Sound Off: Crazy Kanye?

Cheers to a bonus blog post and Happy early Thanksgiving. I haven’t done a Sound Off since the election, but be sure to check that one out here. That’s one of my main goals of 2017 is to make this series more regular. At least a few a month. Ok, realistically, at least one a month. A few would be great though.

From the title you can see that I’ll be talking about Kanye, but on a different level. Let’s get real.

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Sound OFF: Hot 97 versus Power 105.1

Welcome to a new series here on the blog. Since rebranding and renaming my blog Chaotic Critic, I’ve done a lot of planner and other lifestyle posts, but the essence of the name has yet to be showcased. I still want to do reviews and give my take on certain life topics, but there’s so much going on in the blogosphere, on the news, via Twitter or Instagram, that I want to share my thoughts. These are my opinions, no holds barred, real talk.

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Spicy Saturday (V.7): Book Collection

books I am a huge book junkie and I love the different ways that I can organize them on my shelf. I used to organize them by alphabetically by author and title, but it looked boring after a while and I switched it up to a different layout. I love the way that the books aren’t stacked to perfection, but that I can still see everything that I have. I mentioned in a previous post that I enjoy reading urban novels which is what a majority of my collection consists of, but I have a different type of obsession that I developed in college which is all about the history or just about anything.

During College I studied Broadcast Journalism and  we had to know the history of media and radio which are two of the books I kept because they were full of information that I needed to known and facts that would never change. During college I also became fascinated with makeup and the application, thanks to YouTube, and I got the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual along with Lauren Conrad’s Style book. she later released the Beauty edition which was all things, you guessed it, Beauty. Lauren Conrad’s style book was a great take on fashion, staples for the wardrobe along with beauty tips and using the pieces you have. That book especially transformed my style and helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to wear and to not just buy so much on trend.

IMG_0600-1Being a music blogger of course I had to have some music history books and to get them on sale is a STEAL! The Soul Train book was half off when I purchased it along with the Chart Toppers book being my best purchase to date coming in for a grand total of $2 + tax.

Being a STEELERS fan I have to know the history of my team for all those who like to challenge my knowledge of the franchise during football season so I purchased 2 books a while back just to keep me on my toes.

Lastly my latest obsession, as far as books, are crime books. Being in the Law Academy during high school always made me interested in all aspects of law and I snagged the crime book displayed for under $10.

Although I do not buy books as much as I used to thanks to my iPad and apps such as Kindle/Nook, there’s NOTHING like having a book in your hands. I’m slowly getting back into reading, but instead of reading so much for leisure I’m reading to lear and gain knowledge. To think at one point I hated non-fiction and now I’m obsessed.