRISTMAS WEEK! When it comes to planning for a holiday there’s like a competition of who will create the best layout and planning should not be stressful. Planning should be fun and to each its own. Also the spreads do not have to incorporate the traditional red and green. It’s amazing to see all the different Christmas kits in other peoples spreads. Last week I did a winter wonderland theme, which I loved, but this week I’m ready for full out Christmas. Check out the full look of last week below and click the pic for sticker details.


Moving on to this week, I used a set from Fabulously Planned along with stickers/washi from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I featured this kit from Fabulously Planned in a happy mail post (click HERE for that) and I used another set from Fabulously Planned the week of December 7th-13th.


It took me a little bit longer to create this layout based of the positioning of the washi and the number of full boxes that  had. I ordered the sampler sheet along with the full box sheets. As usual, I wanted my middle section completely covered and with a sampler sheet you get more of a variety. I will say that with this kit from FabulouslyPlanned that I’m not a huge fan of the icon stickers. There were a lot of cleaning icons which I know I won’t be using a lot of. I’d rather have had more TVs, some trash cans, or even more decorative stickers. Still love the kit, just not a huge fan of the icons.

After placing my stickers I realized that I had a lot more to add after I took the picture before the ink. Monday through Wednesday are definitely going to be busy from work to cleaning and last minute shopping. Plus, I’m having an Ugly Sweater Christmas party on Wednesday so I have a lot of prep for that.

Overall I love how the spread turned out and I can’t wait to add to it throughout the week. As for stickers featured in the pic, click the links below:


Check out my detailed plan with me video below and be sure to click the links above! Enjoy & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Holiday Party Planning | 1 Week Before

My Ugly Sweater Christmas party is officially 1 week away and based off my 2 weeks before planning, I’ve done nothing. I came down with a horrible sinus infection so all the deep cleaning I wanted to get done, didn’t. So from last week I did finalize my menu, the sweet treats, my photo booth ideas with printable props, and how I want to set everything up in my dining/living rooms. Check out my party planning Pinterest board HERE.

Being that I didn’t get any cleaning done last week, cleaning is at the top of my list before my party next Wednesday. My bathroom, downstairs, and guest room are 3 zones that need quick yet efficient cleans. Last weekend would have been the perfect weekend for deep cleaning since I had nothing planned, but I plan to get it all done this weekend despite my busy schedule.

Aside from needing to clean, I need to get my tablescape together, buy materials for my DIY photo booth, and make the grocery list for my menu. I’ve decided to do a taco bar which I’ll also have along with my dessert table and a hot cocoa bar. Aside from tacos I may add wings. Not completely sure yet.

71GSPSbYPjL._SL1000_My friend found a sweater cookie cutter in the Target Dollar spot, excuse me, Bulls Eye Playground. Since it’s an ugly sweater Christmas party it’ll be fun to see who makes the ugliest/cutest cookie. Aside from decorating cookies I’m still working on what else we’ll be doing. It’s more fun to just let the night flow. There is a game that I’d like to hunt down the game Teletsrations which simply put is the telephone game except with pictures.

For my DIY photo booth I’ve found some printables that I plan on cutting out with construction paper and then gluing them on foam to make them more substantial. For the photo booth itself I wanted to create a giant polaroid which I plan to achieve with just a regular poster board and an exacto knife. As for other pictures, I’m not sure what I’ll use for a backdrop just yet.

As for all the DIYs and decor, I will be sharing all of that next week leading up to my party. I’m excited to have all my favorite ladies together for a fun night. All in all I still have quite a bit to get done, but it’ll get done one way or another.

Project Pre-K: 5 Easy Holiday Projects

Happy Happy Holidays! This time of year I love to create projects with the kids at my job as well as my nephews because the possibilities are endless. In this ‘Project Pre-K’ I’ll be sharing 5 super easy projects for the holidays.

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