Meghan Trainor, Title, Album Artwork and Tracklist

81lpwy6n-kL._SL1500_Meghan Trainor has released another single, Lips are Movin’and in its official release she has also announced her debut album title, tracklist, and release date.

The album will be released at the top of 2015, January 13th to be exact. It is available for preorder on both iTunes and Amazon.

The title (no pun intended) is the same as her EP, TitleCLICK HERE for that review. It also features all four songs from her EP: ‘All About That Bass,’ ‘Title’, ‘Dear Future Husband’, and ‘Close Your Eyes’. The full tracklist is below.

  1. ‘Intro/The Best Part’
  2. ‘All About That Bass’
  3. ‘Dear Future Husband’
  4. ‘Close Your Eyes’
  5. ‘3am’
  6. ‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You’
  7. ‘Bang Dem Sticks’
  8. ‘Walkashame’
  9. ‘Title’
  10. ‘What If I’
  11. ‘Lips Are Movin”
  12. ‘No Good For You’ *
  13. ‘Mr. Almost’ *
  14. “My Selfish Heart’ *
  15. ‘Credit’ *

*deluxe tracks.

Expect an album review for this one.

EP Review: Title

meghan-trainor-title-ep-cover-2Meghan Trainor‘s, ‘All About That Bass’ has made it’s way to mainstream and the top of the charts and while her buzz is hot she’s released her EP, Title. The EP was released September 9th via Epic Records and is available on Amazon & iTunes.

From ‘All About That Bass’, it’s clear that Meghan’s music style is that of the 60s; very Doo-Wop. Throughout the four tracks she’s singing about how she shouldn’t have to compromise over her size and how a man should treat her. Track-by-track review shall we:

  • ‘All About That Bass’ – I love the track after first seeing it on Facebook. I will say I thought it was like fan made, rather high quality one, that emphasized the beauty in all sizes. Then I saw it again and again and that’s when I discovered that Meghan Trainor is a signed artist. It’s very catch and the word play is very original. Great intro and at 20 years old it sure does make her friendly among teenagers.
  • ‘Title’ – I could definitely see this as a single because it’s still upbeat like her debut single and again the wordplay works. While she sings about a guy needing to claim her or else he can “kiss her ass goodbye”, lyrically I love that it’s saying what a lot of girls think except without the big words. Also who doesn’t love a rap break – “Look ma, no hands”. Very nice.
  • ‘Dear Future Husband’ – The way the track starts out you might think it’s a ballad. Then bring that beat in. Again with her wordplay it sounds like she’ll be singing so sweet, but she goes in to spill all of her thought to said her future husband. It’s not a male bashing song it’s actually emphasizing all that women do and that this is not old school. They’re both equal and she demands to be treated as such.
  • ‘Close Your Eyes’ – This is the only ballad out the four tracks and it’s very similar to that of ‘All About That Bass’ except with deeper lyrics and a slower beat. After hearing 3 upbeat tracks this might seem off, but it’s a beautiful song. — “Everyone’s born to be different. That’s the one thing that makes us the same.”

Overall I think this is a great introduction to her sound as she stays true and ‘All About That Bass’ is not a phase. She’s really singing about the same thing, but I really enjoyed all four tracks. I can’t wait to see where her career goes.

Listen to the EP below (via Spotify):

Maroon 5 & Meghan Trainor Top The Charts

1408483776000-AP-MEGHAN-TRAINOR-PORTRAIT-SESSIONS-66344664After weeks of surging up the Billboard Hot 100, Meghan Trainor has taken the #1 spot with her platinum track, ‘All About That Bass’. After Taylor Swift‘s 2 week  reign for ‘Shake It Off’, ‘All About That Bass’ takes over the spot after spending 9 weeks on the chart. She’s also released new music as well with her EP, TitleOf course her smash is featured along with three other tracks. That review will come soon.

Elsewhere on the Hot 100 Nicki Minaj’s, ‘Anaconda’ sits tight at #3 with another track of hers ‘Bang Bang’ (with Jessie J & Ariana Grande) in at #4. Holding the 5th slot is Iggy Azalea’s, ‘Black Widow’ featuring Rita Ora. In at #6 is Sam Smith’s, ‘Stay With Me’, which is followed by previous #1 spot ‘Rude’ (Magic!). Ariana Grande’s, ‘Break Free’, remains on the Hot 100 in at #8, with Maroon 5’s ‘Maps‘ moving back into the top 10. Closing out is Sia’s, ‘Chandelier’,in at #10.

maroon 5 vOver on the Billboard 200 Maroon 5 scores their 2nd #1 album with their 5th studio album, V (CLICK HERE for review). The album sold 164,000 copies in its first week making sales less than its previous effort, Overexposed

In at #2 is Young Jeezy’s latest album, Seen It All: The Autobiographywith 121,000 copies sold. For 3-10:

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